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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Walkthrough for Sex Kitten: Jungle Mayhem
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Click on the thumbnail above to play at "Sex Kitten: Jungle Mayhem" on newgrounds. This game is not really hard but if you needed a walkthrough with some tips, click on "read more".

Feel also free to click on the banner below and watch the "mini game demo" of xxxelfxxx:

Walkthrough for Sex Kitten: Jungle Mayhem

Shortest walkthrough:

"to the clearing"
"Rundown shack"
"yeah, okay"
"to deep jungle"

(Click on where is the spot with the yellow border [you don't see this border] to make the BDSM Queen Rei appear.) (She gives you $3000)
"To the clearing"
"Rundown shack"
"Yeah, i got it."
End of the game.


Regular walkthrough:

Click on "play" (in green) at the bottom right of the screen
(you can skip the introduction).
(The go to the next text, click on the green leaf, at the bottom right of the screen.)

The game starts here:


You can "check on McSlut" to see what happens (not really needed)
"To the clearing"
"Rundown shack"
"Yeah, okay. / No": the good answer is probably "yeah", but your choice doesn't really matter.

"To the beach"
"Local paytoilet"
"I'm a plumber. I'm here to clean the clogged toilets."
(clean on the green leaves to swap between the pictures and go back)
"Tropical beach"
"I just don't want you getting heatstroke, is all."
(magicgood= 1500, but magicgood is useless)
To "South Beach"

Click on the woman.
(don't click on the packet that you receive, since there is a bomb inside)
"To the beach"
"To the clearing"
"To deep jungle"
"To jungle village"
"Doctor's house"
"Village school"
"I'm an FBI agent. I'm looking for child molesters."
"Residential Huts"
"Actually, I'm looking for your mom."
"To deep jungle"
Click on the area with the yellow border on the screenshot below:

(there is not this yellow border in the real game, unless you click on TAB)
(BDSM Queen Rei appears.)

*** not needed ***
If you want you can click on "To the waterfall", there is random characters there (not important)

There is for example this blonde that will let you win 1HP point.
Then go back and click "To deep jungle"

"To the clearing"
"To the beach"
To "South Beach"

(Click on the woman)
"Beach cove"
"A document presenting the author's findings?"
"Sandbars 2"
"To the beach"
"To the clearing"
"To tropico"
"Ol' Tenements"
"Apartment 271"
"Small house"
"5 o'clock in the afternoon. The small hamster wins."
"To the clearing"
"Rundown shack"
"Yeah, i got it."

End of the real game.
(Watch the pictures, then click on "credits")

At the bottom right of the game, you see the passwords that you can use with the game.
The result of the pass is given by the screenshot below:

Codes of the game:

Click on "extras" and enter one of the code:

"drunkscience": to view the galleries.
"realfolkblues": to view the notes.
"headisbread": to see the bloopers. (funny)


Now, if you are looking for another game, click on the banner below and test Pink Tropics:


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