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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Walkthough for My sex date Paula
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 11 May 2014

My sex date Paula is a dating game for adult. Click on the thumbnail above to play and click on read more for a walkthrough for "My sex date Paula".

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Walkthough for My sex date Paula

Kiss her hand (good)
Kiss her cheek (bad)

Thank her and smile (good)
I do well as a music producer (bad)

Offer her champagne (good)
Ask if she likes strawberries (good)
Offer her seafood (bad)
Gently touch her face (good)
Ask if she is single (bad)
Try to kiss her lips (bad)
Ask what she does for living (good)
Ask her what she likes to do for fun (good)
Ask her about her family (bad)
Invite her onto the sofa (to continue, mood needs to be > 0, mood= the balance - and +, not the score)

Put a hand on her thigh (good)
Touch her face and kiss her (good)
Hold her hands (good)
Look at her boobs (good)
Try to kiss her knee (bad)
Say she looks like a million dollar girl (bad)
Ask her to suck her finger (bad)
Smell her hair (bad)
Ask her if she is ready for more (to continue, mood needs to be > 0)

Kiss her lips (good)
Kiss her knee (bad)

Lick her ear (bad)
Raise her skirt (good) (on her left thigh)

Massage her belly (bad)
Gently touch her thighs (good) (on her left thigh)

Touch her panties under the skirt (bad)
Expose her breast (good) (on her left shoulder)

Suck her nipple (bad)
Spread her legs (good) (bottom of her dress, beetween her legs)

Massage her pussy (bad)
Remove dress from her boobs (good) (on her right shoulder and below)

Remove her dress completely (with mood > 0, mood ! the balance - and +, not the score)

Remove her panties

Ask her to suck your finger (good)
Lick her boobs (good)
Play your finger with her belly button (bad)
Finger her pussy (good)
Ask her to lick your balls (bad)
Ask her for a foot job (good)
Try to put a finger inside her ass (bad)
Ask her if she is ready for more (to continue, mood needs to be > 0)

Ask her for blowjob (select what you want)
Ask her for tit job (select what you want)

Slow, medium, fast (as long as it fills the gauge)
Slow, medium, fast (as long as it fills the gauge)

Ask her to cum riding your dick (ok)
Ask her about anal (ok if mood > 10 [very high])

Slow, medium, fast (as long as it fills the gauge).

Not anal:
Cum on her belly
Cum on her face

Say that this night was very special to you (good)
Say that you were pretty awesome tonight (bad)

Say there's no need for that. you know where she works (bad)
Yes, ask for her number (good)

Bonus pictures:


Armageddon, score < 500
Epic disaster, score < 1000
Bad date, score < 1500
Nothing special, score < 2000
Enjoyable moments, score < 2500
A date to remember, score < 3300
Ultimate date, score > 3300

End of the game.

At the end you have blind links, if you select "play again", you can play again without loading again the game.

If you want to try other adult games, click on the banner below:

Last Updated ( Sunday, 11 May 2014 )
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