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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Solution for Secret Sex Mansion
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 25 May 2013

Click on the picture above to play. Click on read more for a (pretty average solution) for Secret Sex Mansion.

If you click on the banner below, you will be redirected to SexVilla, this is where the graphics of the game came from.

This game is based on graphics from SexVilla. (see the banner above)


Secret Sex Mansion is a cool interactive game made by the team of AdultGameReview (rated: 3.78/5 at gamesofdesire)
The current solution is based on the version of newgrounds (upload date: May 20, 2013 | 12:15 AM EDT, and i won't fix this solution if the game is updated).
There is also an online version on AGR.
It's pretty hard to make a solution for this game, because a lot of choices are based on stats points and changes sometime only your score and some dialog options (the game stays basically the same).
Meanwhile, it's also harder for the programmer to set all the differents choices....

Walkthrough and comments on Secret Sex Mansion:

(It's probably possible to do better than this for a solution)

Select the skill point that you want (see in the solution to know how they are useful)

"Upon entering you are presented with three doors. Make your choice. "
> Only the left door seems useful. The second is closed and with the 3rd one, you will be redirected here.
To have more dialogs options, try to go to the 2nd and 3rd door first.

Select the dialogs that you want with Maya, she wants to make you visit the place.
("what is this place" or "what to you do here")
With an intelligence point select "If it is for me to figure out, then this place is designed around me and my desires."
she is then in swimsuit.

Visit the different rooms with her.
Ask what you can do in all the different rooms.

"where would you like to go ?"
If you go to the library, you can upgrade your skills (stats or research like robotics or medical perk).
You won't be able to go to the medical facility without 2 strength points OR without the medical perk (at least 1 point of intelligence). (you fuck her when you go there)
If you want to go to the pool, she needs to remove her clothes (at least 1 point of strength or charisma) if she is not in a already swimsuit (see above).
(You can't go to the fetish room)

At this point, you have to fuck her and the solution is function of your skills.
At this point, you have also a maximum of 2 stats points, if you upgraded your skills at the library.
Important: you won't be able to continue at some moment if you don't tell her that you like Maya.

- With at least an intelligence point and if she is already in swimsuit:
you can go to the swimming pool but you won't be able to fuck her there.
(With 2 intelligence points, you learn from her why you are here.)
With only intelligence points, you can't fuck her poolside.
The only solution to fuck her seems to have the medical perk.
To get it, you need to have at least one point of intelligence, then ask to go to the medical facility.
The finally: go to the library, "research something", "medical research", "return to maya's room", then ask her to go to the medical facility again and tell her that you could examine her.
At the medical facility, you can fuck her. Just tell her that you like her !

- With 2 strength points, you can fuck her in the medical facility (you can force her to go there) or you can force her at the pool.
In the 2 cases, you finish to have sex with her in the medical facility.

- with 2 charisma points: you can fuck her at the pool then you can fuck her in her room.
(you cum on her tits)

- with 1 charisma point and 1 strength point: go to the pool, tell her "Let's just relax together today." or "may be we can serve each other". She asks you for a massage.
Go back at the library, "research something", select "massage". Then go back to the pool.
You massage her then you can fuck her in her room.

You get a key and you can improve your skills. You don't receive it, if you have all your points in strength (= STR).

Finally, you can only go to the right room.
This is Alexis.
Alexis will removes her clothes.

Your goal is now to fuck her.

If you have only 2 strength points (and nothing else), you don't have the key now, so you need first to improve your stats to 3 STRENGTH points to get the key. (Don't try to push INT or CHR, because you'll lose).
If you have only 2 intelligence points (and nothing else), you won't be able to fuck her. You need a 3rd point somewhere.

Here you can go to the fetish room:
If you have at least 2 strength points (differents dialogs, in function of the 3rd point)
Or, a point of charisma, one of intelligence and 1 of strength.
This means, that you won't be able to go there with 2 points of charisma or 2 points of intelligence.

If you go to the pool, you fuck her there. You can't with 2 or 3 strength points.
You can also fuck her at the pool with a point of charisma, one of intelligence and 1 of strength, or at least 2 points in INT or CHR.

That's my stats!

Maya and Alexis do it together.

Finally, you open the third door.

