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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Walkthrough for Giles' Journey
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 06 April 2015

Giles' Journey is a visual novel created by fleet. To play, click on the picture above then download the zip file of the page. If you can't find the link, try to download the zip file directly from here. However, this link can be updated the future and it is also useful to read the release informations of the author of the game.

Click on read more for a walkthrough for fleet's game "Giles' Journey"

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Walkthrough for Giles' Journey

- Giles (thinking): Should I ask her to go with me to the mill loft?
* Yes (no real effect)
* No (no real effect)

- Click on a sword to select it.
* Magic Sword (pendant = 1)
* Regular Sword (rsword = 1)
* Power Sword (msword = 1)

--> O)

- Which path should Giles take?
* Right --> A
* Center --> B
* Left --> C

- You must either go back where you came from, or die for trespassing.
* Retreat --> Finally, end of the game (you are alone)
* Fight --> Continue

If pendant = 1 then you'll win the fight. youlose = 0; hotdryad = 0
else: you lose, end of the game (you are alone)

- I offer you shelter for the night.
* Accept: --> A1
* Decline: --> A2

Sex scene with the dryad:
- Giles: How can I give you pleasure?
* With your mouth: he licks her breasts then her pussy then he fucks her dodgy style
* With your hands: He touches her pussy then he fucks her dodgy style

One week later: youlose = 1; hotdryad = 1 --> A2)

An elf is waking you up.

(Elf: A witch is capturing forest animals and starving them to death.)
Then later:
* Accept the quest. --> A3
* Decline the quest. --> A4 (no money)

- With the witch:
* Slash: (next attack)
* Thrust: you are dead (this result is gonna happen)
* Defend: You can defend yourself (this restart this action)

Next attack:
* Slash: you win
* Thrust: you win
* Defend: you are dead

If you win, then money = 1 (if not you are dead)

- Julia: If you go the way I recommend, you're less likely to encounter a demon.
* Take the original path. --> A4
* Take the different path. --> D

- Giles (thinking): That cottage has its lights on. Should I ask if I can spend the night?
* Yes --> A5
* No --> several day later --> D

- Why don't you come to my bedchamber and keep me company tonight?
* Agree --> A6 --> sex scene
* Disagree --> A7

- Giles: What would you like to do now?
* Kiss me again. --> Kiss then fellatio, then she rides him --> You are dead
* Let me make you feel good. --> fellatio, then she rides him --> You are dead
* Take me. --> she rides him --> You are dead

- Lilly: Won't you stay for another night? I can make you feel good, and you can leave tomorrow.
--> Giles (thinking): What should I do?
* Stay --> You are dead (no sex scene)
* Leave --> D

Fight: If msword = 1 then you'll win the fight else you are dead (ending: "Giles gets killed.)

- What should Giles do?
* Go with Gruel. --> B1)
* Decline. --> B2)

B1) Sex scene with Edwina
* Intercourse --> She rides him, handjob --> you are dead
* Let me surprise you. --> handjob --> you are dead

B2) With Marsha
- If we defeat the dragon, I'll give a gold coin to you. Will you help me?
* Yes --> B3)
* No --> D)

B3) Fight against the dragon.
First choice:
Slash: you win (sooner or later)
Thrust: you are dead (sooner or later)
Defend: no effect for the first choice.

- We can keep each other warm, if you get my meaning.
* Accept her offer. --> youlose = 1; sex scene with Marsha --> B4)
* Decline her offer. --> B5)

B4) Sex scene with Marsha
I want you to touch me. --> He fingers her pussy, 69, she rides him.
I want oral sex. --> 69, she rides him.
I want you inside me. --> she rides him.

--> B5)

B5) Next morning:
- Do you still want the gold coin?
* Take the coin.: money = 1 --> D)
* Decline. --> D)

C) With the thief:
If rsword = 1 then you'll win the fight (slash or trust) --> C1)
else: you lose --> O) (see above)

C1) With the slaver:
- Fight, for the first choice:
* Slash: you'll win the fight. --> C2)
* Thrust: you'll lose the fight. --> Ending "Giles is sold into slavery."
* Defend: no effect for the first choice.

C2) With Strider:
- Strider: Will you help me?
* I will help you. --> C3)
* I will not help you. --> D)

C3) At strider's camp:
- Giles (thinking): It's getting colder. Should I ask if I can stay in the tent?
* Ask --> no real effect
* Do not ask --> no real effect

- Should we just leave?
* Yes --> D)
* No --> C4)

C4) Fight with the knight.
For the first choice:
* Slash --> you will die.
* Thrust --> you will die.
* Defend --> if your 2nd choice is not "Defend", same result as after the first choice.

If your first choice is defend and your second defend too, you'll win the fight.
Select Slash or Thrust for the further choices. Defend as no more effect.

After the fight:
Sex scene with Strider/Susanna:
- Susanna: Yes, it was. Now what shall we do?
* I want you to touch me. --> She masturbates him, he masturbates her, intercourse.
* Let me touch you. --> He masturbates her, intercourse.
* Intercourse. --> Intercourse.

After the sex scene: End of the game: "Giles stays with Strider"

- Should Giles believe her?
* Yes ---> (see below)
* No --> You are dead

* If you have enough money --> Will you give me barley seed if I stay and help you cultivate and harvest?
* If you don't have enough money --> you stay at the farm (not enough money) --> D2)

At the town again:

if youlose = 1 then (if hotdryad = 1 then you go to the dryad (+ sex scene --> D1) (ending: "Giles goes to live with Sylvania")) else Giles returned as farmer ending "Giles ends up alone")
else: Ending: "Giles elopes with Rosalind" (+ sex scene)

* Let me please you: blowjob + sex scene
* Take me: sex scene (as before without the blowjob).

if youlose = 1 then Giles returned as farmer ending "Giles ends up alone"
If not: Sex scene with Lupe later

sex scene:
* Let me touch you.: Giles touches her pussy, handjob, pussy licking, dodgy style.
* Touch me.: handjob, pussy licking, dodgy style.
* Oral sex.: pussy licking, dodgy style.

----> Ending "Giles goes to live with Lupe."




"Giles elopes with Rosalind.":
- Magic Sword, Right path, Decline, Accept the quest, Take the different path, believe lupe
- Power Sword, Center path, Decline, help marsha, Decline her offer, Take the coin, believe lupe

"Giles goes to live with Lupe."
- Don't fuck the dryade or Marsha, don't take money (don't do julia's quest and refuse marsha's money) or don't fight the black knight, believe lupe.

"Giles stays with Strider."
- Regular Sword, left path, help strider, don't leave in front of the black knight.

"Giles gets killed"
- The fastest way is to select a regular sword and select the center path.

"Giles is sold into slavery."
- Regular Sword, left path, with the slaver select "Thrust"

"Giles ends up alone."
- fastest way: select the right path and select "Retreat"

"Giles goes to live with Sylvania."
- select the right path and the "magic sword", accept sylvania's offer to stay, help julia, believe lupe.

*** End of the walkthrough ***

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