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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Full solution for Elven Fantasy (version: 0.96)
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 10 July 2012

"Elven Fantasy" is an adult rpg game.

Click on the picture to play and click on "read more" to read a full walkthrough for this game.

You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same team (paysite).


Comment: This game is sometimes very short and you can finish the game without seeing a sex scene.
To replay: Don't click on a button, but reload your browser (fastest solution).

Walkthrough for "Lesson Of passion"'s Elven Fantasy v 0.96

- Choice in the forest:

"Danger is the spice of life": you have to fight 2 random monsters in the forest.
"Well, so is life, come to think of it": no fight (faster).

If you decide to fight, you can encounter 4 different ennemies:
"young werewolf" (hard)
"Hungry toadie" (average)
"Swamp Goblin" (easy)
"giant spider" (pretty easy)

If you lose, you get "ending 1".

- general advices about fights:
Your ranged weapon is more effective as your melee weapon.
Usually (there is some [pretty weak] exceptions), your ennemies can't use ranged attacks, it means, that it is never really useful to step forward to fight with a melee weapon.
It is also not very useful to aim, since it allows your enemies to move closer.
"Shot" and "step backward" are useful.
"Attack" is useful, if you really can't to "step backward".

If you weapon score is 6, then you have 60% of chance to hit.
If your weapon score is 4, you have 40% of chance.

- To fight the young werewolf:
You have to shot him when he is not next to you and since he is strong, step backward when he is.
If he moves closer again, step backward again.
If he decides to howl instead of moving forward, shoot him.

- Dialog with the girl (LaFirynda)

"Hi, LaFirynda. Bye, LaFirynda." >> you don't talk to the girl
"Oh, hello, Lafinrynda, i was just looking for you... Ugh". >> you ask her to visit Rhy'vin (Eil'nes's fiancé). Rhy'vin asked you to do so.

This choice doesn't seem to change the end, but seems to be important for the story.

- Dialog with Corin (the guy):


-"As i remember it, i wanted them to continue for as long as we had."
> "Corin, this... I have a fiancée, a new life and... And i miss you so much..."
(Gives "ending 2")
> "Always? Such a coincidence: that's exactly how long Rhy an i will be together."
>> "I assure you this is the last time you will have the chance to make it, you bastard! Prepare to fight!"
(Gives a very hard fight against Corin, if you win you get "ending 3", if you lose, you get "ending 4".
>> "I don't know, but i think you should calm down before making a graver one."
(you are now in a basement, see below)

-"Corin, I... You know i take my oaths seriously."
> "I assure you this is the last time you will have the chance to make it, you bastard! Prepare to fight!"
> "I don't know, but i think you should calm down before making a graver one."
(read above)


- How to handle the fight with Corin (to get "ending 3"):

#rule 1: you have to be REALLY lucky (you need a very high number of attempts to win, see below)
It means that you have to be lucky enough to hit him at each attempt.
#rule 2: you can't use the same strategy as with the werewolf:
"step backward" is useless"
#rule 3: to win:
4*3 hits with the range weapon. (0.6^4= 12,96% of chance that it happens)
5x2 hits with the melee weapon. (0.4^5=1,024% of chance that it happens)
0,1327104 % of chance in 9 attempts

Also Corin needs to miss you twice:
9% of chance.

As you can see, it's very rare:
0,011943936 % of chance to beat him.
A chance on 8372.
(note: this estimation is not mathematically good and is approximate only:
Corin, can for example miss more time, there is also several possibilities for him to miss to hit you.
This calculation gives an idea of the problem: if you win, you are very lucky).

Of course, with a big number of players, sometimes, someone is lucky enough to see this ending.

Honnestly, don't waste your time with that.

Here is the result:
Gives "ending 3": "Noble death, ignoble massacre"

- In the basement:

- Dialog:

"If you don't let go, i will free myself, you bastard!"
> (After this answer, you have to fill a gauge at the left of the screen, you have to move your mouse in the 2 directions of the arrow to free yourself).
then you have to remove Eil'nes's clothes

"Then stop holding me like a damn war prisoner!"
> you have to remove Eil'nes's clothes (as before)

[here, you seem to control Corin]

(To remove her clothes:)

* Lift her breast plate
* move your eyes lower

- Dialog:

"With my dagger? Between your ribs? To people touching me without permission ? Oh, yes, i do."
"And i wonder if you still cum right afte trying to put it in, quick-draw-Corin"
> (no obvious difference in these 2 choices)

* removes the breasts plate.

Then you have to move with your mouse a hand on a spot on Eil'nes's breasts.
Move it as fast as possible, to fill a gauge at the left of the screen.

* remove her pants

You have then to rotate your cursor on a rotating arrow. You have to stay inside it.
It is easier if you stay inside the head of the arrow.
Again, you have to fill a gauge at the left of the screen.

- Dialog:

"Well, if it is for politeness sake..."
> Give an oral sex scene (move you mouse from left to right and so on).

"As polite as asking for permission before eating my pussy ? I have a fucking fiancée, Corin !"
Gives informations on Rhy'vin (from sergeant Derrick ;) )
> "I... Rhy... No! It must be a misunderstanding or... or a lie. We had eternity together. We still have it".
Gives "ending 6" (not the best way to get it).
> "Maybe... I don't know what i'll do after i have sorted out this mess but... Will you take me away ?"
Gives "ending 5" (not the best way to get it).

After the oral sex scene (result of the first choice, in the previous dialog option):
Vaginal sex: move your mouse from left to right, as previously.
(there is 2 vaginal sequences)

- Dialog:

"Corin I... I want more. I want you to fuck my ass."
> (anal sex scene).
"Let me finish you off, hon. I want to service you."
> (oral sex scene).

- Dialog:

"Are you saying you would do a better job of it, corin ?"
> Gives ending 5

"... I know you don't want to hear it, Corin, but i will. Please, keep today a secret from him."
> (gives the same choices as above for "ending 5" or "ending 6"

Different endings:

Ending 1:
"Live by the sword, die by the unholy aberration".
You get killed in the forest.

Ending 2:
"Old flames fade and burn".
You return with Corin, then you find that Rhy'vin is cheating on you..

Ending 3:
"Noble death, ignoble massacre".
You kill Corin, then you get killed yourself.

Ending 4:
"Broken blade".
You lost the fight against Corin.

Ending 5:
"Till the stars burn out."
Corin is your lover again.

Ending 6:
"Forged Anew".
You find out that Rhy'vin is cheating on you with LaFirynda and you kill them both.




Last Updated ( Tuesday, 10 July 2012 )
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