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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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How to win at Red Light District ?
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 05 March 2014

Click on the picture to play and click on "read more" if you need to know how to win at "Red Light District".

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How to lose ?

Don't walk on the sewer plate.

How to enter somewhere ?

Walk in front of the door and click on the door or press on the space bar of your keyboard.

How to win at Red Light District ?

- There is no real ending at this game, but in order to win, you have to fuck all the women. In order to do this and to see all the sex scenes, i calculated that you need a total of $3278.

It changes the question in: How to find a reasonnable way to find this amount of money at "red light district" ?

I actually found 5 ways to win money:

- you find a coin on the road: it happens only if you have $0, so you can't reach this amount using this technic

- you can find a credit card and it's code. This will make you win $20

You can find the card on a game table: pool table, blackjack table or videopoker table at a random place

Then you have to find the code in one of the booth where are the girls. The code is always one of these codes "7812", "2584", "1273", "5628" or "9240"

Finally go to the ATM, enter the card then enter the code

You can only get $20 and nothing else, so it's a rather complex way to make pocket money.

- You can go at the casino and play blackjack.

This game is a blackjack game with simplified rules (no double or insurance), it means also that the mathematical expectation of the game is not really favorable while you can't bet more than $50. This means that you need 66 straight victories to get the money that you need. This number is pretty high, so it takes time and you need to be very lucky. So don't expect to play blackjack for something else that the fun to play blackjack.

- You can play at the billard club.

Again, you can't bet more than $50, so while there is a combination that lets you put the 2 first balls in the hole, it would take several hours to make enough money.
So, it's not a good solution to win.

- Finally, you can play video strip poker

Here, you can't bet more that $50, but you can win up to 250 time this amount with a royal flush. If you are used to play video poker, you can easily see that this game is pretty much a very easy video poker game. A good point with this game is that it is actually a video strip poker games and you can buy softcore pictures there. You will also see that there is 2 girls to strip.

Since it is the last way that i found to win money, you can state this is the way you have to use to win.

When you won enough money, it's written "you won the bank", so to play again, just enter again in the "Bar poker" again.

What to do to win ?

- Find a coin on the floor
- Go to the "bar poker" and play video strip poker
- If you lose, walk in the street until you find a coin again or restart the game since it seems faster to find a coin when you restart (click on "end" then on "play").
- If you win, play until it's written "you won the bank". In this case, click on "exit" and enter again in the "bar poker".
- When you play, feel free to strip the girls, but remember that you need more than $3278 to fuck all the women.
- When you have this amount of money, you can then go at the boothes to fuck the women (you see then some short porn movie clips)

And at the end ? well, it's written that you won and the game continues...

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 05 March 2014 )
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