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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Combinations for Ultimate Dream Shop
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 12 September 2013

Use your favorite search engine to find the game, click on "read more" for all the combinations for Ultimate Dream Shop.

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Combinations for Ultimate Dream Shop

K = knight
R = rook bell
B = Bishop

KKKK: short hair
KKKR: muscle girl
KKKB: Duck Bill

KKRK: Shadow
KKRR: Green dress
KKRB: Little Nurse (sexy)

KKBK: Beer girl (topless)
KKBR: Centaur (topless)
KKBB: Wood Elf (sexy)

KRKK: Queen of the nile (sexy)
KRKR: Star girl (topless)
KRKB: Bald

KRRK: Ballons
KRRR: Hero Girl (pussy)
KRRB: Greek (hairy pussy)

KRBK: Powered up
KRBR: Stone
KRBB: Skunk Furry (naked furry)

KBKK: Blue Devil (nothing)
KBKR: BLue skin
KBKB: Eskimo (topless)

KBRK: Twins (naked female + busty twin shemale)
KBRR: Black
KBRB: Fish

KBBR: Mohawk
KBBB: Gold-white dress

RKKK : Sweet Angel (sexy)
RKKR : Frozen
RKKB : Zipper

RKRK : Monkey
RKRR : Bondage (bondaged with dildos)
RKRB : Wizard (topless + pussy)

RKBK : Eighteen (sex scene, click on the bell)
RKBR : Braids
RKBB : Red skin

RRKK : Zombie (topless but ugly)
RRKR : Acne
RRKB : Roningsong Cheer (cheerleader)

RRRK : Blurry
RRRR : Tentacle (she is fucked by tentacles, interactive, click on the bell)
RRRB : White hair

RRBK : Glow
RRBR : Milk (topless, busty, milking)
RRBB : Yellow skin

RBKK : Stripper (stripper pole dancing)
RBKR : Cactus
RBKB : Marilyn (sexy)

RBRK : Trading Card (card with a topless woman)
RBRR : Gas Mask
RBRB : Old cartoon (sexy ?)

RBBK : Genie (topless)
RBBR : Asian
RBBB : Ashes

BKKK : Puppet
BKKR : Cartoon
BKKB : Death Mask

BKRK : Maid (sexy)
BKRR : Giant
BKRB : Cyborg

BKBK : Vacuum
BKBR : Big boobs (sexy)
BKBB : School Girl (sexy)

BRKK : Ghost
BRKR : Geisha (pussy)
BRKB : Cat girl (sexy)

BRRK : Shrink (sex scene, click on the bell)
BRRR : Beard
BRRB : Invisible

BRBK : Long Nose
BRBR : Electric Rat
BRBB : 3-D-Glasses

BBKK : MerMaid (topless)
BBKR : Rabbit Fury (topless, dick, sex scene click on the bell)
BBKB : Cocktail Girl (sexy)

BBRK : Underwater
BBRR : Black Hair
BBRB : (Merry Christmas) (Santa Woman) (topless)

BBBK : Fighter
BBBR : Cop (sexy)
BBBB : Rockstar Face

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Last Updated ( Saturday, 14 September 2013 )
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