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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Walkthrough for My sex date Eleanor
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 21 June 2015

My sex date Eleanor is the latest game from LessonOfPassion, click on the thumbnail above to play. If you are looking for the original Eleanor game, click on the banner below. Click on "read more" for a walkthrough for My sex date Eleanor.

Walkthrough for My sex date Eleanor

The amount of points that you can expect is partially based on luck, so this can change your score.

(At the beginning: mood=-5, minimum mood = -10, maximum mood = +10)

Kiss her hand (good, mood+1)
Ask her to kiss your hand (bad, mood-3)
Without a word point for her to sit (bad, mood-1)

Offer her wine (good, mood+1)
Offer her cherries (good, mood+1) --> then click on her mouth (clean the juice from her lips, mood+1)
Ask her to show you that she is without panties (good, mood+1)
Ask her if Drake isn't suspecting anything (bad, mood-2)
Tell her that she looks ravishing today (good, mood+1)
Ask for a threesome (bad, mood-3)
Tell her that you want to have her during her period (bad, mood-2)
Touch her pussy (good, mood+1) --> then click on her pussy ("Ask her to put a vibrating egg inside her pussy", mood+1, important for later) --> (click on the egg: "Turn the vibrating egg on", mood+1)
Ask her to swallow the ecstasy pill (mood-3, but she is now on drug, this is needed for anal sex later)
Finally >> Ask her to strip (to continue, "mood" must be 0 or above)

Put your finger inside her mouth, mood-2 (bad)
Touch her knee, mood+1

Expose her boob, mood+1
Spread her legs, mood-2 (bad)

Lick her boob, mood+1
Pull her hairs, mood-2 (bad)

Spread her legs, mood+1
Pinch her boob, mood-2 (bad)

Massage her thighs, mood+1
Compliment her pussy, mood-2 (bad)

Massage her boobs, mood-2
if the egg is in her: Remove her dress (click on her right shoulder), mood+1
if the egg is not in her: finger her pussy: mood+1

if the egg is not in her:
Remove her dress (click on her right shoulder), mood+1
Finger her pussy faster, mood-2 (bad)

Ask her to put black collar (neck)

Ask her to dress slutty leather shoes (on her thigh, bottom of the screen)

Ask her for a makeup (mouth)

Punish her, mood+1
Ask her to lick her juices, mood+1 (then click on her pussy, with the vibrating egg: "ask her to remove the vibrating egg", mood+1; then: "Ask her to put the egg inside her ass": without the anal gel (see the line below to add the gel): -1, else bonus)
Use anal gel on her ass, mood+1 (important for anal sex or to put the egg in her ass, see the line above)
Squeeze her nipples, mood-2
Ask for a blowjob, mood-2 (but you get a blowjob)
Ask her to lick your balls, mood-3
Ask her to put a cherry inside her pussy, with the drug mood+1, else mood-2 (Eat the cherry from her pussy, mood+1)
Ask her if she wants to move in to your apartment, mood-3
Finally >> Ask her to ride your dick, (to continue, mood must be 7 or above)
+ (on her pussy if the egg is here) Put the vibrating egg into high power (in her pussy +1, -2 if in her ass but it seems not possible to trigger)

She rides your dick: slow, medium, high

Piss her and cum inside her --> End of the game, you see her pussy full of cum
Take her from behind --> you can continue

Slow, medium, high

Cum on her face --> oral cumshot, the text is different if she is on drug --> end
Ask her to spread her ass for you --> (if she is not on drug she refuses; if she is: with the egg: the egg drops from her ass; without the egg, you finger her ass directly)

You play with her ass:
With the lubricant: Enter her ass without any lubricant --> you finger her ass
Without the lubricant: Cover your fingers in an anal gel and test her ass --> you fuck directly her ass (she doesn't like it and leaves)

Slow, medium, high

Cum inside her ass --> (you see this and you can continue)
Force her to swallow your sperm --> (she does it and left)

Let her relax a little --> you can continue
Order her to lick a drip of cum on sofa --> (decrease the score, but she does it and left)

Sit on a chair and watch her sleeping --> she is sleeping, end of the game
Masturbate over her sleeping --> you are cuming on her while she is sleeping then end of the game

Bonus gallery:


If you are looking for the original Eleanor game, click on the banner below:

Last Updated ( Monday, 22 June 2015 )
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