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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Walkthrough for Zoe and Vince v1.00
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 04 August 2013

Click on the thumbnail above to play and click on "read more" to get a full walkthrough for "Zoe and Vince" by LessonOfPassion.

You can also click on the banner below, to get more games from the same team (paysite).


Walkthrough for "Zoe and Vince v1.00" by LessonOfPassion

Introduction and comments:

Zoe and Vince is probably not the best game of lessonofpassion and they are doing better games now, but this game is still decent.
To restart a game, select "back to menu" at the top of the screen, it will let you complete more "achievements" (see at the top of the screen).

There is no so much sex in the flash file itself but most endings feature an interactive sex scene in it, so don't forget to visit the endings.
Sometimes, for an unknown reason, you have to do again an action since the game doesn't seem to accept it directly (i don't know if it's a bug or if it is me who doesn't click exactly where i should).

In this game, you are just going in vacation with your girlfriend and there is basically 2x2 paths that you can take to go to your motel.
(A motor hotel, or "Motel" for short is a hotel designed for motorists)
How romantic... nah just kidding...


(generic beginning)

Click on the "flashlight" on the table.
Click on "take" to take it. (In the future, i won't write that you need to click on "take" to take an object if i think it's obbvious).
(The "flashlight" needs to be in your object menu, in the foreground of the game).
Click again on the "flashlight" in your menu and select your luggage "Use flashlight on vince's luggage".
Above the logs, there is a "fireplace remote", take it as before.
Click on the "fireplace remote" and click on the fireplace.
At the right of the TV, there is a "suspicious book" on the shelf, click on it and "examine" it, to get money.
At the left of Zoe, there is a "kitchen door", click on it.

At the left of the kitchen, there is a "lunch box", take it.
Slightly at the right of where was the lunch box, there are "car keys", take them.
Take the "map" on the table.
Take the screwdriver at the right of the table.
Click on the "living room door" to go back in the living room.
Click on the "lunch box", in your menu then on your luggage.
(Zoe is no more in the room).
Click on the "screwdriver", in your menu and click on the speaker at the right of the TV to get a ring for Zoe. (use screwdriver on speaker).
Click on "vince's Luggage" and select "move to kitchen".
(you should be in the kitchen).

Click on "Zoe". You can read the dialogs, but basically, you need to click on "Let's go Zoe, we are ready!"

Click on the "car keys" (in your menu), then click on the car.
(It opens the trunk).
(Be sure that the trunk is fully open).
Click on the luggage, then "put bags inside".
Click on the "car keys" (in your menu), then click on the car.
(It closes the trunk).
Click on Zoe, then "invite in".
Click on the car (the "mini one") then "start engine".

[excepted perhaps the amount of money that you can take, nothing else was important since now, to get an ending]

Now you have two paths:
A) Big-o-tree
B) Panorama Beach.

(if you select A, you won't be able to go to B, in the same game).

A) choice Big-o-tree

You can click on the metal container (no real effect).
You can click on the screwdriver, in your menu, then select an area of the tree "use screwdriver on carved heart" (not useful).
(Since Zoe is a stupid bitch, she thinks that it's cool to hurt trees)
To leave: "Talk to zoe"
-"sure zoe. But we don't have much time." --> you see her in bikini and you are still in "big o tree"
-"no, we need to move on - adventure is awaiting." --> faster but instead of being at "big o tree" you are now in "panorama beach" according to the map (i think it's a bug, so scroll down to see what to do at "Palmira Resort").

(if you are still at "Big-o-tree":)
Select "Jefferson Hotel" (no other choice).
Click on the receptionist and "rent a room".
Go at the left of the screen, select "hotel rooms", then "go to your room".
Click on Zoe: "Talk to Zoe".
"I hope you like this room baby."
"Go ahead. But come back quick."
Click on the door: "knock the door".
"Take toilet paper"
"Give toilet paper to Zoe"
"No way baby. let me help you".
"I'm just taking car of..." (i don't write all the dialogs)
click on her pussy: "Clean her pussy"
"Do you always..."
"I guess you need..."
"It's so boring..."
"didn't you know it..."
"you look super sexy"
"Take it off..."
(Click on "Click here" until the gauge is full.)
"Mind if i come inside?"

