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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Walkthrough for Hetalia Canada Dating Sim
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 03 March 2014

Hetalia Canada Dating Sim is a parody game for adult. I warn you that this game is more an adult game for women. Click on the thumbnail above to play on newgrounds.

For a walkthrough for Hetalia Canada Dating Sim, click on "read more" and if you want other games, you can click on the banner below:

Walkthrough for Hetalia Canada Dating Sim

I give in this solution the effect of the dialogs, some answers skip or add some dialogs.

Format: "good answer"+ "bad answer"- "neutral answer"=

1) Can I start you two off with drinks?
"are you sure"+ "Order Drink"=

2) drink selection
"water"= "coffee"= "coke"+ "Shake Shake!"-

3) reason for a blind date
"My friend, Alfred convinced me."- "needed a change of pace"=

4) your reason for a blind date
"how did you agree to it ?"+ "wait for drink"=(->6)

5) reaction to the answer for the blind date
"Well, I'm glad you did. Now we get to have lots of fun together tonight!"+ "Well, you should haven't."-

6) Are you ready to order ?
"order"= "Smile, then order"+

7) what do you want to order ?
"Poutin"+ "steak"= "Salad"= "Pizza"= "Pancakes"+ "hamburgers"--

"So... Why the hell did you ask for Maple Syrup in your coffee?"- "Sooooo.... How old are you?"=

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you."+ "Thank god you're not like him!"+(->11)

""Hahahaha! Yeah!"+ "Silence"-

11) What's your favorite color ?
"*your favorite color*!"= "Maple Syrup!"++-(->15) "red"= "blue!"= "yellow No.5!!"= "a secret~ Shh"-

"Who is Kumajurobo?"= "That's a really strange name.."-(->15)

"That's awesome!"+ "Isn't that dangerous?"=

"Liar."- "He sounds cool, I wish I had a pet bear."+

"So what's your favorite color?"= "So, what's your favorite color, eh?"-

"I hear that you are a great hockey player."+ "Alfred told me Ivan sat on you for a whole meeting once because he didn't see you."-(-> end)

"Aah~ You're blushing. It must be true."= "Oh, I guess Alfred is a liar."=


Can i kiss you ?
"Yes", "kiss him", "no" (you can continue with "no")

(with a good score)
Extra scene:

you can play with her hair ("tug curl" needed) or with her arm or rub leg
"take Kamajirou's advice"

Click on her shoulder at your right.
Click in the middle of her chest.
Click the top of her pants

You can click on his dick, "tug curl" (with a hair) and "pet head" (don't take too much time or you'll be blocked)



The picture above links to a paysite. It's not a game site, but you could like the concept.

Last Updated ( Monday, 03 March 2014 )
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