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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Walkthrough for Hot wife Tara 0.91
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 12 June 2015

Hot wife Tara is a game created by lessonofpassion. Click on the tuhmbnail above to play (if possible play with firefox or chrome, since i have a bug with IE). Click on "read more" for a walkthrough for Hot wife Tara

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Walkthrough for Hot wife Tara 0.91

Yeah, a little. You sure you want to do this? --> no effect
Absolutely, this is going to be a hell of a night! --> no effect

Hey, Tara. Who's your friend? --> Ending #5 (yes, already)
Hello, would you two beautiful ladies like some company? --> ok.

Invite them to play pool --> pool table (A)
Invite them to somewhere more private --> bar, Lounge area (B)

A) Pool table
(Click near the pussy of the woman with the blue dress "Provoke and kiss tara's leg")
(Click on the head of the woman with the black hair "Spice it up and kiss ruby in front of tara.") (Achievement: "Tasting her lips")
(Click on the brunette's ass "Test tara's limit and grab ruby's ass").
(Click at the right of the head of the guy "Gather them together").

I think maybe we should get a taxi and take this party back to my place. --> At your place D)
Well, let's make our way to the lounge area and see what happens. --> bar, Lounge area B)

B) bar, Lounge area
Encourage them to make out --> kissing C) (Achievement: Girls are getting hot)
Flirt with Ruby -->

Follow Ruby to the bathroom --> Bathroom E)
Offer to play darts instead --> Darts F)

C) Kissing
Invite the girls back to your place --> At your place D) ---> (Achievement: For the first time)
Try to lure Ruby away --> Darts F)

D) At your place
(Click on her butt "remove her clothes") (Achievement: Blindfolded)
(Click on his dick "spread your legs wider")
(Click on her face "please suck my dick")
(Click on his dick "ask ruby to stop")
(Click on his dick "please stop sucking my cock")
(Click above his buttocks: "sit more comfortable")
(Click on her buttocks: "start moving your hips with her")
(Click at the right of his buttocks: "spread her legs wider")
(Click on her buttocks: "stop it and call Ruby")
(Click on his dick: "Sit back in the chair")
(Click on his mouth: "Ask her to move slowly")
(Click on his dick: "Ask her to move faster")
(Click at the right of her buttocks: "Cum inside her ass")
Ending #3

E) Bathroom
Kiss her warmly (her face): mood + 1
Touch her ass (right of her waist): mood - 1

Say it's the best ass you've ever seen (her head): mood + 1
Say that you've been wanting to fuck it all night (right buttock): mood - 1

Say that it's more stunning than before (above the middle of her buttocks): mood + 1
Say that you want to lick it clean (right buttock): mood - 1

Lick her pussy softly and slowly: (top of the middle of her buttocks) mood + 1
Lick her quick and hard: (right thigh) mood - 1

Kiss her neck slowly and put one finger in her pussy (her asshole): mood + 1
Put as much fingers in her pussy as you can (you right ear): mood - 1

If mood < 3 then Ending #2

If mood = 3 or more:

In the front of his dick (not visible): "ask her to suck it".
His dick: "Ask her to move faster".
His dick: "Ask her to lick it".
His torso (not visible): "Ask her to stop cause you gonna cum".
Pussy: "Push cock in her pussy".
Her buttocks: "Ask her to move her hips".
His face: "Ask her to slow down - you gonna cum".
His dick: "Cum over her pussy".

Achievement: "over her ass".

Ending #2

F) Darts
Reach under Ruby's dress ---> Achievement "hidden treasure" -->
Check up on Tara --> Tara and the other guy G)

Lead the way, sexy ---> Bathroom E)
Actually, we should get back to Tara --> Ending #5

G) Tara and the other guy
That lying bitch! --> c. --> Ending #5 (Achievement: "That lying bitch!")
Wait, let's see what she is up to -->

Agree -->
Take Tara for yourself --> Ending #5

Agree -->
This is going too far --> Ending #5

It really looks sexy --> Achievement "licking her clean".
He just came inside you! --> Ending #5

Step in and help Tara --> Achievement "Knockout!". Ending #4
Tell Tara to relax -->

(Click on the hand of the guy on the woman "Ask her to relax more")
(Click on the head of the woman "Ask her to suck faster")
(Click on the head of the woman "Grab her head and throat fuck her")
(Click on the head of the woman "Cum in her mouth")
--> Achievement "Fantasy Fulfilled" --> Ending #1

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