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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Full solution for Hot Wife Story
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hot Wife Story - Michelle and Richard

Click on the picture to play or click on "read more..." to get a full solution for this game.

You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same team.


Walkthrough for LessonOfPassion's Hot Wife Story - Michelle and Richard

How to see an ending ?

Click on the link that redirects to an ending, then click on the black screen to see the differents screens of the ending.

At the end of teach ending, you get a choice:

"Please select a girl for your next date:"
Here are the urls where you will be redirected:


How to play ?

Click on "go to your wife" to start the game. If at the beginning, you are redirected to something else, that's not the game but something else.

(one of the first screen of the game)

Walkthrough for "Hot Wife Story" / How to get the differents endings:

Click on "nothing, i just wondered if you liked... velvet roses" or "Damn, that getup is astounding, Michelle! Everybody is looking at you."
(It doesn't matter, but the answer with "velvet roses" is the most Role-play)

You are now supposed to select 3 objects on 6.
3 increase her mood:
- chocolates
- bottle of wine
- order some food

3 decrease her mood:
- bible
- table clock
- Black purse

But this choice is finally not so important, since you'll always get a positive score once you fuck her.

Now if you select:
"sorry, i left my monopoly money back home".
You will get ending 1 (bad)

So select:
"Of course, i think we agreed on 1000$, didn't we ?" ($1000 !)

Now you have 5 choices:
"play with her pussy" --> you finger her pussy
"Touch her body" --> you do it
"play with her boobs" --> as written
"play with her ass" --> you finger her ass
"ask her to masturbate" --> end of the scene (even if you select this choice first).

Select then "i was... mesmerized" or "i didn't expect so much. Not yet, anyways.", since it doesn't matter.

Next choice:
If you select "i just can't wait any longer: i need you.", you will get ending 2 (good ending, you fuck her in the bedroom)

So to continue, i suppose here, that you select:
"i think we need to cool off. by the pool. Naked"

Now you have 4 choices:
As before, the last choice "make you play with mine as i did with yours?" ends the scene.
Also "underwater, with your mouth?", gives a negative effect.

Next choice:
"I think i'd rather keep my whore behind closed doors. No offence.", you will get ending 2 (good ending, you fuck her in the bedroom)

So let's select "as a matter of fact, maybe we could get some service around here", to continue the game.

If you select, now:
"How about we just get some drinks? I think he has already seen enough", you'll get ending 3 (good ending, you fuck her in the pool)

So let's select:
"I don't know, maybe if he provided us with something... "extra" ?"

If you select:
"I'll take your word for it. Thanks, and good bye!"
You'll get ending 4
Richard will ass fuck Michelle on drug (drugs are bad hmmkay ?)

So let's select:
"... I think you'd better smoke it with us, just in case..."
In this case, you'll get ending 5 (threesome), whatever you select later:
So, let's select this option.

If you select later:
"fuck, yes, make him come with that tight pussy of yours!"
The other guy will fuck her for you in her pussy.
If you select "hold him right there. I want you to use him for all he's worth", you'll see a scene with a double penetration.

"Earn more than 4000 points to get access to bonus gallery:"
Bonus pictures:


Last Updated ( Saturday, 22 September 2012 )
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