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How to win at Foxy Box Water Match demo ?

"Foxy Box Water Match" is an adult boxing game created by "BarbarianBabes". If you want to play to the demo that they uploaded on newgrounds, click on the thumbnail above.

If you click on "read more", you will find how to win at "BarbarianBabes".

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How to win at Foxy Box Water Match demo ?

Ok, so you are looking for some cheats for Foxy Box Water Match ?

Do you see the red fist icon, at the bottom and slightly at the left of the screen ?

If the number next to it reaches 0, you are exhausted and if you are exhausted, it's easy to knock you out, even if you life gauge (red gauge art the left), is nearly full.

So to win, you have to empty the red gauge of the other player (gauge at the right), without being exhausted yourself. You can only be exhausted if you try to hit to much the other play. So, to win at this boxing game for adult... well, one solution is to not to box at all... The other solution is to click on your own player instead of clicking on the other opponent to get some points back.

So, here is how to win step by step (because it's very important to start from the beginning) ?

Open the game, click on the green button of the first screen to start, select directly "go to fight modes" (orange button), don't select an elite fight mode (useless for the demo) and select directly "Grab the gloves and get wet".

The regular way to win:

Click on the opponent (blonde), when you are close to be exhausted, click on the brunette (to get some power back). Restart until your opponent is knocked out 4 time.

The not so regular way:

Click on the cherry icon to finger the girl (you'll get some stats bonus and it will empty the gauge of the opponent in the same time). When the effect is finished, click on the mouth icon (to lick her). Restart with the cherry icon and so on...
When the red gauge of the opponent is empty, click on the blonde to hit her and make her KO. This way to win is slower but more reliable (it can handle elite fight modes, this is also how i discovered that (some of ?) the elite modes are useless, for example, you don't receive a purse in the "yes mode")

Are you looking for the "Sister Silla's Dungeon", "tons of hot girls to box", "many endings per fight", "a RPG game", or "HUGE store full of content" ?

Not in the demo version (despite what is written on some other websites)

Are the coins useful ?

For me they don't seem to be, in the demo (?).

*** end of the solution ***

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