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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Walkthrough for Cummagen s Magic Shop
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I call this game "Cummagen's Magic Shop", but his real name is "magic shop", a game by roningsong and made for gamesofdesire.

In the solution (click on read more to read it), i describe the effect of the different combinations in the game.

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Walkthrough for Cummagen's Magic Shop

Here is the effects of the different combinations in the game:

Spring Water + Bog Water : (She gives you a hint)
Spring Water + Sugar : Puppet
Spring Water + Poison Clover : Lactating boobs (topless + interactive)
Spring Water + Grounded Ivy : She-devil (sexy)
Spring Water + Cat Tail : Green punk hair
Spring Water + Lizard Tail : Weird pirate (there is probably a reference that i don't get)
Spring Water + Virgin's Tongue : The woman is fatter
Spring Water + Owl Liver : Sexy eskimo babe (topless)
Spring Water + Bronzite : Afro haircut
Spring Water + Devil Wine : Naked skunk furry (naked, furry)
Spring Water + Rose Milk : Frozen babe.

Bog Water + Sugar : She becomes a shemale (visible dick)
Bog Water + Poison Clover : Stone Statue
Bog Water + Grounded Ivy : Her skin is red
Bog Water + Cat Tail : Her skin is green
Bog Water + Lizard Tail : She is transparent
Bog Water + Virgin's Tongue : Cat
Bog Water + Owl Liver : Dark hair
Bog Water + Bronzite : BDSM woman (chained, with toys in her pussy and asshole)
Bog Water + Devil Wine : Sexy Santa woman (topless)
Bog Water + Rose Milk : Her face is covered with pustules.

Sugar + Poison Clover : Frog
Sugar + Grounded Ivy : Chun-Li
Sugar + Cat Tail : She is bald
Sugar + Lizard Tail : She becomes tiny (interactive)
Sugar + Virgin's Tongue : She becomes invisible (her dress is visible)
Sugar + Owl Liver : Her skin is blue
Sugar + Bronzite : White hair
Sugar + Devil Wine : Cactus
Sugar + Rose Milk : Cheerleader

Poison Clover + Grounded Ivy : Sexy Egyptian (topless, sexy)
Poison Clover + Cat Tail : Woman fucked by tentacles (hardcore)
Poison Clover + Lizard Tail : Busty Mermaid (topless)
Poison Clover + Virgin's Tongue : Sexy nurse (sexy)
Poison Clover + Owl Liver : Zebra furry
Poison Clover + Bronzite : Busty woman (interactive)
Poison Clover + Devil Wine : Money (yes, money)
Poison Clover + Rose Milk : Sexy greek goddess (no panties)

Grounded Ivy + Cat Tail : Sexy maid (in sexy lingerie)
Grounded Ivy + Lizard Tail : Monkey
Grounded Ivy + Virgin's Tongue : Dust
Grounded Ivy + Owl Liver : (She gives you a hint)
Grounded Ivy + Bronzite : Rabbit Shemale (naked, boobs, dick, AND interactive)
Grounded Ivy + Devil Wine : Balloons
Grounded Ivy + Rose Milk : Yellow skin

Cat Tail + Lizard Tail : Female physique model.
Cat Tail + Virgin's Tongue : Small titted woman (interactive)
Cat Tail + Owl Liver : Giant woman (interactive)
Cat Tail + Bronzite : Sexy policewoman
Cat Tail + Devil Wine : Blonde hair (possible end of the game) <<<
Cat Tail + Rose Milk : Sexy angel (nearly naked)

Lizard Tail + Virgin's Tongue : Sexy genie (topless)
Lizard Tail + Owl Liver : (She gives you a hint)
Lizard Tail + Bronzite : Pink hair.
Lizard Tail + Devil Wine : Inverted gravity
Lizard Tail + Rose Milk : Glowing woman

Virgin's Tongue + Owl Liver : Spiderman
Virgin's Tongue + Bronzite : (She gives you a hint)
Virgin's Tongue + Devil Wine : Fish in an aquarium
Virgin's Tongue + Rose Milk : Big Butt (naked butt)

Owl Liver + Bronzite : Princess Leia
Owl Liver + Devil Wine : TV woman
Owl Liver + Rose Milk : Harriette potter (visible pussy + hidden but naked breasts)

Bronzite + Devil Wine : Sexy geisha (visible pussy)
Bronzite + Rose Milk : Sexy elf

Devil Wine + Rose Milk : Twin

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Last Updated ( Friday, 25 July 2014 )
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