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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Solution for Virtual Kayla Quinn v2.4
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Virtual Kayla Quinn

As with the previous "virtual games" from eadultgames, in Virtual Kayla Quinn, you have to enter orders. If Kayla Quinn (in the flash game), understands
what you want and if she agrees to obey (if there is a video), you see a video.

General comments:
- there is really a lot of videos (and sometimes several videos per keyword, you have to check yourself)
- the author of this game, can change or update keywords on his side.
- this is a hardcore game !

Walkthrough for Virtual Kayla Quinn
I can't tell if i have all the videos, but i think i should have most of them. When i give several videos, it means that the result of a keyword is partially random.


To access the hardcore mode, type "i am 18 or older" in the text box (this keyword is given by the webpage). I suggest that you wait a little bit before you do it, because it changes the behavior of the game.

Non nude mode (she is not naked in this mode, but she can strip all her clothes in this mode).

guitar, gives video: airguitarENNENN

angry, gives video: angrymadENNENN
mad, gives video: angrymadENNENN
mean, gives video: angrymadENNENN
meanie, gives video: angrymadENNENN
moody, gives video: angrymadENNENN
pissed, gives video: angrymadENNENN
upset, gives video: angrymadENNENN

bend, gives videos: benddownENNENN, touchtoeENNENN

birdie, gives video: birdieENNENN
bitch, gives video: birdieENNENN
cunt, gives video: birdieENNENN
dumb, gives video: birdieENNENN
finger, gives video: birdieENNENN
fuck, gives video: birdieENNENN

blow, gives video: blowkissENNENN
kiss, gives video: blowkissENNENN
kisses, gives video: blowkissENNENN
love, gives video: blowkissENNENN

chew, gives video: chewgumENNENN
eat, gives video: chewgumENNENN
gum, gives video: chewgumENNENN

choke, gives video: chokeENNENN
neck, gives video: chokeENNENN
strangle, gives video: chokeENNENN

applaud, gives video: clapENNENN
cheer, gives video: clapENNENN
clap, gives video: clapENNENN

boobs, gives videos: cleavage2ENNENN, cleavageENNENN, squeezeboobsENNENN
tits, gives videos: cleavage2ENNENN, idlecheckboobsENNENN, squeezeboobsENNENN

boob, gives videos: cleavageENNENN, flashboobsENNENN, squeezeboobsENNENN, cleavage2ENNENN
boobies, gives video: cleavageENNENN
breast, gives videos: cleavageENNENN, flashboobsENNENN, cleavage2ENNENN, squeezeboobsENNENN, idlecheckboobsENNENN
cleavage, gives video: cleavageENNENN

shake, gives video: dance4ENNENN

hawaiian, gives video: dancehawaiianENNENN
hula, gives video: dancehawaiianENNENN

dance, gives videos: dancetwistENNENN, dance4ENNENN, danceENNENN, dancehawaiianENNENN
twist, gives video: dancetwistENNENN

coke, gives video: drink2ENNENN
drink, gives videos: drink2ENNENN, drink2ENNENN
pop, gives video: drink2ENNENN
soda, gives video: drink2ENNENN

beer, gives video: drinkENNENN
milk, gives video: drinkENNENN
water, gives video: drinkENNENN

breasts, gives videos: flashboobsENNENN, squeezeboobsENNENN, cleavage2ENNENN, idlecheckboobsENNENN
flash, gives video: flashboobsENNENN
nipples, gives video: flashboobsENNENN
show, gives video: flashboobsENNENN
tits, gives videos: flashboobsENNENN, idlecheckboobsENNENN, cleavage2ENNENN, squeezeboobsENNENN, cleavageENNENN
top, gives video: flashboobsENNENN

arms, gives video: flexmuscleshighENNENN
flex, gives video: flexmuscleshighENNENN
muscles, gives video: flexmuscleshighENNENN

nails, gives video: idlebitenailsENNENN

tit, gives videos: idlecheckboobsENNENN, cleavage2ENNENN, flashboobsENNENN, cleavageENNENN, squeezeboobsENNENN

