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Monday, 22 December 2014
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Walkthrough for My Sex Date Emily
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 09 December 2012

My Sex Date Emily is a game by "Lesson of Passion".

Click on the picture to play. Click on "read more..." for a full solution for "My Sex Date Emily".

You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same team (paysite).

Walkthrough for My Sex Date Emily

You need to date Emily, here is the different dialogs options that you have:

* Small talk
- But you defended me so chivalrously... : good
- Well, if not a date, maybe you could tutor me ?: bad
- About that CD you lent me... "Eyes set to kill" ?: good
- I need to ask - why the pink glasses?: good

* Gossips about friends
- I saw you talking with ted, yesterday.: good
- Did you hear about Ann? She finally did it with...: bad
- It looks like Angelica and Mr.Steve... you know.: good
- Why did you break things up with what's his name ? : good

* About Emily (you need a given score to access this menu or you will lose points)
- So... Nice tatoos, by the way: good
- Always the perfect student... How do you do it ?: good
- You don't seem to get along with your parents: bad
- I don't get it! - You are hot, why haven't you... : bad

* About date (you score need to be nearly the maximum to access this menu or you will lose points)

- Come on, why don't you give me a chance ? : bad
- Emily, you can't just give up on men ! : good
- There's nothing to fear but fear itself. : bad
- * Stare deeply into her eyes * : good

To "ask her for a date" and date her, the best thing to do is to ask her all the good things from the:
"Small talk" menu
then from the "gossips about friends" menu.
then from the "About Emily" menu.
and finally from the "About date" menu.
In this order.

Then click on "ask her for a date"

You get ending #1, if you don't have enough points to date her.


[At this point, her previous mood is no more important.]

panda bear (decreases her mood)
spiked wrist band (increases her mood)
dark lipstick (gives a bonus scene)
blindfold (gives a bonus scene)

In her bedroom:

- Hmmm, i could get used to this.

-That you are not who you pretend to be.
-Smart, sexy, sensitive, i could go on.
-I don't know, i just feel that we... connect.
- Continue

You get ending #2, if you loses to much points after the first dialogs.

(option: you can give her some of your gifts (the "spiked wrist band" for example), if you have some)

(don't touch her boobs but touch her legs)
You get ending #3, if you try to touch her boobs instead of her legs.

(move your mouse on a spot next to her calf)
(kiss her)
(remove her shirt)

(kiss her breasts)

lick a salt
drink a tequila
bite a lemon
(ending #4, if you fail or if your score is too low)

After the tequila:

(try to take photos when the circles are in the middle of the screen)

(lick the lemon juice on her breasts)

(let her pick it up)

(touch her boobs)
("touch her there", on her thigh)
("move your hand there", near her pussy)

(caress her legs)

(option: give her a blindfold, "kiss shoulder", "kiss belly", "kiss her just above the skirt"...)

(kiss neck)
(kiss boobs)
(kiss her just above the skirt)
(lower her skirt)

(be sure to click on the screen to make the circular gauge appear (possible bug), caress her pussy)

(caress her buttocks)

(remove panties)
(put your mouse near her belly, "remove your pants")
(ask her gently to suck you off (click near her breasts) (if you select "force her head toward you dick" you don't have the oral scenes)

(2 oral sex scenes, read the line below for the second scene)

(click on "remove your dick from Emily's mouth" (at the bottom left of the screen) before the end) or see -- you ejaculate on her face --)

[if you ejaculated on her face:
Follow her (ending #5, if you select "leave")
(apologize to her)

(caress her ass)
(remove her panties)
(then scroll down, you have to shave her pussy)

[if you have the black lipstick: "give her dark lipstick"
(move your mouse, between her tits to see the drawing)
move your mouse, at the top her belly
move your mouse, near her belly button
"pass the towel to emily" (at your left)
(then shave her, see below to read what to do)

(Caress her ass.)
(lick her pussy)

You have to shave her pussy:
(mouse your mouse on a spot near her pussy to put shave cream on her pussy)
(mouse your mouse on a spot near her pussy to put shave her pile)

(lick her pussy)
(caress her pussy)
(finger her pussy)
(fuck her)
(fuck her)

You get ending #6 for a cumshot in the condom (in her pussy).
You get ending #7 for acumshot on her boobs at the end.
You get ending #8 for an oral cumshot at the end.

All endings:

You get ending #1: if you don't have enough points to date her.
Ending 01: Way to blow it, dude.

You get ending #2: if you loses to much points after the first dialogs.
Ending 02: Try again. No, really - I get paid by the hour.

You get ending #3: if you try to touch her boobs instead of her legs.
Ending 03: Come on! Don't be a jerk

You get ending #4: if you don't know how to drink tequila or if you don't have enough points after this part.
Ending 04: Who could blame you?

You get ending #5: if you ejaculated on her face and if you decided to leave.
Ending 05: Never mess with Daddy's girl

You get ending #6: cumshot in the condom (in her pussy)
Ending 06: Love at first lust

You get ending #7: cumshot on her boobs at the end
Ending 07: She just can't get enough

You get ending #8: oral cumshot at the end.
Ending 08: Journey into adventure

Last Updated ( Friday, 10 January 2014 )
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