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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Walkthrough for Lake Party
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 20 December 2012

Click on the picture to play. Click on "read more" to get a solution for this game.

You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same team (paysite).


Full solution for Lake Party and how to get all the endings.

A) At school

Raise your hand> gives a good dialog option

Pick up mineral water (right of the screen)

Go to the classroom: take the coffee

Talk with Ashley
(Give coffee: +2)
(If you raised your hand: apologize for class accident:+2)
Compliment her outfit:+1
Ask about those fries:-1
Kiss her chick:-1
Ask about her work:+1

If you have enough point (4), Ashley offers you a discount for a haircut.

Go to the tennis court:

Talk with Ashley (i think it's in fact lilly)
(Give mineral water: +2)
Kiss her cheek as a friend: +1
Smack her ass: -1
Ask her to take her sweat shirt off: +1
Pass her a towel: +1
Talk about kev: 0

If you have enough point (4), Ashley (lilly) ask you to go to shopping with her.

(It seems not important to talk with Kevin.)


Leave School


In Pete's Appartement:

(You CAN'T visit Ashley AND Lily)

Visit Ashley at the barber shop:
(You can't get ending #3 and #4 if Ashley is with you as the lake party, but it's not mandatory that she comes at this point)

Yeah, decided to come 'cause I really need a haircut: 0
I came over 'cause i really felt great talking with you this morning: +2

Ask her if she likes you: +1
Ask her about kevin: -1 Let it go: 0 Dig the subject: -3
Say something funny: +1
Invite her to the lake party: 0

Well then look at it this way, I'm inviting you not him: +2 (you don't need to have a good score to make her come with you, but if you don't have enough points here (8 points), you wont probably be able to fuck her alone)
Say yes, I am sure it'll be loads of fun: -1 (you can't invite her, at this point. You'll probably get ending #1, but it's not 100% sure if you have more than 4 points with Lily)
(back in Pete's appartement)



Visit Lily at the shop:
(To prevent ending #2 or #5, it's better to select this option)

Ask about her relationship with Kevin: -1
Try on this dress: "I like it, you really look sexy and cool in it.:-1" "I don't know, it really does not do much for you: +1"
Try these shorts instead: "oh yeah, sure. You'are great in them.:-1" "You kinda look slutty Lily. That's not really your image.:+1 "
Try this skirt (+1): "If i were in his place I'd love to have my girl wearing something like that: 1", "Wow, You look so incredibly sexy in that, Lily. I wish i was in his place.:-2/-1"

Don't worry about that Lily: 0
I'll pay for it: $240 (you need enough points with her, in this case: +5 if not: 0)
Kevin appears
(back in Pete's appartement)


Lay down and relax: if you select this option, you won't be able to fuck Ashley, but it's possible (but hard) with Lily.

In Pete's appartement: take the mosquito repellent. (wasn't here before: it can give +2 with lily later, needed to fuck her if you wasn't at the shop with her)
Leave appartment


At the lake party:

Pick up beer (in the water, at your left)
(you can give a beer to Ashley (good), Kevin, and Lily (bad) )

Talk with Lily
(give her a beer: -2)
Flirt with her:+2
Compliment her on her looks: +1
Make Joke about kevin: +1
Hold her hand: -2

Talk with Ashley
(give her a beer: +1)
Kiss her: +2
Show her a fancy flower: +1
Sit and talk: +1
Flirt with her: +2
Grab her boobs: -5 (you will lose, 100% sure, since the maximum number of points is 19 with her)
Smell her hair: -1

Talk with Kevin:
How about some food? (needed to go the barn)

Go to the barn.

"Pick up a needle" (at the right of the screen, in the hay)
"Pick up grill"


"Talk with Kevin"
Set up the grill (click on the grill icon above the dialogs with Kevin)
We got the grill. Now what ?

Use inflatable boat.

