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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Walkthrough of 1HG - Cold Winter Days (demo)
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 12 May 2013

Click on the thumbnail above to play (on newgrounds) and click on "read more" to learn how to play at "1HG - Cold Winter Days" (demo) and to get a solution for "1HG - Cold Winter Days"


You are Paneros (an angel ? a demon ? a satyr ?) and you goal is to make sure that David and Melissa become lovers again. In the game, your a little cloud that you can control with the keyboard. This is a demo and there is 4 animations in this version of the game. To get the full version of 1HG - Cold Winter Days, go to this page.

Hot to play at 1HG - Cold Winter Days ?

In the beginning of the game, you can select your controls. With these keys, you can select an item (a door or an object) and you click on SPACE to enter a door or to select the object. In fact, a single key is usually enough to control you character, since there is a loop in the selections that you can do and since the number of objects that you can control is not very high. For example with an AZERTY keyboard, i clicked usually on D (i think it's the same think with a QWERTY keyboard).

Usually, to play without the walkthrough, you have to follow one of the character and the game gives you hints of what you have to do. If a given character is resting or watching TV, just go to the second one that is doing something. Usually, you can't continue if you don't do what you are supposed to do. If you make an error, usually you have to go in the kitchen and select the toaster to return in the past to restart the day (the game tells you that you missed something).

With an azerty or a qwerty keyboard, click on D to go to the next text and sometimes, you can click on S to go to the previous text.

Walkthrough of 1HG - Cold Winter Days

(this walkthrough is minimalistic)

(sometimes, you need to wait that a character comes in before you can do an action and sometimes it takes 1 or 2 minutes... ! yes !)

Day #1

(your controls are very limited, you can't select most of the objects)

The first day is a little slow to start. So i suggest you to visit a little bit the different rooms of the house.

(There is nothing that is mandatory to do before).

At some moment David (that needs to wake up) and Melissa are in the kitchen:

You can now select the bottle on the table (red and black object), and click on SPACE:

(Watch the animation)

Go in david's room (he needs to be here, Paneros says something):

And in the living room when there is melissa (she needs to be here too) [you can go to the living room first, then in david's room if you want]

(next scene, now david is watching TV, melissa is sleeping)

Now, you can select all the objects.

Again, i suggest you to visit a little bit the different rooms of the house, until melissa wakes up and goes in the kitchen:

Select the microwave oven, [inject microwave with lust] then click on space. (wait) [Sleepiness Decreased]

(The father comes in the home and reduce the temperature of the house. The father goes now in the living room.)

Go to the living room and wait that the father is at the fir. (It takes 1 or 2 minutes, you don't need to wait in this room and you can watch what happens in the other rooms)

Be sure to be at the tree and click on SPACE to select it. [inject tree with lust] and select SPACE. (Sleepiness Increased).

Day #1 (evening)

Go in Melissa's room and select the "music collection". [inject music collection with lust]. (wait) (Sleepiness decreased)

Go in David's room and select the "video console". [inject videogame console with lust]. (wait) (Sleepiness decreased)

Day #2

(Go in front of the bedrooms , at some moment you see an animation of Melissa watching David scratching her penis in his undies)

Go in the bathroom, there is Melissa there. Wait and follow Melissa.

Go to Melissa's bedroom, at some moment she complains about the temperature:

Read the text and hurry up to increase the thermostat of the house (lust song): (If you are not fast, you have to return in the past using the toaster in the kitchen).

Wait that she increases the temperature.

Go in the kitchen and select the stove (lust song):

go in the living room and select the comedy (when Melissa is here) [watch comedy]

Wait (>40 seconds) , then follow her in the bathroom, when she needs to pee.

(watch the animation)

Day #3

Go in david's bedroom.
Go in the living room. (read the dialogs)
(wait that david enters in the living room)
Follow david in the hallway.
Follow david in his bedroom.
(He starts to play videogames)
(Wait that Paneros says that "This won't do, i cannot let David distract himself anymore.")
Select the console and click on SPACE


("the savefile is gone")
("David is spacing out, this is the opportunity I need to get him thinking about things.") .. ..

Go in the front of the parent bedroom, and click on SPACE: (may be this will spark david) [use]

Go in melissa's bedroom and go in front of melissa's music collection, and click on SPACE: (may be this will spark david)

Go in the bathroom and select the bathtub: (may be this will spark david)

Go in melissa's bedroom and wait.

Watch the fourth animation and read (+ read the dialogs)

End of the demo.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 12 May 2013 )
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