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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Walkthrough for Passionate moments: Business Trip v1.1
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 25 February 2013

Click on the picture to play. Click on "read more" to get a walkthrough for Passionate moments: Business Trip v1.1

You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same team (paysite).

Walkthrough for Passionate moments: Business Trip v1.1

Note: the number of the ending is not given by the game when you play, but i can tell that the number that i give is the real number of the ending.

Thank you, honey, but, what can I say? Working with you, has been the real pleasure.

Straight to business? Very well: you know that, before you become my assistant, I need to trust you. (score + 1)
Well, hon, if you want the goods, you gotta give me something nice. (score - 0)

You have an amazing body, Gina. I just can't wait to lick all over your skin, to learn your sensitive spots…

(Move your mouse on a spot on her thigh)
(Move your mouse on a spot on her breast)
(score + 1)

Yes. Now, shut up and spread you legs.
Gina, after the first time you walked into my office, I couldn't walk straight for two hours. (score + 1)

(if your score is 2 or below: ending #1 + random picture)

(click between her knees "spread her legs")

(click on her knee at your right "Spread her legs further")

(Move your mouse on a spot on her breast at your right)
(Move your mouse on a spot on her panties)

I need to see more, Gina. I need to see you.

(Near her hand: "Lift her dress")

Wow, Gina, your ass is… I have no words!

(Move your mouse on a spot on her buttock at your left until the end)
(score + 1)

Does your boyfriend know what are you doing right now? Does it make him horny? (score - 1)
Gina, you really are a dream come true… And you know which kind of dream. (score - 0)

(you can "kiss her feet" (mouth icon, see on the picture above) or "Pick up dildo")
(if your score is 4 or below: ending #2 + random picture)

if you selected "pick up dildo":
"Pick up dildo" (again)
(On her pussy:) "Insert dildo"
(move your mouse from the left to the right, on the double headed arrow)
(score + 1)

If you kissed her feet:
(kiss her calf)
(kiss her thigh)
(kiss her pussy)
(no point)

"Take her panties of"

(Kiss below her breast at your left)
(Kiss on her belly button)
(Kiss betwen her belly button and her pussy)
(Kiss at the top of her thigh at your left, near her pussy)
(Kiss her pubic hair)

(score + 1)

He's not in the room, so, not my business. (score - 1)
Well, what the eye doesn't see… And we WON'T make him see. (score + 1)

Gina, spread your sexy legs, I want to taste your pussy. (you lick her pussy, move your mouse on the rotating arrow) (score + 1)
Well, about time my cock entered the equation, I think. (score + 1)

Are you ready to take care of my cock? I appreciate employee initiative. (score + 1)
Babe, I want to fuck you hard. Now. (score - 1)

(if your score is 8 or below: ending #3 + random picture)

Gina, I am the most lucky bastard who ever coerced a secretary into sex. (score + 1)
I knew I hired you for a good reason. (score - 1)

I could kiss your lips till I lost all notion of time… (ok)
I wonder how my cock will look wrapped in your little dainty hand… (score - 1)

(move your cursor over her mouth to kiss her)

("Gina, feeling you so close to me… It's driving me wild…")

Fuck, if your hand feels like this, I can't wait to go further… (score - 1)
You are almost better than me. You lack a little practice, that's all. (score + 1)

(she sucks your dick, mouse your mouse up and down on an invisible spot,
click on "change position" before the end to continue)
(ending #9, if you ejaculate)

And I sure as hell want to see you do that sometime... but I have bigger plans for tonight. (score + 1)
Like it? I fucking love seeing your mouth stuffed full of cock. But now I miss the silence.(score - 1)
(if your score is 11 or below: ending #4 + random picture)

(By now your score is useless).

(sex scene, you can reach both an orgasm, you can change your position)
(hard to handle, you level of excitation decreases slowly that hers)
(Ending #5 if you ejaculate and you'll get ending #6 in the next scene if she reaches an orgasm)
(click on a button "ask for anal sex" just before she reaches an orgasm to continue later, in the area that is whiter)

if she reached an orgasm:
(she sucks your dick mouse your mouse up and down)
You ejaculate: ending #6 (mandatory)

(after "ask for anal sex":)

C'mon, it won't be that bad!
(put your mouse on the dildo: "Pick up dildo")

if you selected "Pick up dildo", you get nearly the same scene as before with the dildo
Then you fuck her from her behind (2 gauges, but they have the same speed)
Then ending #10 (best ending)

if you selected "C'mon, it won't be that bad!":
Stop being such a crybaby! This job is only going to get harder, from here on! >> continue
Gina! Oh my God, I thought you were playing hard to get! I don't want to harm you! >> ending #8

you fuck her from her behind (2 gauges, only yours is active).
You ejaculate.
(she is really angry)
Ending #7


Random picture at the end (not related with your ending)

Last Updated ( Monday, 25 February 2013 )
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