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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Walkthrough for Lois Griffin Sex Sim
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 02 June 2013

Click on the thumbnail above to play (on newgrounds) and click on "read more" to read a walkthrough.

The picture above links to a paysite. It's not a game site, but you could like the concept.

Walkthrough for Lois Griffin Sex Sim

(I tested all the links. This solution is not so useful, but it can save you time.)

Hey Slut, Wanna fuck? --> bad
Whats a beautiful woman like you doing drinking alone? --> A)
Can I get you a drink? --> B)

A) She sounds like a total bitch. --> bad
Mind if I keep you company untill she arrives? --> C)
Let me slap them titties around! --> bad

B) Oh Okay. Thats respectable. --> bad
Forget that faggot. Ill get you a drink! --> bad
Okay, mind if I hang out for a bit? --> C)

C) Max. Nice to meet you. --> Next
Lois? What a terrible name. --> bad
I'm whoever you want me to be. --> bad

Just here with a few friends. You? --> Next
I'm here to fuck sluts. --> bad
Get drunk and make an idiot of myself. --> bad

Live a little you say? What did you have in mind? --> Next
Kids? Your vagina must be ruined! --> bad
Enough of this chatter. Suck me off! --> bad

That's very suggestive and disrespectful to your husband. Shame on you whore! --> bad
What kind of trouble? --> Next
Cool story. You like anal? --> bad

Spreading your ass. --> bad
Yeah I have a couple of ideas. --> Next
Yeah, I want to fuck your husband! --> bad

How about you pay for a fucking taxi? --> bad
I'm too drunk to drive. --> bad
Okay I'll show you the way to my car. --> Next

Give me some road head, slut. --> bad
Do you always let strangers drive you home? --> Next
Think your daughter would be up for a 3-way? --> bad

Shut up. --> bad
What a slutty thing to say. --> bad
Me too! I'm up for pretty much anything. --> Next

Well thanks! You too. Is this your house up here? --> Next
Good looking? I'm fucking amazing. --> bad
Thanks but that shit will get you nowhere you rank slut. --> bad

No thanks. I can't drink coffee late at night. It keeps me up. --> bad
Sounds good but won't I be intruding? --> Next
I'd rather broken glass in my asshole. --> bad

Pretty shit actually. --> bad
Can I have a cup of your breast milk instead? --> bad
Great thanks. --> Next

Shit on me? --> bad
Well you do have an amazing body. How about showing me a little more? --> Next
Yeah, you can fuck off! --> bad

Oh my god! Do that again! --> (she shows her boobs again.)
YUCK! Your boobs are gross! --> bad
So good! God, you are fucking sexy! --> Next

Okay! --> Next
No Thanks. Boobs was all I wanted. --> bad
No! You filthy adultering slut! --> bad

Then select your positions.
Cum ends the sex part.

Click here for more adult games.

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