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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Generic solution for Adult "find the differences" games
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 24 May 2012

The games below use content of VirtuaGirl


Click on one of the pictures to play, click on "read more..." for a generic solution for these games.

If you are just looking for a directory that list pictures of virtuagirls (used in these games), you can click here. And finally, if you want to make your computer sexy, feel free to visit VirtuaGirl.


I tried to make a solution for Gamcore's series of "find the difference" games. However, it was not easy to make screenshots, since these flash files select some differences in a bigger list of differences and you are never sure to have the same results for the same game (additionally, i'm a lazy programmer and for me it is easier to code something).
Usually, when i want to cheat, because i really want a solution, i take a screenshot of the game, i extract the 2 parts of the screen, then i swap fastly the 2 windows and the differences are the only things that change. So, if the difference is not too tiny, i find the differences easily.


[yes, there is 256 colors in a gif file...]

A generic solution for these "find the differences" adult games.

Since it was not possible to create an unique solution for these games, i have decided to create a generic way to find these differences.

So, i created a software that allows to find differences easily in two pictures. Click here to download it.

0- You don't need to install the software, it is standalone application, just execute the software.
1- Open a "find the difference" game in your browser. Example, go to
2- Click on the "print screen" touch of your keyboard. Click here, if you don't know what it is.
3- Go to the software and click on "paste clipboard". (screenshot).
4- Select approximately the area where are the pictures that you want to compare (the full area, with the 2 pictures !). An approximative selection is usually enough (screenshot) (It works well with gamcore's games, but sometimes, for example for cartoon pictures, the selection needs to be more precise).

Here, the 2 pictures are on a horizontal line:


But they could be on a vertical line.


In this case (but not for the current example), be sure to select "vertical check".

5- The best option is to click on "swap part 1": the software should detect the 2 pictures (it can take some seconds), then when a single picture appears (screenshot), click on "swap part 2". This should swap fastly the pictures and you should be able to find the differences easily. You can adjust the position of one of the picture with dh or dv to make them fit, if needed.

6- A second option is to click on "display". You should be able to see the differences in their negative colors (Screenshot). However, this doesn't work so well, if the software misses to find the exact point where the pictures are fitting (it can happen). In this case, you have to select "manual shift", correct the number, click on "selection done", click on "display" and if it is still not good, correct the number, click on "selection done", click on "display"...
You could also give a greater value to the sensitivity (greater value= less sensitive to difference).
Also the result is usually harder to see, especially for small differences (there is usually small differences on files that uses compression like jpg and this could be a problem to see something), so it is usually easier to just swap the pictures. However for gamcore's games, the result is still pretty good with this option and it allows to see the exact areas where there is really a difference.

This software should work for nearly all kind of "find the differences" games.

Ps: i may add more solutions for adults "find the differences" games in the future, because people who come from google are sometimes more looking for a solution of a given game more than a generic solution, but in this case it is the only thing that seems to work.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 24 May 2012 )
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