time, gives video: idlechecktimeENNENN
watch, gives video: idlechecktimeENNENN

tap, gives videos: idlefingerandtapENNENN, rubbellytapheadENNENN

look, gives videos: idlelookaround2ENNENN, idlelookaroundENNENN

whistle, gives video: idlewhistleENNENN

bounce, gives video: jumpENNENN
exercise, gives videos: jumpENNENN, flexmusclesagainENNENN, flexmuscleshighENNENN, runincircleENNENN, jumpingjacksENNENN
hop, gives video: jumpENNENN
jump, gives videos: jumpENNENN, jumpingjacksENNENN

workout, gives video: jumpingjacksENNENN

kick, gives video: kicklegENNENN
leg, gives video: kicklegENNENN
legs, gives videos: kicklegENNENN, spreadlegsENNENN

funny, gives video: laughENNENN
joke, gives video: laughENNENN
laughing, gives video: laughENNENN
smile, gives videos: laughENNENN, smileENNENN,

play, gives videos: masturbateENNENN, playhairENNENN

shock, gives video: ohmygodENNENN
shocked, gives video: ohmygodENNENN
surprise, gives video: ohmygodENNENN

help, gives videos: panic2ENNENN, panicENNENN
panic, gives videos: panic2ENNENN, panicENNENN

scream, gives video: panicENNENN

paper, gives videos: paperrockENNENN, paperpaperENNENN, paperscissorsENNENN

booger, gives video: picknoseENNENN
boogers, gives video: picknoseENNENN
nose, gives videos: picknoseENNENN, touchnoseENNENN
pick, gives video: picknoseENNENN

hair, gives video: playhairENNENN

rock, gives videos: rockpaperENNENN, rockscissorsENNENN, rockscissorsnudeENNENN, rockscissorsENNENN

belly, gives video: rubbellytapheadENNENN
head, gives video: rubbellytapheadENNENN
stomach, gives video: rubbellytapheadENNENN
tummy, gives video: rubbellytapheadENNENN

run, gives videos: runleftENNENN, runincircleENNENN

jog, gives video: runoffscreenENNENN

scissor, gives videos: scissorspaperENNENN, scissorsscissorsENNENN, scissorsrockENNENN
scissors, gives videos: scissorsrockENNENN, scissorspaperENNENN, scissorsscissorsENNENN

ass, gives video: slapbuttENNENN
back, gives video: slapbuttENNENN
butt, gives video: slapbuttENNENN
butts, gives video: slapbuttENNENN
slap, gives video: slapbuttENNENN
spank, gives video: slapbuttENNENN

happy, gives video: smileENNENN
laugh, gives videos: smileENNENN, laughENNENN

armpit, gives video: sniffarmpitENNENN
armpits, gives video: sniffarmpitENNENN
shower, gives video: sniffarmpitENNENN
smell, gives video: sniffarmpitENNENN
sniff, gives video: sniffarmpitENNENN
stink, gives video: sniffarmpitENNENN
stinky, gives video: sniffarmpitENNENN

legs, gives videos: spreadlegsENNENN, kicklegENNENN
spread, gives video: spreadlegsENNENN

boobs, gives videos: squeezeboobsENNENN, flashboobsENNENN, idlecheckboobsENNENN, cleavageENNENN, cleavage2ENNENN

tongue, gives video: stickouttongueENNENN

bra, gives video: stripoff4rightENNORN
topless, gives video: stripoff4rightENNORN

knickers, gives video: stripoffnonnuderightENNORN
panties, gives video: stripoffnonnuderightENNORN
thong, gives video: stripoffnonnuderightENNORN
underwear, gives video: stripoffnonnuderightENNORN

nude, gives videos: stripoffnuderightENNORN, stripoffsittingENNNNN

dress, gives video: stripoffsittingENNNNN
naked, gives videos: stripoffsittingENNNNN, stripoffnuderightENNORN
nude, gives videos: stripoffsittingENNNNN, stripoffnuderightENNORN
strip, gives videos: stripoffsittingENNNNN, stripoffnuderightENNORN
undress, gives videos: stripoffsittingENNNNN, stripoffnuderightENNORN

feet, gives video: touchtoeENNENN
foot, gives video: touchtoeENNENN
shoe, gives video: touchtoeENNENN
shoes, gives video: touchtoeENNENN
socks, gives video: touchtoeENNENN
toe, gives video: touchtoeENNENN
toes, gives video: touchtoeENNENN
touch, gives video: touchtoeENNENN

aloha, gives video: waveENNENN
bye, gives video: waveENNENN
ciao, gives video: waveENNENN
hallo, gives video: waveENNENN
hand, gives video: waveENNENN
hello, gives video: waveENNENN
hey, gives video: waveENNENN
wave, gives video: waveENNENN

wink, gives video: winkENNENN

bored, gives video: yawnENNENN
sleepy, gives video: yawnENNENN
yawn, gives video: yawnENNENN