Ask Lily (the other options are not good)

After the inflatable boat, to take the fishes:

Use the mosquito repellent (+2 with lily)

With Lily alone, if you talk to her: you need enough points (>=10)

touch her leg: +2
Kiss her: +3
Caress her boobs: +3
Lick her arm: +2

(if you selected all the 4 options:)
Yeah, you're right. We are moving too fast, so let's just get back. +5
C'mon, he won't see us, right ?: -5 she removes her panties, then stops.

Back with the fishes

("Puncture the boat": needed to get ending #2)

options with Kevin:

"Give him the fish": ending 1 if you are not popular (>15) with at least one of the girl or if it's your only option.
"Where is Ashley": You can go to the sauna.
"Try to get ride of him" (you need enough points >=15) to get ending #2 with Lily alone (you punctured the boat), to get ending #4 with Lily alone (you haven't punctured the boat), or ending #5 if ashley is here.

If you select the option "Try to get ride of him" (option, if your had a little fun with lily alone) and if there is Ashley, you'll get ending #5 after a small lesbian scene.

If not, you fuck Lily in the barn (see below)

If you select the option "go to sauna" and "enter in it" and if you are very popular with both girls and if kevin is here:
You get ending #2 and there is no lesbian scene with Ashley and you don't fuck Lily.

*** In the sauna (with Ashley alone) ***
If you enter:
not enough point with ashley: ending 1

(>15 points:)
"Oh, ok, that's not a problem, i'll behave": she asks you a beer, (if you don't have one: kevin is licking lily's pussy), at this point you need to bring a beer then you get the sex scenes. --> ending #2
"Well, i can't promise to not look, after all you look, positively amazing": she asks you a beer, (if you don't have one: kevin is licking lily's pussy), at this point you need to bring a beer then you get the sex scenes. --> ending #2


*** In the sauna (with Ashley and Lilly) ***
Isn't it correct that the right way to enjoy a sauna is buck naked ?: they strip
That's sounds right, and you girls looks totally awesome together.: they strip

Do as Lily asks: you kiss Ashley and Ashley fondles Lily's breasts, lily plays with her pussy. Ashley licks her finger.
Respect Ashley will: such a pussy.. lily kisses Ashley and Ashley fondles Lily's breasts, lily plays with her pussy. Ashley licks her finger.

Ask Ashley to lick Lily clit: Ashley licks Lily's clit. Lily licks Ashley's breasts.
Ask Ashley to take her shirt of: lily removes her Ashley's shirt. Lily licks Ashley's breasts.

"Maybe you can both suck my cock": Ashley is not sure. Lily sucks your cock. (you can swap girls). You cum is a girl's mouth then Lily ask you to leave (.... what's going on with Kevin)
"Will you both fuck ?" She asks you to go to see what happens with kevin --> ending #5



You fuck Lily in the barn:
I can be your rich guy.: no obvious difference
I really don't think you need to have them any bigger: no obvious difference

(you lick her pussy)
(she sucks your cock)
Without the needle (without "Puncture the boat") you get ending #4 with Kevin and a double facial ejaculation.

(you fuck her)

Pleasure her anus with your tongue: you see her asshole wide open before you assfuck her: cumshot on her boobs
Ram her anus with your cock: you start to assfuck her, but it's hurt her, oral sex: she wants a cumshot on her boobs
You get ending #3


General comments on the endings:

Ending #1: is basically a bad ending. It means, that you have not enough point (10 then 15 to fuck lily or 15 for ashley)

Ending #2: you fuck Ashley, you need to be popular with her (>15 points) and if you are popular with Lily (>15 points if you tried something after the inflatable boat), you shouldn't try something to get a ride of Kevin to get this ending.

Ending #3: you fuck lily (it's not possible if Ashley is with you)

Ending #4: you fuck lily (Ashley must not be here), but Kevin comes back (if you don't wreck the inflatable boat)

Ending #5: You are very popular with Lily and Ashley is here (you don't need to be very popular with Ashley). Ashley and Lily become lesbians.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 January 2013 )
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