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Passwords and tips for Iron Giant Whisper

"Iron Giant Whisper" is a customizable hentai porn animation created by Gaussian Fracture. If you click on the thumbnail above, you'll be able to play at this game on "Hentai Foundry". If you click on "read more", you'll find the list of the passwords that work for the version of the game that i tested.

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Passwords and tips for Iron Giant Whisper

Iron giant whisper is a basically an interactive animation where you see always to same scene of anal intercourse.

At the intro screen (see below), if you click on play or at the right of the screen, it starts the default animation.

During the animation, you have to click at the right of the screen to go to its next part:

At the end of the animation, you can replay it, but you can also customize it.
If you enter a valid code and if you click on "whisper", it validates the code.
There is actually 4 kind of codes:

- Passwords for the characters:
annie, flexible, airbender, phantom, umbrella, mandark, impossible, huntsman, dragonball, blondie,
redhead, brunette, biocock, spinkick, thunderwhip, fengshui, spinningbeat, wombraider, rainingblood,
succubus, isabella, witchblade, dinocrisis, ghostbusters, wasp, donuts, evangelion, starless, meowth, teacher

(Note that the default character is called: annie)

- Passwords for the outfit of the character:
bondagelove, bunnygirl, marryme, nude, stockings, swimsuit

(Note that most characters have their own outfit and if you enters it's name, it will reset it's outfit.
That's the reason why you can see that characters passes match outfit passes in some other password list of the web.
That's also why you should enter the name of the character first.)

- Passwords for the boob size:
normal, double d, expansion

- Passwords for finally for the background:
bedroom, girly, hotel, nightynight, redlight

*** Addendum: ***

When i looked at the source code of the flash file, i was able to find another list of passwords that seems to be associated with the face of the character during the animation.
I wasn't able to trigger an event to use this list of pass, but it could reset the first character passes of the list:

- For the characters:
elastigirl, korra, maddie, april, dexter, kim, jetsons, bulma, clover, samantha, alexandra, elizabeth

- For the clothes:
nude, wedding, stockings, leather

Note that some passes are the same as before (nude for example) and that some sounds very similar as the one of
the first list (bulma and dragonball, wedding and marryme).
I just give this list for information, but this list was may be only use during the development of the game.

*** end of the walkthrough ***

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