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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Cheats and infos for Geo Strip Scarlet
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 08 August 2013

Click on the picture above to play with Scarlet Lovatt and click on "read more" for some cheats and infos.

You can also click on the banner below to get more games from the team that created this game.


1) List of the answers
2) Software to beat the game.


1) List of the answers:

Afghanistan = Kabul
Albania = Tirane
Algeria = Algiers
Angola = Luanda
Argentina = Buenos Aires
Australia = Canberra
Austria = Vienna
Belarus = Minsk
Belgium = Brussels
Belize = Belmopan
Bosnia and Herzegovina = Sarajevo
Brazil = Brasilia
Bulgaria = Sofia
Burkina Faso = Ouagadougou
Cambodia = Phnom Penh
Cameroon = Yaounde
Croatia = Zagreb
Cuba = Havana
Cyprus = Nicosia
Czech Republic = Prague
Denmark = Copenhagen
Djibouti = Djibouti
Dominican Republic = Santo Domingo
Ecuador = Quito
Egypt = Cairo
El Salvador = San Salvador
Finland = Helsinki
France = Paris
Gabon = Libreville
Germany = Berlin
Ghana = Accra
Greece = Athens
Guatemala = Guatemala City
Guinea = Conakry
Guyana = Georgetown
Hungary = Budapest
Iceland = Reykjavik
India = New Delhi
Indonesia = Jakarta
Iran = Tehran
Iraq = Baghdad
Ireland = Dublin
Italy = Rome
Jamaica = Kingston
Japan = Tokyo
Kenya = Nairobi
Korea North = Pyongyang
Korea South = Seoul
Kuwait = Kuwait City
Lebanon = Beirut
Liberia = Monrovia
Libya = Tripoli
Luxembourg = Luxembourg
Madagascar = Antananarivo
Malaysia = Kuala Lumpur
Mali = Bamako
Mexico = Mexico City
Monaco = Monaco
Mongolia = Ulaanbaatar
Morocco = Rabat
Nepal = Kathmandu
New Zealand = Wellington
Nicaragua = Managua
Norway = Oslo
Pakistan = Islamabad
Panama = Panama City
Paraguay = Asuncion
Peru = Lima
Philippines = Manila
Poland = Warsaw
Portugal = Lisbon
Romania = Bucharest
Russia = Moscow
San Marino = San Marino
Saudi Arabia = Riyadh
Senegal = Dakar
Serbia = Belgrade
Singapore = Singapore
Slovakia = Bratislava
Slovenia = Ljubljana
Somalia = Mogadishu
Spain = Madrid
Sudan = Khartoum
Sweden = Stockholm
Switzerland = Bern
Syria = Damascus
Taiwan = Taipei
Thailand = Bangkok
Tunisia = Tunis
Turkey = Ankara
Ukraine = Kyiv
United Arab Emirates = Abu Dhabi
United Kingdom = London
United States of America = Washington D.C.
Uruguay = Montevideo
Venezuela = Caracas
Vietnam = Hanoi

This list is not exactly the same as in the past (less countries).


2) Software to beat the game

In the past, for Math Quiz: Jennifer Nexus, i created a tool to solve the questions directly, so i decided to make the same thing for Geo Strip Scarlet.


- It monitors what is on a part of the screen.
- It filters the picture.
- It guesses what is the string to compute it.
- It computes the result and it displays it on screen.

It is possible to improve it on some points (some functions are not optimized), but it is good enough for a porn game.

How to use it (read everything before you use it):

- Before you download it: you need a decently fast computer (faster than for the solver of the math quizz).
My computer is pretty old and it works on it, but it won't probably work on an old laptop computer or on notebooks.
You need also to have "Windows" on it.
- Download the software here and open it (don't click on the button "select screen area" now).
- Open the game in your browser. (click here, if needed).

(Be sure that you know how to use your keyboard to take a screenshot of your screen, click here if needed).

- Go in the part of the game when you have to guess the capital and take a screenshot of the screen using the "Print screen" key of your keyboard (you need a full copy of your screen).

- Click on "select screen area":

A new windows appears, with a copy of an image of your screen.

- Select the area where is displayed the line that you have to compute (like on the screenshot, watch the dotted lines even it they hard to see)

then click on "selection done".
The software will only work if the selection is done properly:

Below, it may work:

but the selection is probably too small for some countries, so the software could return a wrong answer in this case (for example London as capital of "United States of America", since the software can guess "United Kingdom" as country if it reads only "United St..")

Below it won't work:

the software uses a function that detect the luminosity of the color and this selection contains a grey part at the bottom and a light red part at the top that could be a problem for the character detection.

Below, it will work:

the problem here is that the selection is too wide and the software has more things to do.


- Go back to the game: you should be able to read the result in less time that the value of the refresh speed (default value: 1500 milliseconds)

These operations should take 20 seconds or less, but you can restart your game or reload it in your browser (as long as the position of the scrollbar is the same) if you want to make a highscore.

Questions and answers:

- The software crashes or freezes (or you have to close the software with a CTRL+ALT+SUPPR): your computer is too slow to compute with your current refresh speed or the size of the picture that you selected is too big (basically there is too much things to do for the computer). Solution: decrease the refresh speed.
Above 3500, you won't be able to win.
Below 1200, it's too fast for MY computer and the software freezes or crashes.

- I can't see shit captain: make you sure that you don't move the position of the game (with a scrollbar or its window position).

- The software returns a wrong answer: there is something wrong with your selection.

- Why do a need to take a screenshot ? The software needs to know the relative position of the part of the screen that it needs to monitor.

- Is it possible to use this software for something else ? Answer: yes, it can beat some other games from the same creator like "Geo strip quiz with frankie babe" and "Geo strip Kelly" but it doesn't work with "Geo Strip With Marta" (it can guess some answers but there is more questions and the game uses a different character set).


I find the software pretty easy to use, but i created it so it's probably easier for me...

Now if you need more games, click on the banner below to get more games from the team that created this game:


Last Updated ( Friday, 09 August 2013 )
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