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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Solution for Fuck Town - Secrets of psychology
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 03 August 2013

Click on the picture to play and click on "read more" for a walkthrough.

The picture above links to a paysite. It's not a game site, but you could like the concept.

Walkthrough for Fuck Town - Secrets of psychology

The game is very easy and this walkthrough is probably not useful.

(Click on her to talk)

Click on her body parts (10)
(The good answer seems to be always the answer with the 1.)
Click on her hair: Your flowing hair is just amazing!
Click on her eyes: I look into your eyes and i see tenderness!
Click on her eyes (again: "look"): Your look can light a fire in the heart of every man!
Click on her nose: I've never seen such a beautiful and accurate nose!
Click on her mouth (voice): Your voice can be enjoyed endlessly...
Click on her mouth (lips): Your lips are extremely beautiful!
Click on her neck: Your neck needs to be covered with Kisses!
Click on her forearms (one of them: hands): I really like your hands.
Click on her belly (waist): You have the most slender waist that i saw.
Click on her breasts: I'm charmed with your breasts!

Click on her the "tits" icon, then stay clicked on the left and the right breast (it fills a gauge).
Click on her the "nipples" icon, then stay clicked on the left and the right nipple (it fills a gauge).

(Here you have to click on her body parts to fill up the "pleasure" at the left of the screen).

Click on her left shoulder.
Click on her right shoulder.
Click on her left calf.
Click on her right calf.
Click on her left thigh.
Click on her right thigh.
Click on her belly.
Click on her breasts.
Click on her nipples.
Click on her pussy.

(Easy, slow, fast, hard then cum).

Answer to her test:
(You don't need to have a perfect score and there is no visible score, but each question gives a maximum score of 3)

- What do you say to her?
Hello, dear!

- She smiles and looks at you...
You look awesome!

- She gives a weary sigh and goes to her room...
You look tired, was there a lot of work ?

- She sits on the bed and calls you to her...
I'll cook diner tonight!

- Trying to give you a hug and kiss...
Look, we have a new bed linen...

- Talking about her problems, waiting for your reaction.
I can listen to your voice for hours...

- Gently stroking your back.
You're so tense, lie down on the bed.

- Kisses and hugs you.
Wow! You're in my favorite underwear...

- Excitedly responds to your petting.
Hmm, what tender skin.

- Trying to take the initiative.
Oh, you're now like a tigress!

- closely watching your actions and kisses you.
I want to cover you with kisses...

- Draws for you, kisses you...
Maybe let’s take your bra off?

(Easy, slow, fast, hard then next).
(Easy, slow, fast, hard then cum).

#END OF THE GAME# (yes!)

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Feel free to click on my sponsor, too ;)


Last Updated ( Saturday, 03 August 2013 )
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