At "go ahead", now the dialog is function of your stats:
with charisma:CH, strength:STR, intelligence: INT.

CHR:2, STR:1
CHR:2, INT:1
STR:2, INT:1
STR:2, CHR:1
INT:2, CHR:1
--> More or less the same result.

CHR:1, STR:1, INT:1 sometimes a black screen, sometimes more questions (on conditions that are not easy to meet*).
STR:3, more questions (on conditions)
INT:2, STR:1 more questions (on conditions)
CHR:3, you can see Veronica naked
INT:3, more questions (on conditions)
* you read usually 1 or 2 more sentences.

Excepted with 3 points in Charisma, it is more and less the same end of the game.

Anyway, what you learn is that the robot is you (tell me that in the street and i believe you).

Solution to lose ?
- tell to maya that you don't like her. (love is so overrated nowadays...)
- single point of INT to fuck maya may work too
- 2 STR point then you upgrade to something else.

you have to figure out which one...

How to score ?

You are kind of a dick.. Gives: -10 points (if you tell to maya that you just meet, that you don't like her, you are a dick)
You upset Maya. Gives: -4 points
You accused Maya of being a cyborg. Gives: -2 points (yes, it's a bad thing, the cyborg is you)
You went swimming with Alexis . Gives: 0 points
You came on Alexis's tits. Gives: 1 points
You found out they were testing to see how you react . Gives: 1 points (for example with 2 INT, dialog at the pool)
You gained the Massage Perk. Gives: 1 points (1 pt of STR + 1 pt of CHR and you need to go at the pool)
You gained the Medical Perk. Gives: 1 points (1 pt of INT and you need to try to go to the medical area)
You got Maya's key from Alexis. Gives: 1 points
You like Maya . Gives: 1 points
Maya got on top. Gives: 2 points (you need to fuck maya in the pool with 2 points of charisma for example)
You asked what you can do at the library.. Gives: 2 points
You came all over Maya while she was bound helpless on the floor!You deviant!. Gives: 2 points
You found out you had surgery . Gives: 2 points
You gained the robotics perk. Gives: 2 points
You played with Alexis's tits in the pool. Gives: 2 points
You talked Maya into a bikini early. Gives: 2 points
You assembled the three pieces of the key into one large key. Gives: 3 points
You chose not to spray your load all over Maya while she was tied up.You break even on your karma.. Gives: 3 points
You complimented Maya or said something nice to her. Gives: 3 points
You found out you were changed. Gives: 3 points
You kissed Alexis. Gives: 3 points
You put all your points into charisma . Gives: 3 points
You put all your points into intelligence. Gives: 3 points
You put all your points into strength. Gives: 3 points
You saw Veronica naked!!. Gives: 3 points
You tied up Maya!. Gives: 4 points
You came on Maya's face . Gives: 5 points
You came on Maya's tits!. Gives: 5 points
You found out about using the gyno chair. Gives: 5 points
You gave Maya a full body exam . Gives: 5 points
You gave Maya a massage. Gives: 5 points
You got a blowjob from Maya. Gives: 5 points
You met Veronica. Gives: 5 points
You put Maya in the gyno chair and had your way with her. Gives: 5 points (you need to ask about the fetish room, 1 ch or 1 int, then have 1 point of int to go to the medical room and continue there).
You read the personality files! . Gives: 5 points (1 ch, 1 int, 1 str)
You restrained and whipped Alexis. Gives: 5 points
You fingered Maya. Gives: 6 points
You forced the sex toy that was part of the key in all of Alexis's holes. Gives: 7 points
You found out what you might actually be.. Gives: 8 points
You bound Alexis and paddled the crap out of her. Gives: 10 points
You found out about your other half.. Gives: 10 points (3 int)
You had sex with Alexis. Gives: 10 points
You had sex with Maya.. Gives: 10 points
You successfully completed the game.. Gives: 10 points
You chose not to keep abusing Alexis after whipping her silly. Gives: 11 points
You had a threesome with Alexis and Maya. Gives: 12 points

Sorry, no step by step walkthrough for this game.

Yes, i scored 108! cheating...

This game is based on graphics from SexVilla. Feel free to visit the website to see how it looks for real.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 25 May 2013 )
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