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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Walkthrough for Shelly the escort girl
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 17 May 2013

Click on the thumbnail above to play and click on "read more" to get a full walkthrough for this game.

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Walkthrough for Shelly the escort girl by LessonOfPassion

In the hallway:
You can select "enter the building" (in the version 0.91 of the game, try "back to the street" first)
or you can select "talk to the dealer", if you talk to him you get an extra scene.

Knock at the door at your right

Ask him to apologize you for his rude behavior --> no real difference
Let it go - he's your client --> no real difference

Call Monique for her advice --> (Shelly calls monique) --> A
That's fine. I'll wait. --> (shelly talks with him) --> B

Ask Jay-T for some kind of pawn. --> (he gives you a "rolex") --> B
Leave the apartment --> Ending #1

Suck his cock --> (Shelly sucks his cock) --> C
Sit on a bed and watch him stripping --> D

Make him cum --> Ending #2
Give him a break --> (She stops) --> D

He is jerking off near the bed.

(you have to strip Shelly:
"help her to take off her bra"
"take off her panties")

if weed --> (he licks her pussy) --> E
If not weed --> G

Say you like it. --> F
Tell the truth --> G

Kiss him --> (She kisses him) --> G
Sit on his dick --> G

She rides him [subtle, gentle, moderate, passionate, furious]
He fucks her in a reverse cowgirl position [subtle, gentle, moderate, passionate, furious]

Let him cum inside you --> (he ejaculates in her pussy) --> H
Ask him to take it out --> (she wants anal sex, (keep your cursor on the double red dot), anal sex [subtle, gentle, moderate, passionate, furious], he ejaculates on her ass) --> I

Do it --> (she licks his cum) --> I
Apologies and deny --> (she says no) --> I

swap daddy comes here.

Agree, take Swap Daddy's dick into your mouth --> (she sucks swap daddy's dick [gentle, moderate, passionate]) --> J
Be strict - say no. Deal is a deal. --> (she is furious and get her money) --> Ending #3

Agree for a threesome --> (she sucks a dick, threesome, threesome in another position, keep the cursor on the red spot, threesome in another position, cum in her pussy) --> Ending #5
Say no! --> (he makes her swallow her cum, she is pissed off, she gets her money and she leaves then cries) --> Ending #4


Shelly, the slut:

The rolex is lie:

Jay-t likes her:

Shelly calls the police and decides to find another job:

Shelly likes sex with black guys:

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 22 May 2013 )
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