Nude mode (she is naked in this mode and there is hardcore videos).

How to access this mode ? Type: "i am 18 or older".
Then type: "naked", you'll see a different strip as before and she will stay naked.
To switch back in the non-nude mode, type "put clothes on". Source.

guitar, gives video: nudeairguitarNNNNNN
split, gives video: nudeairguitarNNNNNN

angry, gives video: nudeangryNNNNNN
mad, gives video: nudeangryNNNNNN
piss, gives video: nudeangryNNNNNN
pissed, gives video: nudeangryNNNNNN

beg, gives video: nudebegNNNNNN
plead, gives video: nudebegNNNNNN

bend, gives video: nudebendoverNNNNNN

birdie, gives video: nudebirdie2NNNNNN
bitch, gives video: nudebirdie2NNNNNN
cunt, gives video: nudebirdie2NNNNNN

blowjob, gives videos: nudeblowjob2NNNNNN, nudesuckdickNNNNNN
fellatio, gives videos: nudeblowjob2NNNNNN, nudesuckdickNNNNNN

blow, gives video: nudeblowkissNNNNNN
kiss, gives video: nudeblowkissNNNNNN

armpits, gives videos: nudecheckarmpitsNNNNNN, nudesniffarmpitNNNNNN

applaud, gives video: nudeclapNNNNNN
clap, gives video: nudeclapNNNNNN

cock, gives video: nudecockslapNNNNNN
dick, gives video: nudecockslapNNNNNN

crawl, gives video: nudecrawlingNNNNNN

cum, gives videos: nudecumonfaceNNNNRN, nudecumontitsNNNNRN

cumshot, gives video: nudecumontitsNNNNRN

chicken, gives video: nudedancechickenNNNNNN

hula, gives video: nudedancehawaiianNNNNNN

twist, gives video: nudedancetwistNNNNNN

dance, gives videos: nudedancewiggleNNNNNN, nudedancemacarenaNNNNNN,
jiggle, gives video: nudedancewiggleNNNNNN
wiggle, gives video: nudedancewiggleNNNNNN

deepthroat, gives video: nudedeepthroatNNNNNN

finger, gives videos: nudefingerpussyNNNNNN, nudebirdie2NNNNNN, nudesuckfingerNNNNNN
fingers, gives video: nudefingerpussyNNNNNN
pussy, gives videos: nudefingerpussyNNNNNN, nudeslappussyNNNNNN

arms, gives videos: nudeflexmuscles2armsNNNNNN, nudeflexmusclesNNNNNN
champion, gives video: nudeflexmuscles2armsNNNNNN
muscles, gives videos: nudeflexmuscles2armsNNNNNN, nudeflexmusclesNNNNNN
stretch, gives videos: nudeflexmuscles2armsNNNNNN, nudeflexmusclesNNNNNN

flex, gives videos: nudeflexmusclesNNNNNN, nudeflexmuscles2armsNNNNNN

beckon, gives video: nudeflirtNNNNNN
flirt, gives video: nudeflirtNNNNNN
sexy, gives video: nudeflirtNNNNNN
tease, gives video: nudeflirtNNNNNN

cowgirl, gives video: nudefuckcowgirlNNNNNN
fuck, gives videos: nudefuckcowgirlNNNNNN, nudefuckreversecowgirlNNNNNN, nudefuckdoggyNNNNNN, nudefuckmissionaryNNNNNN, nudebirdie2NNNNNN, nudefucktitsNNNNNN
ride, gives video: nudefuckcowgirlNNNNNN

