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Cheats for Sex kitten: eastern rampage

Sex kitten: eastern rampage is a hentai game. Click on the thumbnail above to play. Click on "read more", for cheats for "Sex kitten: eastern rampage"

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Cheats for Sex kitten: eastern rampage

Part 1:

Uptown Sidestreet: click on the object, it's a duck butt (it's always useful).

In the no-tell motel: you get a code: "someguywashere": you can use it later in the credit menu.
no-tell motel: Motelroom #1: Click on the character, it's "Nyu":
"Fine, I'll call your bluff. Who am I, nyo?"
Answer: Puchiko-chan"
no-tell motel: Motelroom #2: the girl wants a bullet bag (it is at the "uptown north Zone")

Seedy Alleyway: if you click on the guy at the right of the screen:
Answer: "it's a deal! Here you go" to give him hentai for a bomb (it's always useful).

Uptown north Zone: there is a "bullet bag" in the street.

Uptown Apartment Lobby (fancy apartment):
Asuka: gives you porn.
Uptown Apartment Lobby: Motelroom #1: Sailor Shocksock: wants a duck (Uptown Sidestreet) gives you a mystery hammer.
Uptown Apartment Lobby: Motelroom #2: Ayaya: "So, are you a pervy? Well? Are you?": answer "I just happen to like loli catgirls, thats all."
Uptown Apartment Lobby: Motelroom #3: Penelope McSlut: what the mystical hammer of namek (see room #1). You get a box of used panties.

Office Building:
Office lady: wants the box of used panties (to enter, You receive a mcslut limited editeion trading card.)
Computer lab: Agent Icarus: wants a hentai file: free the internet from the feminazis !
To office rec area: Intern: "You install the drivers"

Clothes Shop:
Hit her in the face with a hentai file

Hairstylist saloon:
What is the secret to proper hair-care? "Asiatic clams"

Tea shop:
When was the last time Slutty McSlut visited this country?: "Oct 20, 2004".

Go to the underground garage again to finish this part (when you have no more hentai files).


Part 2:

Midtown central S: tuypo1: he wants a "perfect sandwich" (witch of the Basement), he gives a perfect apple.

Midtown Canal:
"bb10-clock": It wants a card of mc slut (you have it), he gives a 24 karas gold bar.

Midtown Sidestreet: wigglytuff-chan: she wants a perfect apple (Midtown central S). Gives a powerful sectioned staff.

Midtown North Road: Click and read the dialogs of the link-like character 3 time.
After the 3rd time, you have two questions:
Question 1: What animal represents my mentality and inner being?
Click on the white "rabbit ears", at the upperright of the (other) answers (see the screenshot above).
Question 2: color: click on the pink rectangle at the upper left of the (other) answers.

Midtown central north:
This kind of yellow card in the middle with a guy that shows up, when you click on it: useless for me.

Convenience store: store clerc: wants a hentai file, gives a security pass (for the museum for example)

Power-tool store: Ranpha: The answer is "Toshiji-brand Miter Saw".

Forgotten Alley: To Unknow: you need the security pass (Convenience store) to enter.

Guestroom: yuyuuko: What's the first game I show up in?
Answer: "Perfect Cherry Blossom"

Basement: Click on the witch (hard to find, she is at the left of the screen or on the screenshot just above)
She wants gold (Midtown Canal) and gives you a recipe of sandwich
You can click again on her to see a hentai picture after you give her gold.

Museum: you need a security pass (Convenience store) to enter.
In the 2 wings of the museum, there is a solar symbol on the walls, click on it and add hentai.

Return at the bridge to continue to the next part (when you have no more hentai files).
You get a core drill mechanism at the end of this part.


Part 3:

Downtown Rampway:
Guy at the left of the screen (?Ancient Man?): wants the glasses (monster at the Downtwon walkway), gives a spear (in fact a kind of key).

Downtown Rampway (next screen, should be downtown residential): The guy with the electricity:
???: ask what time is it.: Its the same day, three years ago. Gives $200.

Downtown dumpsters: (i don't think there is something here).

Downtown Central: Bitching bar:
Australian Science Bitch: She wants a bomb (first part of the game) (give her for hentai)

Downtwon northroad: Tinkle: the answer is "Twilight princess".

Downtown walkway: Click on the monster (wants a core drill), gives glasses.

Blacklight motel:
Click on the guy at the right of the screen, Mike, he wants a hentai file.
Motel backdoor: Kamineko: the answer is "Seventeen times"
Motel lounge: Click on the green symbol: then "Tim": he wants a hentai file.
If you go back and click again, there is hentai.

Downtown hotel: click on the woman (miss green): wants a hentai file, gives $80
Hotel room #1: Nekomika: the process is called "Dolly Zoom".
Hotel room #2: You need the spear to enter the door. You receive top secret files.
Hotel room #3: Titty mc tits: wants a hentai file for $50

To finish the game, go again to downtown Highway (when you have no more hentai files)

Watch the hentai files with the green arrow and THEN click on "credits".
You should then have a special boutton to see an extra blowjow scene.

Click "new game", click on "extras".
The following passwords / code for "Sex Kitten Eastern Rampage" are valids:
gimmecredits (go to the credit menu)
dopefishlives (unlock dev notes)
toast (hentai gallery)
100nuts (blooper reel: new crazy scenes)
someguywashere (future projects)

*** End of the solution for Sex Kitten Eastern Rampage ***

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