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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Walkthrough of Ucogi SuckerSuck! v2.4b
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 02 February 2014

Click on the thumbnail above to play on newgrounds. Click on "read more" for some cheats and tips for Ucogi SuckerSuck!.

You can also click on the banner below to check the latest up date of 3dGirls:

Cheats and tips for Ucogi SuckerSuck!

How to get the 10 endings ?
-Easy mode (6)
-Hard mode (3)
-End of the hard mode (1)

How to manage the tougher parts of the game ?
How to see the galleries in the hard mode ?
How to see the galleries in the extreme mode ?
How to cheat at Ucogi SuckerSuck! ?

How to get the endings ?

Ucogi SuckerSuck is a skill game where you have to move your mouse over dots to go to the next level. While there is nearly nothing to explain about the gameplay, this games features 10 endings and some secrets.

When you reach an ending that is pretty hard to get (ending "cheeky"), you get a "map of fate" that summerizes all the endings:

- Easy mode or Hard mode ?

In the beginning of the game, when you are in the darkness, if you switch on the light using the switch (in green, on the picture above), you enter in the easy mode. If you decide to open the curtain using the string next to the window (in red), you enter in the hard mode.

Easy mode:

So, do what you have to do in the easy mode, until this screen:

If you select one of the 4 options of the buttons, you will get each time a different ending (4 endings: endings deficient, profitable, hopeful, unending).

If you decide to click on her hair (when it displays "i wonder what he will do next!"), you have then to do this choice:

If you click on the guy you will get the 5th ending and on the woman, the 6th.

Hard mode:

To get ending 7 or 8, you don't need to go at the end of the hard mode (even if it is still possible). You need to be able to click on the hair (in green) of the shedevil:

You see then an animation, that lets you see ending 7 or 8. Here is how:

At this screen and exactly here (it's fast):

If you click on this screen, you'll get ending #8 (cheeky) and if you don't click, you'll get ending #7 (vengeful):

Where you can whip the redhead.

End of the hard mode:

After this screen, you can no more click on the hair of the shedevil:


If you do nothing, you'll fastly get the "blue balls ending" (ending 9) but if you click on the blue ball ("her" testicles), you enter in the extreme mode:

This part is very hard and if you want to go back, you can still click on:

At the end of the very hard mode, you get the "unreal ending" (ending #10, "fatality").

How to manage the tougher parts of the game ?

For the hard mode:

For these levels, go on the button that is surrounded in green.

For the level before the last level in the extreme mode (stage 4)

For this level, go on the button that is surrounded in green. I don't explain for the first levels of the extreme mode, because they are slow enough.

For the last level of the extreme mode (stage 5)

At the end, to win, move your mouse on the orange dot !

How to see the galleries in the hard mode ?

Read on the picture above.

How to see the galleries in the extreme mode ?

Read on the picture above.

How to cheat at Ucogi SuckerSuck! ?

I don't know if you read it in the past, but i wrote that this blog is a technical blog.

I like to play offline with Irfanview, and according to this software, the game is refreshed at 24 images per second. The frame rate of a flash file is given by its header.

To cheat, the idea is basically to edit the frame rate of the flash file to reduce its speed. Here is how to do:

We are going to patch a flash file, but to use the flash file easily, we need to be able to play offline. So, while you could open the flash file in your favorite browser, i strongly suggest you to download irfanview, or to download the "the Windows Flash Player 12 Projector content debugger" from this page.

1- Go to newgrounds, open the source code of the page and find where is the game (a file with a swf extension).

2- Copy and paste this url, in a "download manager", to get a copy of the swf file (you need to get a file, it's not enough to have it loaded in your browser).

3- You need to have a tool that lets you unpack the swf file. If you don't have a tool like that, download and install 7zip.

4- When 7zip is installed, right click on the swf file and extract it. (This gives an unpacked swf file).

While the size of the packed swf file was 2099ko, the size of the unpacked file is 3116ko.

5- If you don't have a hexadecimal editor, download HxD

6- Open the unpacked swf file in your hexadecimal editor:

If your file starts with CWS (and not FWS), it means that your file in not unpacked, so it won't work !

We know that the frame rate of the flash file is 24 images per seconds and we know that the header of the file uses hexadecimal values.

Select start >> execute >> calc and be sure to select the scientific display:

Enter 24, and click on "Hex" (at the upper left of the screen, below "edition" on my screenshot)

We converted a decimal value in hexadecimal (base 16).

We learn that 18 is the hexadecimal value of 24 in the decimal system.

If we want to reduce the image rate from 24 img/sec to 18 img/sec, we can also calculate that we need to replace the value "18" with "12" (since 12 is the value of 18 in hexadecimal system, you can calculate it too, exactly like before...).

Close the calculator.


In the hexadecimal editor, find the header in the beginning of the file (usually the 2 first lines are revelant) and find "18".

Be sure to REPLACE 18 with 12 to reduce the frame rate from 24 img/sec to 18 and save the file with a .swf extension.

8- Open the new flash file (swf extension) in a tool that can read flash files (eg: irfanview, a browser with the flash plugin or the flash standalone from adobe)

You should be able to play and you should notice that the game is no more so fast:

18img/sec instead of 24 ! And now it's easier !

If you reduce the speed of the game, it reduces also the speed of the animations, so it's not interesting when the game is really slow.

Now, if you like 3Dgirls, click on the banner below:

Last Updated ( Sunday, 02 February 2014 )
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