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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Walkthrough for Vera Blanc and the Columbia River Mystery
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 02 December 2014

Vera Blanc and the Columbia River Mystery is a visual novel for adults created by fleet. To play, click on the thumbnail above where i provide a direct download link to gamevixenzone. If this link is dead for some reason, visit this forum page and get the link from there...

To play, download the zip file, unzip it then run the executable. If you click on read more, you will find a walkthrough for "Vera Blanc and the Columbia River Mystery"

If you like adult games with a story and cg porn, i suggest you to click on the banner below to visit outcastacademy

A little warning with this game: it bugs from time to time, so don't forget to save your game from time to time.

Walkthrough for Vera Blanc and the Columbia River Mystery

Sex scene with Vera and Brandon:
Vera agrees --> (adds a 69 animation)
Vera disagrees --> (shorter)

Vera thinks it's a bad idea to eat exotic food:
Brandon agrees. (no spicy food)
Brandon disagrees. (spicy food)

(If Brandon eats the spicy alligator food, you can get an additional sex scene but you have to lose to see it.)

(if spicy food):
Vera wants to join Josh:
Brandon agrees.: shorter, no real difference.
Brandon disagrees.: more dialogs, Vera is upset, no real difference.

Josh suggests to go back at his room:
Vera agrees: Vera decides to follow Josh to his room.
Vera disagrees: Vera goes directly at her room (shorter) --> A)

Vera agrees to kiss Josh ?
Vera agrees: Vera kisses Josh --> B)
Vera disagrees: Vera returns at her room (shorter) --> A)

If Brandon ate the spicy alligator food:
Brandon orders bismuth subsalicylate and Maureen comes at his room while Vera is busy with Josh:
Should Brandon invite Maureen to come in ?
Invite her to come in.: Sex scene that ends the game.
Do not invite her in.: Vera returns at her room --> A)

If Maureen is in:
Touch me --> finger pussy --> penetration --> end
Something oral --> 69 --> penetration --> end

The police office asks Vera and Brandon for help. Do they agree to help her ?
Yes --> Ok
No --> End of the game.

Investigate Ispilyay -->
Check the pistol --> (Your choice changes the order of your investigations, not its result.)
Check background of deceased -->


Scene "Investigate Ispilyay"
(btw Ispilyay is a "real" mythological figure)
You have here a hangman-like puzzle, its answer is "The coyote".
If you find the answer ("you see all the letter"s and you click "here" when finished, it changes the end of the story.

If you find the answer, you go to the Shaman.

Code of the keypad:
If the order is:

then a possible answer is 123456781

About the suicide note:
Ask about the note.: no real effect.
Do not ask about the note. : no real effect, less text.

With Sonia: Can I kiss you ?
Yes --> Sex scene but end of the game.
No --> Ok

if sex scene with Sonia:
Preliminaries --> longer --> end of the game.
Main event --> shorter --> end of the game.


Scene "Check the pistol" --> (you learn some informations)


Scene "Check background of deceased":
Vera (thinking): Should I ask about how he reserved the room ?
"Ask": no real effect.
"Do not ask": no real effect, less text.

Shall we check the nightstand drawers?
Yes --> no real effect.
No --> no real effect, less text.

(btw here is the text of:
"Song of Solomon Chapter 7, verse 3" is
"Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins.")

The killer is

Dave Fisher --> no effect
Josh Fisher --> ok
Sonia Blackbear --> no effect

sex scene:

You to make me feel good. --> jerk off then touching pussy then sex scene
To make you feel good. --> (touching pussy but no jerk off scene)
Us to feel good together. --> jerk off then touching pussy then sex scene

If you found the answer at the hangman game, it changes slightly the end.

*** End of the walkthrough ***

Now if you like games with cg porn, you can visit Christie's Room for more games.

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