doggy, gives video: nudefuckdoggyNNNNNN
sex, gives videos: nudefuckdoggyNNNNNN, nudefuckcowgirlNNNNNN, nudefuckreversecowgirlNNNNNN, nudefuckmissionaryNNNNNN

missionary, gives video: nudefuckmissionaryNNNNNN

sex, gives videos: nudefuckreversecowgirlNNNNNN, nudefucktitsNNNNNN, nudefuckmissionaryNNNNNN

titty fuck, gives video: nudefucktitsNNNNNN

nails, gives video: nudeidlechecknailsNNNNNN

time, gives video: nudeidlechecktimeNNNNNN

bored, gives videos: nudeidlelookaround2NNNNNN, nudeidlelookaroundNNNNNN

bore, gives videos: nudeidlelookaroundNNNNNN, nudeidlelookaround2NNNNNN

hair, gives video: nudeidleplayingwithhairNNNNNN

boob, gives videos: nudejiggleboobsNNNNNN, nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN, nudesqueezeboobsNNNNNN
stand, gives video: nudejiggleboobsNNNNNN
tits, gives videos: nudejiggleboobsNNNNNN, nudestandsqueezeboobsNNNNNN, nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN

exercise, gives video: nudejumpingjacksNNNNNN
workout, gives video: nudejumpingjacksNNNNNN

bounce, gives video: nudejumpNNNNNN
hop, gives video: nudejumpNNNNNN
jump, gives video: nudejumpNNNNNN

kick, gives video: nudekicklegsNNNNNN
leg, gives video: nudekicklegsNNNNNN
legs, gives videos: nudekicklegsNNNNNN, nudespreadlegsNNNNNN

balls, gives video: nudelickballsNNNNNN

lick, gives videos: nudelickboobNNNNNN, nudelickpussyNNNNNN, nudelickbuttholeNNNNNN, nudelicktitsNNNNNN, nudelickballsNNNNNN, nudelickbuttcheekNNNNNN

asshole, gives video: nudelickbuttholeNNNNNN

blink, gives video: nudemoveheadNNNNNN

shock, gives video: nudeohmygodNNNNNN
shocked, gives video: nudeohmygodNNNNNN
surprise, gives video: nudeohmygodNNNNNN

anxiety, gives video: nudepanicNNNNNN
panic, gives video: nudepanicNNNNNN
paranoid, gives video: nudepanicNNNNNN
scared, gives video: nudepanicNNNNNN
scary, gives video: nudepanicNNNNNN
worried, gives video: nudepanicNNNNNN
worry, gives video: nudepanicNNNNNN

booger, gives video: nudepicknoseNNNNNN
boogers, gives video: nudepicknoseNNNNNN
nose, gives videos: nudepicknoseNNNNNN, nudetouchnoseNNNNNN
pick, gives video: nudepicknoseNNNNNN

nipple, gives video: nudepinchhernipplesNNNNNN

nipples, gives videos: nudepinchnipplesNNNNNN, nudepinchhisnipplesNNNNNN, nudesucknippleNNNNNN, nudepinchhernipplesNNNNNN
pinch, gives videos: nudepinchnipplesNNNNNN, nudepinchhernipplesNNNNNN, nudepinchhisnipplesNNNNNN

toy, gives videos: nudeplaysuckNNNNNN, nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN, nudesucktoyNNNNNN, nudeplaywithtoyNNNNNN

dildo, gives videos: nudeplaywithtoyNNNNNN, nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN, nudesucktoyNNNNNN, nudeplaysuckNNNNNN
play, gives videos: nudeplaywithtoyNNNNNN, nudemasterbateNNNNNN, nudeplaysuckNNNNNN, nudeidleplayingwithhairNNNNNN,

funny, gives video: nuderejectlaughNNNNNN
joke, gives video: nuderejectlaughNNNNNN
laugh, gives video: nuderejectlaughNNNNNN

threesome, gives video: nuderejectshakeheadNNNNNN

yawn, gives video: nuderejectyawnNNNNNN

belly, gives videos: nuderubbellytapheadNNNNNN, nuderubbellyNNNNNN
rub, gives videos: nuderubbellytapheadNNNNNN, nuderubbellyNNNNNN
stomach, gives videos: nuderubbellytapheadNNNNNN, nuderubbellyNNNNNN
tap, gives video: nuderubbellytapheadNNNNNN

