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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Solution for Sex Kitten Megamart
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 08 April 2013

Click on the picture to play and click on "read more" below, if you need some help.

Solution and cheats for Sex Kitten Megamart

Comment: the game is really hard and for some quests you have to click over and over on a button, so i made a software for quests like that.

> Click here to download my assistant for this game. <

Warning: when you use the software, if you click on "start", be sure to keep your cursor over the game area.
The commands start 5 seconds later, so don't rush to do something else!

Girl 1:

Select a random card. Click over and over on the same card, until you win. It takes usually 30-60 seconds.

Girl 2:


Take the number of planets in the solar system, half it, then multiply by 4. Take away from that the legal age in Australia and add the number of points on the Federation Star.
Answer: 7

Which of these flash action script is written in correct syntax?
Answer: stop();

What is agent orange?
Answer: Poison

When Shinji Ikari arrives at Nerv Headquarters, how many pilots in total are at the facility including him?
Answer: 2

In the legend of Zelda Ocarina of time, how many spiritual stones must Link collect before he can open the door of time?
Answer: 3

When speaking Japanese, who's name would I say with the affix '-san' on it.
Answer: Stranger

In the Anime Love Hina, when they said 'Toudai', which university were they referring to?
Answer: Tokyo

How many countries does Germany share borders with?
Answer: 8

On average, how many million kilometres away is earth from the sun? Is is about:
Answer: 149

How? [Answer is Maybe]
Answer: Maybe

If I asked you for a Pie Floater with a bit of Dead-Horse and a Coopers Pale, What would be the most prominent colour of everything in my meal.
Answer: Green

Which Jet holds the current air-speed record?
Answer: X-43A

What size engine is factory standard in the Lada Cevaro?
Answer: 1.3L

How many Donkey Kong Adventure games were released on the Super Nintendo.
Answer: 3

If you fell into a large vat of HNO3, would you feel:
Answer: Pain (it's nitric acid)

Girls 3:

You have to click on "FIRE!" (100 times). Use the software to do it easier.

Girl 4:

Keep the mouse over the yellow ball (decently possible, but a little hard). (No cheat for that sorry).

Girl 5:

You have to click on the nipples 10 times, use the software to let it click for you.
Use the software.

Click on start (in the software).
You have 5 seconds to move your mouse on GO...
The software will click on GO for you, so wait until it did it.
Then try to keep your mouse on one of the nipple, you don't need to click if you use the software.
The software will click much faster than you, since it can click several time per second.

(Wait 10 seconds after the end, before you move your mouse on an area that could be clicked).

Girl 6:

Maze: use the software. Make sure that the dimensions of the game are 100% (widht 550, height: 400). If you are not sure play with my version of the game.
(Move your mouse on the right angle of G, after you click on "start" in the software)

Other option:
Right click, move your mouse outside the maze area, release your right click, right click elsewhere (on an area of the game where the red area is not hidden by the right click menu) and move your mouse on the "win!" zone. Finally release your right click.
Or if you can: right click, move your mouse on the red area (win!) and release your right click.

Girl 7:

You have to click 75 times (in fact 150).
Use the software to do it easier.

Girl 8:

Click on 1 over and over, 30 times (bug). You have enough time to do it manually.
Sometimes you lose without reason (and even if you play fairly).

Girl 9:

You have to be attentive to see a number and rewrite it.
Use the software to click and get a fast screenshot with the good number.

Last Updated ( Monday, 08 April 2013 )
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