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Answers for Halloween Adventure full version

"Halloween Adventure" is a game created by meetandfuck games and released later for free in its full version by gamesodesire. Click on the thumbnail above to play. If you are looking for some cheats for "Halloween Adventure full version", click on "read more".

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Answers for Halloween Adventure full version

I don't provide a full solution for this game, since it's pretty straight forward to understand what you have to do, but just the questions and their answers.

If you have questions and comments to do about this game or this solution, feel free to use the forum.


Question: "How did Egyptians call the mummy spirit ?",
Answer: "Ba"

Question: "Why did Egyptians use mummy cases?",
Answer: "To protect the body from wild animals and tomb robbers."

Question: "What did the Mummy of Pharaoh have on its face?",
Answer: "A mask"

Question: "When was the first attempt to preserve the dead?",
Answer: "As early as 3000 BC"

Question: "What material was the famous death mask of King Tut made of ?",
Answer: "It was made of solid gold"

Question: "What was used to wrap the mummy ?",
Answer: "The mummy was wrapped in linen."

Question: "Why did the ancient Egyptions mummify their dead?",
Answer: "Because body needed to be be preserved to connect with the spirit in the afterlife."

Question: "During the mummification process most of the dead person's internal organs were removed except for which one?",
Answer: "The heart"

Question: "In ancient Egypt, what animals were most commonly mummified?",
Answer: "Cats"

Question: "What is the name of the Egyptian god of mummification?",
Answer: "Anubis"


Question: "Do ghost sleep?!",
Answer: "No, they`re dead why would they sleep?"

Question: "What is the only thing that can see ghost?",
Answer: "Animals"

Question: "What`s the thing ghost want most??",
Answer: "To be noticed, which is why people think they might hurt them"

Question: "What happens when a ghost comes into the room?",
Answer: "It becomes like really cold"

Question: "Do ghost know they`re are dead?",
Answer: "Some do some don`t"

Question: "Can and will ghost hurt you?!",
Answer: "Most can`t, and most don`t want to."

Question: "If the ghost was a jerk when they were alive would they be when they`re.. a ghost??",
Answer: "Yeah!!"

Question: "Can ghost remember their memories and thoughts while they are dead?",
Answer: "Yes, why do you think relatives haunt relatives??"

Question: "Can regular people see ghost or no?",
Answer: "Yeah, hence the reports of seeing and disappearing people."

Question: "Are ghost free or trapped souls?",
Answer: "Some are and some aren`t"


Question: "Do witches worship Satan?",
Answer: "No, they don't."

Question: "What is a spell?",
Answer: "Words and objects used to focus energy and direct it into ensuring the desired result."

Question: "Do witches dance naked in the night?",
Answer: "Not all witches do this but its a great way to connect to the spirits"

Question: "What is Halloween really?",
Answer: "A day when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest."

Question: "What is Astral Projection/OBE?",
Answer: "In projection the conscious mind leaves physical body and moves into the astral body."

Question: "What are elements?",
Answer: "Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit"

Question: "Are all witches wiccan?",
Answer: "No, there are many different traditions of witches."

Question: "A toad is an amulet to protect you from the evil eye.",
Answer: "True"

Question: "What is a witches cup?",
Answer: "It is a chalice used in witchcraft during the preparation of special philtres."

Question: "What is a natural witch?",
Answer: "A person who is a real witch"


Question: "What are Nosferatues?",
Answer: "Ugly Vampires Who live in catacombs."

Question: "What is a new member called?",
Answer: "Fledgling"

Question: "What are the vampires who do not obey any clan's orders called?",
Answer: "Caitiff"

Question: "What is a Blood-Hunt?",
Answer: "When an important law has broken."

Question: "Which one is not a clan?",
Answer: "Nod"

Question: "Who was the first vampire?",
Answer: "Caine"

Question: "Which one is more effective on vampires?",
Answer: "Shotgun"

Question: "What is masquerade?",
Answer: "Vampires secrets that mortal world shouldn't find out."

Question: "What are Chinese and Japanese vampires called?",
Answer: "Kuey-jin"

Question: "What is nod?",
Answer: "Book of law and order and history of vampires."


Question: "When do Werewolves transform?",
Answer: "Anytime of the day or night, whenever they wish."

Question: "Do werewolves eat humans?",
Answer: "No way! They eat meat, but not human meat!"

Question: "Silver bullets can kill a werewolf, whereas normal bullets cannot even hurt the creature.",
Answer: "Yes, that is completely true."

Question: "Werewolves live in packs, and travel like gypsies.",
Answer: "True, they live in packs, but they do not travel like gypsies."

Question: "Werewolves have laws and rulers.",
Answer: "Only to the extent of the alpha in the pack."

Question: "How are werewolves created?",
Answer: "When a human is bitten by a werewolf, they are transformed into a werewolf."

Question: "Is there such a thing as a half werewolf/half human child?",
Answer: "Yes, there are a few."

Question: "Can werewolves in the same pack hear the others' thoughts?",
Answer: "Yes, they can!"

Question: "Do werewolves have soul mates?",
Answer: "Yes, it's called imprinting."

Question: "Do werewolves have a naturally higher body temperature?",
Answer: "Yes, absolutely!"


Question: "What do zombies need to function(besides the T-Virus)?",
Answer: "Brain"

Question: "How long can a zombie go without eating flesh?",
Answer: "It never has to eat"

Question: "How many ways are there to kill a zombie?",
Answer: "Only one blow the head off!!!"

Question: "Can a zombie fly?",
Answer: "No"

Question: "Does the bite itself infect the person?",
Answer: "No, the virus the inject into you does"

Question: "Can a zombie infect an animal?",
Answer: "Yes, they can infect any living creature"

Question: "Can a zombie infect you virgin bf/gf?",
Answer: "Yes it can infect anyone"

Question: "Do zombies go after fat or skinny people first?",
Answer: "The weight doesn't matter"

Question: "What do you aim for on a zombie when using a firearm?",
Answer: "Head"

Question: "Do zombies attack sins of the prostitutes?",
Answer: "For the last time, they go for any human"

** End of the solution. ***

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