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Walkthrough for Sexy Cosplay Contest

"Sexy Cosplay Contest" is a hentai HTML5 game. Click on the picture above to play (you need a compatible browser). If you want to help the author, visit his Patreon page. If you click on "read more", you'll find a small walkthrough for "Sexy Cosplay Contest".

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Walkthrough for Sexy Cosplay Contest

Part 1: introduction:

You are a Jury at a cosplay convention and you see the women:

You meet Piku and you want a picture of her:

- Ask for a picture --> (She makes some sexy poses for you) Then Riven comes. ---> (continue)
- Better not --> Piku leaves and Riven comes. --> Part 3)

- We go to a private place to talk better ---> Part 2)
- You just have to fuck with me and you win ---> She slaps you and refuse. Riven Comes again and you go in her room --> Part 3)

Part 2:

In a room with Piku.

- Is my Dream.: Vaginal sex with Piku
- I want to try your another little hole.: Piku accepts anal sex.

---> Part 4

Part 3:

In a room with Riven.

- Yes, I love.: Vaginal sex with Riven
- But, in back.: Riven Accepts anal sex.

---> Part 4

Part 4: Vote for the winner.

- Piku
- Riven
- Jessica

Your choice just change the picture associated with the winner and the losers, nothing else (in the version that i have tested: yes i'm 100% sure).
Also, you can't fuck Jessica in the game.

*** End of the walkthrough ***

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