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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Walkthrough for Jordan 500 Stories
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Click on the thumbnail above to play and click on "read more" to get a full walkthrough for Jordan 500 Stories by LessonOfPassion.

You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same team (paysite).


Walkthrough for "Jordan 500 Stories - Shy mike the investor" by LessonOfPassion


You are a blonde woman (Jordan) and your goal is to have fun with a guy. Your goal is to make as much money as possible. You win, if you make more money than your friend Brooke. The amount of money that you make is function of the level of passion and the level of pressure of "Shy Mike the investor". The evolution of these levels is functions of your answers, so they are important for the walkthrough.



Let's say, i have an offer for your. sort of a deal. money for some fun. we'll have a good time together and i promise you won't regret that. --> no difference
Hey, i've got a pussy, you've got a dick. so what's the problem? let's add some spice to this evening. my body will be totally yours for some cash. --> no difference

[Real beginning:
When you are in the condo you start with this score:
Pressure: 80
Passion: 30]

You've got a nice place. is there a good view too? (pressure -5, passion +0)
What a great place! let's try different positions all over it. (pressure +10, passion +0)

Move closer and hug him (passion +2) --> A
Ask him to seat and dance (pressure +10, passion +14) --> B

A) Say, do you love parties? you said you have to attend them quite often. (pressure -5, passion +0)
So, do you always invite your girls here? (pressure +5, passion -5)

I'm sure your place is ideal for a good sexperience. (pressure +5, passion +0)
I see. i've got an idea. why don't we have a party for two in here? (pressure -2, passion +2)

Leave everything to me. i know my job. just relax, baby. (pressure -3, passion +0)
Why don't we check on you(r) friend down there? do you want me to take care of him? (pressure +10, passion -5)

Seat on his lap and kiss him (pressure +10, passion +14)
Ask him to seat and dance (pressure +10, passion +17)

B) Take him to the bedroom --> C) (pressure: -5, passion +3) (scroll down after the next picture for this part or click here)
Play with him here --> D) (Pressure becomes PASSION +2, passion +0) (* see my comment below)

D) Seat on him (pressure: -10, passion +14)
Touch his genitals (pressure: -10, passion +14)

Take underpants of --> E) (pressure: -5, passion +2)
Seat on his lap and move ass --> F) (pressure: -5, passion +3)

F) Take underpants of --> E) (pressure: -5, passion +2)
Lay on the floor and kiss him --> E) (pressure: -11, passion +8)

E) You should be more confident. you're very han(d)some and fascinating. (pressure: -10, passion +0)
Come on, show me what you've got. unleash the beast inside. (pressure: +5, passion becomes PRESSURE -5) (** see my comment below)

Don't be shy. i'll make you feel really great. --> G) (pressure: -10, passion +0)
Heh... is that..? ahh.. never mind. i've dealt with many things, so you can't surprise me. --> G) (pressure: +5, passion -5)

G) Touch my pussy please (pressure: -2, passion +2)
Invite to 69 --> 69 --> (click to fuck her) --> (click to fuck her) --> H) (pressure: +5, passion +19)

Lick my pussy (he licks her pussy) (pressure: -15, passion +18)
Kiss him gently (pressure: -15, passion +20)

(click to fuck her) --> (click to fuck her) --> H)

H) Let him cum in your mouth --> End of the game
Let him cum inside --> End of the game

C) In the bedroom:

It's kind of romantic in here. (she strips) (pressure: -17, passion +11)
Nice bedroom. i want to try this bed out. (she strips) (pressure: -9, passion +6)

Let him hug you (he hugs her on bed) (pressure: -5, passion +3)
Touch his genitals (he strips her clothes) --> J (pressure: +12, passion +9)

Man, you are so kinky. i like that. let's have some fun. (he strips his clothes) (pressure: +17, passion +6)
Man, you're totally right. forget about everything. today i'll be your adventure. (he strips his clothes) (pressure: +4, passion +9)

J) I love your muscles, boy. come on, don't be shy.(pressure: -5, passion +5)
Hello, little fellow. let me take care of you. (pressure: +10, passion -10)

Suck his dick --> (click to suck his dick) (pressure: -10, passion +5)
Seat on his penis --> K) (pressure: -5, passion +3)

Hand job --> (click to do a handjob) --> I) (pressure: -5, passion +5)
Seat on his penis --> K) (pressure: -5, passion +3)

K) We can do it gently if you wish. (click to make her ride him) (don't push too hard) (pressure: -5, passion +10)
Come on. show me what you've got, baby. (click to make her ride him) (pressure: +10, passion +5)
(if you click elsewhere: "it's cold here") (click to make her ride him) (pressure: 0, passion +0) (probably a bug)

I) Suck his dick on a bed --> (click to suck his dick) (pressure: -15, passion +5)
Invite him to use jo (your) second hole --> (click to fuck her) (pressure: +5, passion +8)

Let him cum in your mouth --> End of the game
Let him cum inside --> End of the game

Final score = 5*(100+passion-pressure).
Score from the other lady: between 500 and 750 (average: 625).
The value of (Passion-pressure) should be above 50 to be sure to win and below 0 to be sure to lose.

- Comments on the solution (see in the solution)

* if Pressure becomes PASSION +2
temporary score: 5*(100+passion-PASSION -2) = ALWAYS 490.
This choice seems to give an advantage at the beginning of the game (best score possible).

** if passion becomes PRESSURE -5
temporary score: 5*(100+PRESSURE -5-pressure)= ALWAYS 475.
The problem is that at this point, it is possible to have a much better score.
It also not the best way to make the lowest score (the bedroom seems better for that).

The maximum score for passion or pressure is 100, but there is no minimum.
So if you score of passion is 100, you can still decrease your level of pressure to improve your score.





If you lose (random picture of the blonde):

Fetish picture:

Sexy maid:

Sexy waitress:

Pink lingerie and fishnet stockings:


If you win (you select and you get a picture of the asian babe)

Wear kinky latex body suit:

Wear sluty school girls dress:

Dye hair into blond:

Run around our apartment:


For more games from the same team:

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 July 2013 )
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