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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Walkthrough for Sex Kitten: Insane Asylum
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 05 April 2015

"Sex Kitten: Insane Asylum" is an adult game with quizzes and hentai pictures. Click on the thumbnail above to play and click on "read more" for a walkthrough for this game.

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Walkthrough for Sex Kitten: Insane Asylum

Sure do! Just reach into my pocket...

Inspect Panel (left of the screen)
"Who invented the straitjacket?": Guilleret

Exit your cell

Enter cell D1
cell D1: click on the woman

[Check inventory
Read the superlatex escape plan. You need:
1) shoestring
2) Silly string
3) Part of a rope
4) A bag
5) Telephone wire
6) Stool or chair]

Exit cell

Enter cell D3
cell D3
What does a funambulist do?
Walks on a tightrope.
(you get a shoestring)

To central hall S
To central N. Hall
To northwest hall
Enter control room

Priority cell control (right of the screen)
Yeah! (you receive a shank)
Exit room

Cell A1
Who starred as the Six Million Dollar Man?
Lee Majors
You receive a pie flovored pie

(for this part, read carefully the text and don't rush to click):
Cell A2
Say hi

To central Hall N.
To northeast hall
Take the bag on the floor (yellow object) (hamster suit)

Cell B1
What horse is the best breed for a brave and stalwart knight?
You receive a mystic steel (telephone wire)

Cell B2
Who was Butcher Pete?
A rapist

Cell B3
So, question time! Where does Moe come from?
The Three Stooges
Pass code to the patient files on the Asylum computer system: PEP-DJP-ZSH-QED

Cell B4
Ugh, cliche ' shit like that is still used by losers like you...
We met in hell, didn 't we?
You receive a stool of standing.

To central Hall N.
To central Hall S.
To southeast hall

Cell C1
You receive a silly string

Cell C2
What are bactrians and dromedaries?
(She gives a rope)

Cell C3
You receive a bag.

Cell C4
Run fatman.exe-h command at the server terminal to open this backdoor

To central Hall S.
To southwest hall
Cell D1
(click on the woman)
Yeah, I got 'em.
(You receive a crowbar)
There is an object on the floor at the right of the screen (picture)
(Exit cell)

To central Hall S.
To central Hall N.
To nurse station.
Take the card (blue object)

To central Hall N.
To central Hall S.
to the elevator

To B1 << important
To central E hall
To storeroom
Take the green object (janitor uniform)
Exit storeroom
To central B1 hall

To observation hall
Take the blue card on the floor (left of the screen)
Cell C1

Question: What is the scientific term for "dick sprouting from your face."?

Cell C2
Bien... voila ce que j 'ai besoin de savoir: Comment on explique le mieux qu 'on ne parle pas Anglais?
Me no habla Ingles!
you receive a stuffed bunny doll

Cell C3
To central B1 hall
To central N hall
To northsky hall
The psych ward

To psychward room 1
Question of the day: What is the name of Dennis the Menace 's dog?

To psychward room 2
You receive an ArmsTek Stealth Dartgun.

To northsky hall
To central N hall
To south hall B1
To elevator
To F0

Exit elevator
To pharmacy
Click on the woman
You receive a bag of pcp
(quest: "I want you to stick this stuff in the desk of that filthy casualfag, Dr. Blandy")

To F0-centralhall
To office area
Click on the woman
To F0-centralhall

To pharmacy
Click on the woman
(She gives her panties)

To F0-Main office
To break room
Click on the serious guy
You get a key from the janitor (in exchange of the panties)

To F0-Main office
To Dr Phil's Office
To Dr Phil's Office
There is a black disk on an armchair at the left of the screen (hard to see), click on it.

To F0-Main office
To F0-centralhall
To F0-East hall
To security room
Click on the guard
Click on the red card on the floor (pictures)
To F0 armory
Click on the book at the right of the screen.
(If you click on "inspect Gun" it's useless)

Exit armory
To F0-East hall
To F0-centralhall
To elevator
To B1
Exit Elevator
To central N hall
To northsky hall
The psych ward
To psychward room 3
Ask about the keypad in basement 2.

To northsky hall
To central N hall
To south hall B1
To elevator
To F0

Exit elevator
To F0-East hall
To visitor's hall
Click on the woman

To F0-security door
To asylum grounds (click on the card reader)
(You need to have 100000 magic good to leave, if not MsSlut is not here)

if needed there is still 2 quests left:
1) go the the impatient room:
(some terrorists)
2) Go To lobotomy room, at the second floor
Click again on the door
A woman gets lobotomized: i don't want to do this quest in my walkthrough.

At the end mcslut is here.
You receive two passes:

BANZAI-TONGA to see the galleries
MYSTICALNINJA to see the release notes of the author

Now some questions and their answers:

What's the code of the keypad ?
90 for the first number (impossible to enter this input, so you have to hack the game to enter, if someone claims something else, he lies)
2, for the second
3, for the third
4, for the fourth
It's useless to enter in this door, it was planned by author, but he stopped the development of the game.

(and the result:)

fatman.exe-h and PEP-DJP-ZSH-QED, are these codes useful ?
I never used them to finish the game, so not in my opinion.

Where is the external harddrive?
It doesn't seems hard coded in the game.

Can you get the weapons of the armory ?
Not coded in the game.

A last comment ?
The main problem of this game is to reach 100000 points to finish it.
That's why it's important to say "hi" in the Cell A2

* End of the walkthrough for Sex Kitten: Insane Asylum *

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