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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Walkthrough for Sexy Vacations.
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Click on the picture to play and click on "read more" to read a full walkthrough for Sexy Vacations.

Walkthrough for Sexy Vacations

Use the arrows of your keyboards to move.
Use the SPACE key to talk with women.
Use the SPACE key to interact with objects.

#: reference to a position on the map (see the map, i use x on the map instead of # as on the walkthrough):

You start the game at #start on the map.
Go talk to the brown woman on a bath towel in #6 (press on SPACE in front of her).
Check her mails in the "Beach House" (press on SPACE in front of the computer).
Go and talk again to the brown woman on a bath towel in #6
You get a Starfish.
Talk to the babe in the sea in #7 (you need to put your character in a good position)
She gives you a wrench.
Go see the woman near the beach house in #5
She gives you the sandals.
Go talk to the shy girl in #shy 1
Take the key in #key
Go talk to the blonde woman in girl at the left of the trivia game in #4
Play to the trivia game in #9:
Trivia game, here are the answers of the quiz:
You need 10 points to get a picture of her and 5 to get $10.

How many planets are there in our solar system? answer: 8
Males drown more often than females. Answer: True
What is the tallest skyscraper in North America (in 2008) ? Sears Tower.
Who wrote the song, 'Maybe I'm Amazed?'? Paul McCartney
What continent is the country of Yemen located on? answer: Asia
Mars has an atmosphere ? answer: true
In what year did the US declare independance? answer:1776
How many girls live in this town (including store and game kiosk girls)? 16
What color are your character's eyes? answer: blue
Who is the author of this flash game? answer: funfun555

You get $10
Go to see the "beach avoider" in #10 and play to her game (beat it)
Take the soap on the jetty in #soap
Go to see the shy girl in #shy girl 2 (at the left top of the map) and talk to her.
Go in the soap girl's house and talk to the babe. (#12)
Go in the internet cafe and talk to the teller (#13)
Talk to the girl in front of the computer (#14)
Go to the lotion store and buy some lotion.
Talk to the elf with green hair on a bath towel (#1)
Go to see the shy girl in #shy girl 3 and talk to her.
Go to see the shy girl in #shy girl 4 (in the shy girl's house) and talk to her.
Go in Erika's house and talk to her (#11)
You get the ring-piercing.
Leave the house. At the right of Erika's House (outdoors) in #8, talk to the girl.
Talk to the girl on the bath towel near the jetty where was the soap in #3.
Talk to the 2 women in #2.

Click on pics.
Watch the pictures.
Click on "animations!".
Watch the animations.

End of the game.

How to get the naked pictures in the flash game Sexy Vacation (see on the map, above) ?

x 1 You need the lotion (you need $10 to buy it)
x 2 You needs at least 12 images
x 3 You need a belly button ring
x 4 You need the sandals
x 5 You need the wrench (gives the sandals)
x 6 You need to check her mails (easy to do) (gives the starfish)
x 7 You need the starfish (gives the wrench)
x 8 You need a naked picture of Erika
x 9 You need to answer a quizz, (gives $10)
x 10 you need to escape the labyrinths, (gives $10)
x 11 You need at least 8 images (gives the ring-piercing)
x 12 You need to soap
x 13 you need the key
x 14 You need $10
x 15 shy 1 --> shy 2 --> shy 3 --> shy 4

6->7->5->4 mandatory
11->8->3 mandatory

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 March 2013 )
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