tat, gives video: nudeshowtattooNNNNNN
tattoo, gives video: nudeshowtattooNNNNNN

pussy, gives videos: nudeslappussyNNNNNN, nudefingerpussyNNNNNN

slap, gives videos: nudeslaptitsNNNNNN, nudecockslapNNNNNN, nudeslapfaceNNNNNN, nudespankassstandingNNNNNN, nudeslappussyNNNNNN, nudespankassNNNNNN

happy, gives video: nudesmileNNNNNN
smile, gives video: nudesmileNNNNNN

armpit, gives videos: nudesniffarmpitNNNNNN, nudecheckarmpitsNNNNNN
smell, gives videos: nudesniffarmpitNNNNNN, nudecheckarmpitsNNNNNN
stink, gives video: nudesniffarmpitNNNNNN
stinky, gives video: nudesniffarmpitNNNNNN

ass, gives videos: nudespankassNNNNNN, nudespankassstandingNNNNNN

butt, gives video: nudespankassstandingNNNNNN
spank, gives videos: nudespankassstandingNNNNNN, nudespankassNNNNNN

legs, gives videos: nudespreadlegsNNNNNN, nudekicklegsNNNNNN
spread, gives video: nudespreadlegsNNNNNN
vagina, gives video: nudespreadlegsNNNNNN

boobs, gives videos: nudesqueezeboobsNNNNNN, nudejiggleboobsNNNNNN, nudestandsqueezeboobsNNNNNN, nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN
breast, gives videos: nudesqueezeboobsNNNNNN, nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN, nudejiggleboobsNNNNNN, nudestandsqueezeboobsNNNNNN
breasts, gives videos: nudesqueezeboobsNNNNNN, nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN, nudestandsqueezeboobsNNNNNN
tits, gives videos: nudesqueezeboobsNNNNNN, nudejiggleboobsNNNNNN, nudestandsqueezeboobsNNNNNN, nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN

boobs, gives videos: nudestandsqueezeboobsNNNNNN, nudejiggleboobsNNNNNN, nudestandsqueezeboobsNNNNNN, nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN

tongue, gives video: nudestickouttongueNNNNNN

suck, gives videos: nudesuckclitNNNNNN, nudesucktoyNNNNNN, nudesuckballsNNNNNN, nudelickpussyNNNNNN, nudesucknippleNNNNNN, nudeblowjob2NNNNNN, nudesuckfingerNNNNNN, nudesuckhisnipplesNNNNNN

blowjob, gives videos: nudesuckdickNNNNNN, nudeblowjob2NNNNNN
oral, gives videos: nudesuckdickNNNNNN, nudeblowjob2NNNNNN, nudelickpussyNNNNNN

dildo, gives videos: nudesucktoyNNNNNN, nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN, nudeplaysuckNNNNNN, nudeplaywithtoyNNNNNN
vibrator, gives videos: nudesucktoyNNNNNN, nudeplaysuckNNNNNN, nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN, nudeplaywithtoyNNNNNN

bend over, gives videos: nudetouchtoesNNNNNN, nudebendoverNNNNNN
feet, gives video: nudetouchtoesNNNNNN
foot, gives video: nudetouchtoesNNNNNN
shoes, gives video: nudetouchtoesNNNNNN
toes, gives video: nudetouchtoesNNNNNN
touch, gives video: nudetouchtoesNNNNNN

tit, gives videos: nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN, nudesqueezeboobsNNNNNN, nudejiggleboobsNNNNNN
toy, gives videos: nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN, nudeplaywithtoyNNNNNN, nudesucktoyNNNNNN
vibrator, gives videos: nudetoybetweenboobsNNNNNN, nudeplaywithtoyNNNNNN, nudesucktoyNNNNNN, nudeplaysuckNNNNNN

hello, gives video: nudewaveNNNNNN
hey, gives video: nudewaveNNNNNN
wave, gives video: nudewaveNNNNNN

wink, gives video: nudewinkNNNNNN

bye, gives video: walkoffnudeNNNORN
goodbye, gives video: walkoffnudeNNNORN


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