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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Walkthrough for Let's Play Potions by MrPinku
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Click on the picture to play (on newgrounds) and click on read more for a solution.

Walkthrough for Let's Play Potions

Let's play potion is a demo of "MrPinku", here is his website (new website BUT direct link)

1: blue
2: red
3: green
4: yellow

111: light blue dress.
112: sexy ebony babe
113: cheerleader
114: weird pink pet

121: Cute redhead teen
122: Nasty girl with braid
123: Cop
124: Blue bikini

131: wonderwoman
132: The woman gets crushed by a foot.
133: French maid
134: Sexy black savage woman

141: Pink see through dress
142: Grand dad
143: Blonde farmer girl
144: In corset with stockings

211: A cat in the background
212: A dog or a sheep in the background
213: An evil cloud in the background
214: An alien in the background

221: Pinocchio in the background
222: Woman with a blue skin with a zebra clothing
223: Tennis woman
224: She becomes a green monster that looks stupid.

231: Red dress.
232: Sexy belly dancer.
233: With a sexy red asian dress.
234: Gothic blonde

241: Gothic babe with white hair.
242: She becomes a fat pig.
243: Sexy cowgirl
244: With a sexy blue asian dress.

311: Blue alien with 3 titties
312: Hip hop child
313: White trash
314: Nun

321: Woman that shows accidentally her tits.
322: Black child with a big head.
323: Harriet potter
324: Sexy hippy woman

331: Woman with ripped clothes (see 321)
332: Packed dick head
333: Dark woman
334: Interrogative woman.

341: Picasso's favorite model
342: Tahitian woman
343: Levitating cat
344: Blonde savage woman

411: Interrogative woman looking at her left. (New background (default): dark room with a candlestick)
412: New background: shack in the middle of a yard.
413: New background: forest
414: New background: house countryside

421: New background: cave
422: Green dress.
423: With a sexy green asian dress.
424: Sexy nurse

431: Blonde woman with a pink dress
432: Catwoman
433: Grey child with big eyes
434: Sexy native american babe.

441: Old sorceress
442: Sexy policewoman
443: Woman with a bag.
444: Schoolgirl


To see a special scene: change the background/the character in the background then finally the woman.

"Alien likes forest Fairy"
Where ? in the forest.
Forest: 413 (yellow, blue, green).
Alien: 214 (red, blue, yellow).
Fairy: 344 (green, yellow, yellow).

"the wood boy wants to play with a young girl".
Where ? where you want.
Pinocchio: 221 (red, red, blue).
Cute redhead teen: 121 (blue, red, blue).

"The magicat interracts with super heroine"
Where ? in the cave.
The cave: 421 (yellow, red, blue).
magicat: 211 (red, blue, blue)
super heroine: 131 (blue, green blue)
(pink cryptonite)

"the fluff warrior is evil and likes bomb (when they light up)"
Where ? in the sorceress lab.
Sorceress Lab: 411 (yellow, blue, blue)
Fluff warrior: 213 (red, blue, green)
Nun: 314 (green, blue, yellow)

The dog and the vahine:
Dog: 212 (red, blue, red)
Vahine: 342 (green, yellow, red)


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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 30 July 2013 )
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