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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Walkthrough for Venona Project 02
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 03 June 2014

Venona Project 02 is the second episode of this serie by LessonOfPassion. I think that it is also the last.

Click on the thumbnail above to play. For more games from the same team, click on the banner below. For a full solution of "Venona Project 02", click on "read more."

Full walkthrough for Venona Project 02

I suggest you to play first the previous episode of "Venona Project".

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Click on "start episode 2" to play.

"Talk" to Julia (1)
Are you Okay?
Where are we ?
How long have we been here ?
Escape ?

Click somewhere else on the screen to close the dialog window.

Go at the cell door (2) and "try to open" it.

(Agent R. comes in the cell.)

Go throw the cell door (2) that is now open (you don't need to click on something)
Follow this direction in the corridor:

(a screen is missing)

"Talk" to Agent F. (3).
Who are you?
What is this place?
Venona Organization?
Agent R
Reason for Kidnapping?
My dreams?
Creatures from my dreams?

Click somewhere else on the screen to close the dialog window.

Leave the room: agent R comes in.

Go back in your cell and go next to julia (1) (see the first screenshot).

(Dialog with Julia, you don't need to trigger it)

Agent R comes in.
(Dialog with Francesca.)

Fran, you are so hot - I can't resist your offer --> Sex scene with Francesca (excepted the introduction, thay's the only sex scene of the game)
Hmm, I appreciate that but not thanks --> No sex scene.

--- Sex scene with Francesca ---

Tongue Kiss Francesca: do what is written: click on her mouth, stay clicked then release your mouse button.
(once seems enough)

Play with Francesca's Boobs.
Again, do what is written (move your cursor arround her breasts to lick them AND click on her nipples and release your mouse elsewhere to suck them), but this time it's a little harder.
If you stay clicked on TAB, it will "lick" her breasts automatically (most reliable way to do it) then "suck" each nipple 5 times.
The goal is the fill the gauge at the right of the screen.

Move your mouse over the area of the yellow rectangle (not visible in the game) on the screenshot, below:

Again, the goal is to fill up the gauge at the right of the screen.

--- End of the sex scene with Francesca ---

Go again at computer room:

"Distract" Agent R. (4).

Go back in your cell (you don't need to click somewhere)

"Examine" the toilet bowl (5).
"Pull the pipe" of the toilet bowl (5).
Follow the corridor and "attack with pipe" Agent R. (6)

"Check body" of Agent r. (6).
(you get a card to open the red section doors).

Follow this path:

Continue to walk in the direction of the character that you see in the new screen (no picture).
(Francesca talks to you.)
You need now to find the "electricity sensor".

Go back next to Agent R's body then follow this path:

Make sure that only the icon at the right is visible (7).
"Take" the "electricity sensor" (7).
Go back to the room where was Francesca just before.

"Try to hack" the electricity panel (8).

To hack the electrical box, move your "electricity sensor" over the connectors (at the level of the green arrow).
The voltage is given by the display of the sensor (see on the red circle on the screenshot above).
When you see a voltage of "23.25 volts", click with your mouse.

(Basically, move your mouse over the screws between the yellow wire and the red wire just above and click on the screen).

Follow this path:

(Evelyn talks to you.) (remember this location)

Go in the computer room.

Go at the "workstation" (9) and "try to find a code".
Go at the "bin" (10) and "look for code".
You find a puzzle that gives the code.

Solve the puzzle if you want or click directly on "Okay, it's done - The code is visible" (bottom right of the screen).
The code is obviously "155342".

Go back where you met evelyn (you don't need to click somewhere)
Enter the password "155342" and click on "ENTR"

(There is now 3 possible endings. The ending that you get is function of the following dialogs).

- What are you saying Fran? This is absurd! -->
- Evelyn - they are all insane! Let's get out of here. Lead the way. --> ending #1

- Bullshit. I don't believe you. Do you have any proof for that? -->
- You're right Evelyn. Let's go. Let's leave them with their problems. --> A

- Okay, show me the recording -->
- Is this some kind of a prank? If it is, it's not fucking funny. Evelyn, let's go! --> A

- Kill it! Kill this fucking bitch! --> ending #2
- It's fucking impossible! It's not here. You are all lying! --> ending #3


If we stay, what're you gonna do with us? -->
Fuck it! Let's go Evelyn! --> ending #1

Fair enough - I'm staying with you --> ending #2
You can all lick my balls! --> ending #3


Ending #1: You escape with Evelyn, you are now crazy then dead...
Ending #2: Agent R kills Evelyn.
Ending #3: Agent R kills you.

End of the game.

For more game from the same team, i really suggest you to visit SexAndGlory, a good paysite.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 June 2014 )
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