(See below for the "gas station")

B) Panorama Beach.

<Panorama Beach.>

You can select the "message in a bottle (not useful): "Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus" this means: "Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon" and it is a quote of Harry Potter.
Fastest way to leave: "Talk to Zoe", "no honey we don't have time for that" (here you are not teleported at big-o-tree)
How to get drug later and leave ?: "Talk to Zoe", "Sure, please go ahead", "you look marvelous honey", click on the guys in the background, Call Zoe.

Select "Palmira Resort" (no other choice).
Click on the receptionist and "rent a room".
Go at the left of the screen, select "hotel rooms", then "go to your room".

Click on Zoe: "Talk to Zoe".
"I hope you like this room baby."
"How about some fun before sleep?"
"Sure honey good night."
</Panorama Beach.>

Click on the "Gas station"

Click on bruce and "pay for the fuel".
(nothing else seems useful)
Click on the car: "Drive".

Now you have two paths.
C) Benton clothes.
D) Zafira beach.

C) Benton clothes.

<Benton clothes.>
Click on Janice (only option)
If you select to buy the lingerie ("we will take it"), you can get one of the ending thanks to it.
If you don't want to spend money, select "Ehh, maybe next time, thank you. Let's go Zoe!".
(i'm not sure of the effect if you click elsewhere on the screen but something is selected and i think that you buy the lingerie too: possible bug for me, so be careful when you read and watch where you click).
</Benton clothes.>

D) Zafira beach.

<Zafira beach.>
"My girl deserves only the best".
"I though..."
"bla bla bla..."
"bla bla bla..."
"bla bla bla..."
"Click here" to fuck her until the gauge is full.
"bla bla bla..."
</Zafira beach.>

Click on "Raven port".

Click on the receptionist then "rent a room".
Click on the "hotel rooms" at the left of the screen, then "go to your room".

Talk to Zoe.

You are in the bar and your ending is function of what you do here:

- for ending #1 (you need $100)
Talk to the couple (click on the woman).
Click on zoe.
Please go honey. I will not stay long.
Click on the "sexy girl", at the left of the screen.
Sounds interesting. Are you good in that?
Let's go! Take this $100 and show me your skills.
--> ending #1

- for ending #2 (you were at the "Panorama Beach" and you talked to spooky, you have at least $120 + $15).
Talk to the couple (click on the woman).
Click on zoe.
Baby, they aren't that bad. I will bring you a beer.
Go to a toilet (see at the left of the screen).
Click on 40cent.
(don't try to bargain)
Okay, i will take it. ($120)
(you get some drug)
(move your mouse somewhere at the bottom of the screen to get the option "back to bar")
Click on the barmaid and buy a beer. ($15)
Click on the drug then click on the beer. (use drug on beer)
(don't do this at home)
Click on the beer, "give beer to zoe".
Let's go to talk with this couple.
--> ending #2 (You will see that this game is a little old, if you compare it with what LoP does now).

- for ending #3 (you need the lingerie that you can buy at Appleville)
Talk to the couple (click on the woman).
Click on zoe.
Please go honey. I will not stay long.
(move you mouse somewhere at the bottom of the screen to find the option:)
"Get back to the Hotel".
Click on Zoe.
"Remind about lingerie"
--> ending #3

- for ending #4 (is the default ending)
Talk to the couple (click on the woman).
Click on zoe. (other way to return to the hotel:)
Baby, they aren't that bad. I will bring you a beer.
Click on zoe.
I'm not in mood for a beer. Let's go to the hotel.
Invite for a walk
--> ending #4
(note: it is useless to give her drug, if don't plan to have sex with the couple).


Ending 1: A slut suck your dick in the toilets and zoe find it out. (sex scene)

Ending 2: foursome with the couple (sex scene)

Ending 3: Vince comes with the lingerie of appleville and he fucks zoe in lingerie: (sex scene)

Ending 4: Romantic walk with the ring

(you get a picture)

Lost between pages:

Romantic spirit:

Sleeping dragon:

Show under shower:

Tits which run this stop:

Job for your hands:

Best BJ in town:

Quad pleasure:

More games like this one ?

Click on the banner above.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 04 August 2013 )
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