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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Walkthrough for "Passion One" from lessonofpassion
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Click on the picture to play. Click on "read more" to get a walkthrough for "Passion One"

You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same team (paysite).

Walkthrough for Passion one from lessonofpassion

Hey, Rebecca! How's it going? --> ok
Make a prank and blow into her ear --> bad

Cloe, i am really sorry, i thought you were someone else… --> good
So, what are you doing here? --> no effect
What do you think about tonight's party at the passion club? --> good
So, your boyfriend, steve, right? well… how is he doing? --> bad
Wow, you look amazing! is that what you are planning to wear tonight? --> good
Say, do you want to go someplace, maybe out for an ice cream? --> bad

Hey, Katy, what a coincidence! How are you doing? --> Katy comes with you. (you lose a point with Cloe)
So, Cloe, as you were saying…? --> Katy lefts

Cloe! Stop, this isn't like you! --> Cloe, mood -1; Katy, mood +1
Katy, how could you?! Back off! --> Cloe, mood +1; Katy, mood -1

Actually, I should really catch that train. --> (Katy lefts)
Always ready for some fun and games, Katy. --> (Cloe lefts)
Wait! That's my train, too! --> (Katy lefts)
Later, Cloe, I am going to stay here a bit longer. --> (Cloe lefts)

If you are with Katy:
You look nice katy --> good
Could you please tell me more about cloe? --> bad
Is it true that you have had many boyfriends? --> bad
Are you going to the party? --> good

I'm still hesitating between some girls. I don't know which one I will chose. --> good
I don't need a girlfriend to have a good time at a party. --> bad

Wow, that would be wonderful! I couldn't ask for a more beautiful partner! --> good
Nice, but... I'm not 100% sure about that. --> bad

Hmm, what do you mean by that? --> bad
Of course Katy - whenever I am at a party, well, "wild" is too mild a word. --> good

If you are, in the metro with Cloe:

Cloe, you are waiting for him, I am sure he can "withstand the pressure". --> good
3 months?! That's... that's a lot of time maybe he… --> bad

It's hard to tell. He's probably worried sick about you cheating on him, too. This stuff is kinda reciprocal. --> bad
If I were Steve... I would never cheat on a girl like you, Cloe. Never. --> good

Look, maybe you are right and it was just a mistake, a one time thing. I you really forgive him and he
knows he has such a wonderful girl waiting for him… That should be enough. --> good
Sometimes people don't make mistakes, they just act the way they want to. I know Steve is a skirt-
chaser, everybody knows, and if you are not alright with that… --> bad

*** (optional)
At school with Cloe (you need to have enough point with her: 8 or above):
(you need to meet her there to fuck her)

I would never miss the chance to meet with so lovely a lady. --> good
I felt sorry about the whole situation with Steve. I want you to know that, if you need to talk… --> bad

I think you should start considering a new relationship, Cloe, because this one isn't working. --> bad
Perhaps you both need some space. Both the cheating and the long distance relationship stuff… --> good

That's true. And as your first step you should invite me, as your friend of course, to today's party. --> good
I think that's a very wise decision. So, would you like me to help you? Maybe, as more than a friend? --> bad

*** (optional)
In the hospital with Katy (you need to have enough point with her: 7 or above):
(you don't need to meet her there to fuck her)

What can I say, the idea of ogling you in your nurse outfit was too tempting to pass up. --> good
Well, is not like I had anything better to do. --> bad

I can believe it, your sexy outfits are rather… famous. --> bad
I'm so excited, Katy. I though I would show up alone but now the sexiest girl in school is going with me. --> good

Some fun…? What… what do you mean, exactly? --> bad
It sounds positively… thrilling. --> good

In the nightclub with Cloe and Damian (optional: you were with Cloe at the school)

Hello Cloe, you look… Look like someone extremely beautiful who, by some unfathomable reason, has
put a lot of effort into looking extremely beautiful. --> good
Hello Cloe, you look… *Try to kiss her* --> bad

I always liked sweet girls over slutty ones. --> good
She looks nice - I don't get it, why do you get so upset whenever she shows up? --> bad

