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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Walkthrough for Secret Agent
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 07 May 2014

Secret Agent is an adult game by GamesOfDesire, click on the thumbnail above to play. If you need a walkthrough, click on read more.

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Walkthrough for Secret Agent

- Select Angela on the map.
- Click on Angela.

- I'm looking for Angela. Do you know her? She must be working here.
- I'm James. I live around here. My good friend Professor Von Braun told me about you.
- Sure! But Emmett is a little busy right now. He asked me to take some stuff he gave you.

(there is no order for the questions below:)

- What color shirts in Italian soccer players?
Light blue

- What is the main religion in Italy today?
Roman Catholicism

- Which is the largest island of Italy?

- What is the capital city of Italy?

- Which is Italy’s main river?

- Who is the last Italian Pope?
John Paul I

- Who is now the Italian president?

- Who was Spartacus?
A slave during the time of the Romans.

- Who was Fibonacci?
A mathematician.

- Where is the leaning tower?

Use the feather:
- on her nose (17%)
- on her left arm (34%)
- between her boobs (51%)
- above her right breast (68%)
- on her shoulder at your right (85%)
- on her belly

Use the finger on her boobs

Use the finger:
- on her nose (14%)
- below her neck (29%)
- on her belly (45%)
- on her right arm (59%)
- on her left arm (73%)
- on her left boob (87%)
- on her right boob (100%)

Follow her instruction:
- click on her boobs
- touch her nipples
Click on the button to fuck her. (penetr)
Click on the button to fuck her. (easy)
- click on her boobs
- click on her boobs again
Click on the button to fuck her. (normal)
Click on the button to fuck her. (hard)
Click on the button to fuck her. (easy)
Click on the button to fuck her. (normal)
Click on the button to fuck her. (hard)
- click on her boobs

(Click on the buttons that you want, to fill up the "pleasure" gauge)
(select where you want to cum: "pussy" or "ass")

You found the stabilizer.


Click on the Map.

- Select Michele on the map.
- Click on Michele.

I want you to create a sculpture of me. You know, like Apollo. I'd pay you good money.
I can't wait that long. It'd be a birthday present for my good friend Emmett Von Braun.
Oui, mademoiselle. Do you know him too? Emmett greatly enjoys unusual gifts.

How was France known?

From which people France got its name?

Which city is famous for Film Festival?

When is Bastille Day?
July 14

Which State of USA was once a French colony?

Which province of Canada has a large French population?

France is famous for which structure?
Eiffel Tower

Which is the world’s best known cycling race?
Tour de France

In which island is there a demand for independence from France?

Which French Emperor died in St. Helena?
Napoleon I

Click on the buttons: (sometimes, you need to click twice)
- Easy
- Normal
- Hard
- Roll CCW

- Easy
- Normal
- Hard


You found the CPU unit.

Click on the Map.

- Select Evie on the map.
- Click on Evie.

I've not decided for sure. Perhaps I will try Strip-plastic?
I just thought, why not? I have a gorgeous body and great big cock. Wanna look at him?
Sorry, Evie. I just can't wait until we start our classes.

The fictional spy James Bond belongs to which organization?

Which of the following is the capital city of Britain?

How many countries are there in the United Kingdom?

Who is the Prime Minister?
Gordon Brown

Which island lies between England und Irleand?
Isle of Man

Which English King had six wives?
Henry VIII

What is the longest river in the UK?

What is the capital of Scotland?

Who built the Tower of London?
William the Conqueror

What is the nickname of the flag of the United Kingdom?
Union Jack

To strip her:

- Click on her upper arm (15%)
- Click on the green hand (you see her bra)
- Click on her blue shorts (30%)
- Click on the green hand
- Click on her belly (50%)
- Click on the green hand
- Click between her boobs (70%)
- Click on the green hand
- Click on her upper breast (80%)
- Click on the green hand
- Click on her pussy (100%)

Click on the button:
- Lick
- Lick (2)
- Easy
- Normal
- Hard

- Cumshot

You found the laser.

Click on the Map.

- Select Helga on the map.
- Click on Helga.

No-no. I'm a new teacher of history from Bremen. I saw your name on a class door.
Oh, I love this place. There are so many young beautiful teachers around here.
Sure, I'm not. You are the one who drives me crazy. How about a kiss?

What is the capital city of Germany?

When was the Brandenburg Gate built?

Who was Germany's most famous author?

When was the Berlin Wall built?

What is the most popular drink in Germany?

Which month is Octoberfest in?

What is the German National Sport?

What are one of the lakes in Germany?

Which of the following car types is NOT German?

Who was the German physicist famous for the formula e=mc squared?
Albert Einstein

Click on the buttons:
- Stroke
- then easy
- lick
- then easy, normal
- head, then easy, normal, hard
- suck, then easy, normal, hard

Click on the button with the yellow arrow.

- easy
- normal
- easy (2 above)
- hard (bottom)
- normal (2 above)
- hard (2 above)
- hard

cum where you want

You find the reproducer.

Click on the map

- Select Tamara on the map.
- Click on Tamara.

By the way, my name's James. I'm one of the producers of the American Idol show.
I'm looking for talented vocalists for a new season.
How do you feel about a private casting? Is there any quiet place around here?

When was Moscow Olympics held?

Who is the first woman in space?
Valentina Tereshkova

Which is the national animal of Russia?

Which is the currency of Russia?

What are the colours of Russian flag?
White, blue and red

Which is the deepest lake in the world?

Which is the highest mountain in Russia?

Which of the following rivers flows in Russia?

What was the Russian Federation called when it was a soviet country?
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Russia's 3 biggest cities are:
Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk

Click on the buttons:

- easy, normal, hard
- rub
- easy, normal, hard
- shake
- easy, normal, hard
- squeeze
- easy, normal, hard


Roll CCW
Roll CW


You found the incubator.

Click on "back to USA"

Click on the red button.

Click on the green arrows.
"out" at the bottom
"out" at the right.
"out" at the left.
"easy" at the left.
"easy" at the right.
"easy" at the top
"easy" at the bottom.
"normal" at the bottom.
"normal" at the right.
"normal" at the left.
"normal" at the top.
(everything is at 100%)

20%: easy
40%: normal
60%: hard
80%: extreme

all the 3 other buttons


End of the game.

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 07 May 2014 )
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