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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Walkthrough for Summoners quest Winter's wrath
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 08 October 2014

"Summoners quest, chapter five: Winter's wrath" is an adventure game for adult set in a fantasy universe. Click on the thumbnail above to play at this free adult game and click on read more for a walkthrough for "Summoners quest, chapter five".

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Walkthrough for Summoners quest - Winter's wrath

Pretend you're still dead. (more text)
Tell her you're alive. (no real effect)

Ask me questions about Demacia. (no effect)
Ask me questions about Freljord. (no effect)
Ask me questions about Noxus. (no effect)

for the arm wrestling part: you HAVE to left click over and over, then click on the spacebar to win (it's written, when you have to do it).
It's possible to do it manually, but for some reason, when your unlucky (?) and when your hand
is already on the table (basically when you should lose), it seems really hard to win at this point.
That's the reason why i created a small program to click for you.
Click here to go to a description of this small software.
Make sure to click on Start when the windows of the program is just above the window of the game.
By default, when you click on "start", the program left clicks during only 1 second, it's fast but it's enough.
Make sure to click on SPACE to win.

I'm leaving. --> bad ending
I'm staying. --> ok

Keep the food for later. --> ok (more dialogs)
Force yourself to finish your food. --> ok (you don't have the food) (bristle = false)

I should go talk to her. --> ok
I think it's best if I leave her alone. --> bad ending

passGame = 3.

Ask why she's alone. --> ok (but not good) (passGame - 1)
Talk about bristle. --> ok

(if you talked about bristle:)
Tell her you're sorry. --> ok (but not good) (passGame - 1)
Offer the food you saved up. --> ok (available if you have the food)

Talk about Demacia. --> ok (but not good) (passGame - 1)
Talk about IceWitch. --> ok

Talk about her camp. --> ok
Talk about other villages. --> ok (but not good) (passGame - 1)

Ask for a compliment. --> ok
Compliment her strength. --> ok (but not good) (passGame - 1)

if (passGame = 0), you can't ask her to become your champion and there is no sex scene.

Ask her to become your champion. --> sex scene
Don't ask her. --> no sex scene

Sex scene: click on fast and wait that the gauge gets full.

End of the game and of the walkthrough.

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