You have class, girl, and that's something that shows through, no matter the dress or makeup or... --> good
Sexy is too mild a word. Girl, you don't know what that dress is doing to me. --> bad

In the nightclub with Katy (optional: if you were at the school or at the hopital with one of the girl):

Well, her dress looks fine to me, but if I had to choose, there would be no contest. --> good
I don't know, she looks quite classy in that dress. Guess it's a matter of personal choice. --> bad

Katy? What are you suggesting? I don't think I like where you are going with that. --> bad
It's difficult to know if you are Damian's friend. Usually, it just means that he will smile a lot more when
he is twisting the knife in your back… --> good

- Talk with Katy:
I am ready to donate a non-essentail organ to spend an hour with you, katy --> good
I heard that cloe's boyfriend is cheating on her --> bad
Damian says that you are super hot, but cloe looks more chic today --> bad
Damian once spent a whole hour talking about your sexy ass --> good

- Talk with Cloe:
Today, i'm a devoted fan of your beauty --> good
What were you speaking with damian about? --> bad
Look at katy - that dress makes her look like a shark looking for prey --> bad
I'm sure that your smile is a cure for cancer --> good

- Talk with Damian:
What do you think about cloe? --> no obvious effect
What do you think about katy? --> no obvious effect
Do you like the party? --> no obvious effect

-Dance with Cloe:

I like it, but no as much as the company. --> good
How could I not like it? I am here , dancing wit the most beautiful girl at school in front of everyone. --> bad

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou are more lovely, and more temperate. --> good
You are very, very beautiful. --> bad

(if mood>=8)
I want to take you home and… Well, I'd really like to show you my apartment. --> very good
Well, maybe you would like to get even with Steve? A one time fling, no strings attached? --> very bad
(this previous question in necessity and sufficiency to fuck her, you can't fuck the other girl if you select the good option)

- Dance with Katy:
Almost as much as I like my dancing partner. --> good
I have been to better ones. This place is overrated. --> bad

I think you are the hottest piece of ass I have ever laid my eyes on, and I am having trouble sanding
straight while dancing this close to you. --> good
When I look into your eyes, it's like I am getting pulled in. I can't look away, Katy, not from you. --> bad

(if mood>7)
I want to take you to my home and make love to you all night long, Katy. --> very bad
Well, if you are up to some wild fun, I could take you to the bathroom and make a scene to remember… --> very good
(this previous question in necessity and sufficiency to fuck her, you can't fuck the other girl if you select the good option)

In the bathroom with Katy:
(caress 2 spots on the top of her left thigh, move to one spot to the other, then caress 2 spots on her boob and upper at your left)
(caress 2 spots on the top of her right thigh, move to one spot to the other, then move the finger icon on her pussy)
Move the cursor on her pussy (close up on her pussy)

Basically, if the mood of both girls is below 8 at this point, you will get ending #1.

Lock the doors
Leave them unlocked --> Damian will come

(put a condom on your dick)
(click on the button "click here" each time it is visible)

You continue to fuck her if the door is locked --> Ending #2
Threesome with Damian in the door is unlocked. --> Ending #3

In the taxi with Cloe:
(caress 2 spots on the top of her left thigh, move to one spot to the other)
In Drake's apartement with Cloe:
Let her relax and talk with Steve. --> Ending #4
Spread her legs and try to seduce her while she speaks with her boyfriend on the phone --> you can continue

(caress her boobs then her pussy)
(caress 2 spots on the top of her upper thigh, move to one spot to the other, then caress her breast)
(click on the button "click here" each time it is visible)
(she sucks your dick)
(you fuck her in several positions)

Ending #5

All the endings:

Ending #1: Alone after the nightclub (bad ending, the other are good)

Ending #2: Your girlfriend is Katy, you fucked her and your closed the door of the bathroom.

Ending #3: Threesome with the other guy and Katy, because you left the door of the bathroom open.

Ending #4: No real sex with cloe because she is faithful, your girlfriend is now Helen.

Ending #5: You fucked Cloe

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