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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Yet another solution for Ganguro Girl
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 11 August 2012

Click on the picture to play, click here to play full size and click on "Read more..." to read a full walkthrough for Ganguro Girl.


Walkthrough for Ganguro Girl:

Ganguro Girl is a pretty old adult dating simulation game, but if you try to find a solution on the web, you will usually find only answers to her questions. So, i'll give you here some hints to finish the game as fast as possible.

How to play ?

- You have to meet the ganguro girl (go to the downtown, then go in the club), until your experience is above 20 (more your have stats points and less you have to meet her to reach this score). Then, she is ready to give your her name when you ask her a question. Then you can fastly increase your experience with her by giving her some (expensive) gifts. Again, to increase your relationship, you have to ask her questions. At some point, she is ready to accept your date requests. You have to date her at 6 differents places (and it costs money) before you can win.

- To date her :

* You can "ask her out" at the club and guess the day when she is free. From time to time, she gives you the day when she is free, if you "talk" to her.

If you do a very good score at the "privet tea ceremony", you get her diary (you can read it at the club) and you don't need to guess what's the good day anymore...

* When your level of relationship is high enough: every sunday, you can go to the mall, click on "buy gift", go shopping with her and if you buy her a pair of boots (you need $800, but you can select this option anyway), you have an option to date her. I suggest to go every sunday at the mall (day 7n). So, i suggest to reach a level of relationship of 20 before the 7th day, to know her name and be able to meet her there to get some free points.

When you have dated her at the 6 places and when your experience with her is high enough, you have to go to her room at the love hotel to have a chance to fuck her.


There is basically 3 big strategies to win:

- You make money with your strength:

In this case, you have to go to your home, click on the dumbbell to raise your strength and when your strength is at 200 (maximum), go to the downtown and make "deliveries". It is the fastest way to make money ($2000 per day with a strength at 200), but you can go to jail. It's the fastest way to win IRL, but the slowest way to win according to the number of days that you need.

With your stats at 200 strength, 1 charm, 1 knowledge:

DVD 7 points of experience
Bag: 48 points
Boots: 170 points

- You make money with your charm:

In this case, you have to go to the bar and you have to drink beer to increase your charm (!) and it costs money. When your charm is at 200 (maximum), go to the downtown and work as telemarker ($600 per day with charm at 200). It seems to be the fatest way to win according to the number of days that you need to win.

With your stats at 1 strength, 200 charm, 1 knowledge:

DVD 9 points
Bag: 56 points
Boots: 190 points

- You make money with your knowledge:

In this case, you have to go to school to increase your knowledge up to 200, then work as tech support to make $800 per day. It is the fastest way to make money (you don't lose days by going to jail), but the slowest way to be popular with her:

With your stats at 1 strength, 1 charm, 200 knowledge:

DVD 5 points
Bag: 27 points
Boots: 103 points

Of course, you need to give her more gifts to be as popular as before and thus work more and it takes time...

It is however possible to win with these 3 strategies.

Other strategies:

- Alpha male strategy:

with your stats at 200 strength, 200 charm, 200 knowledge:

DVD 15 points
Bag: 90 points
Boots: 300 points

In this case, you are wasting your time to increase your stats.

- Nice guy strategy (fastest way to make money legally with charm)

with your stats at 1 strength, 200 charm, 200 knowledge:

DVD 10 points
Bag: 62 points
Boots: 212 points

Again, you are wasting your time to increase your stats, while it is not an efficient strategy.


The fastest strategy to win in real life time is to use your strength. The stragegy that needs the fewer number of days is to use your charm.


How to handle dates ?

-0 It is probably better to restart a date if she is not satisfied. She won't be satisfied, if you experience is too low (i think it is <1000) when you dated her, even if your behavior is perfect. A date is anyway a good option to gain experience.

-1 Check if there is a problem with her:

When is not happy: use the tan oil on her.
When she blushes: use the makeup.
When she feels hot: use the hair dye.

(you have to buy these objects at the mall and it is better to have always these items on you).

-2 Answer to her questions:

Height: 163 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Blood type: AB

Breats: 88
Waist: 54

Birthday: June 17
Last Name: Nako
Zodic Sign: Gemini
Favorite place to shop: tokyu
Favorite Designer: Egoist
Love to listen to: Pizzicato 5
She will stop being Ganguro when she turns 20
What i do for a living: Student
Phone Number : 555-933-8117 (answer 3)
Her room: R311

IMPORTANT: you need to note the day when you kissed her for the first time.

3- Take photos when she smiles (or better), but not before.

4- Give her a gift (remember to have one).

5- You can kiss her, when her mood is above happy (don't try to kiss her before).

Usually, i need at least 2 dates to kiss her.

You have to do the same thing at the love hotel, when she is ready that you fuck her, but you have to answer more questions.

Solution: hangman at the love hotel: GANGURO GIRLS ARE NAMED FOR THEIR DARK TANS

From time to time, if you dated her perfectly, you can play a game against her. This game is pretty boring and is not really useful. Here is how to win: don't try to do a trick (the game is slightly bugged), the ball goes faster and faster, so just catch the ball and wait until the ball is too fast for her.

The sex scene and after:

I see 3 different sex scenes, but i think that the last one is not always available.

You can also get passwords:



remove the quotes (")

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