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Walkthrough for Virtual Date Brooke Lima (full version)

Virtual Date Brooke Lima (full version) is an adult game where you have to seduce adult model "Brooke Lima". There is a free version of this game, but if you click on "read more", you'll find a walkthrough for the full version of "Virtual Date Brooke Lima" that is in the member area of the website of "Brooke Lima" (v 2.174).

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Walkthrough for Virtual Date Brooke Lima (full version)

Advice: Try to see what happens if you win or lose at the poker parts.

- Introduce yourself and ask her what she's promoting.
- Tell her you think it's really cool then ask her what she thinks of comic con.
- Ask her to tell you more about Eadultgames.

- Ask her what her favorite comic is.
- Ask her if she would like for you to get her a soda.
- Go get her that soda and meet her around back.
- Tell her the heels are sexy. Then ask to rub her feet.
- Tell her you are here to get autographs from the cast members of the TV show glee.
- Tell her you'd rather hang out with her instead.
- Tell her yes and give her your number.

- Be the big boy that you are and call brooke first.
- Sit next to her. How else will she get an upclose and personal view of your stunning good looks?
- Risk looking lame, and tell Brooke that you don't have anything going on, tell her you're free.
- Play it cool and keep the ball in her court by asking her what she likes to do for fun.
- A Little too eagerly, admit you love to play poker.
- Is it too pretentious if you say yes? Fuck it, you like her. Just do it! Tell her you're down.

- Sit next to her so she can smell the new Cologne.
- It's time to party! Take the beer!!

(Poker: you get a point if you win)

- You know it's not right. But you really want to see her lean over and slide those chips into her lap. Fold out.
- OMG, Your fantasy is coming true right now. Tell her fuck yeah you want to play, and she's going to lose.

(Poker: you get a point if you win)

(Poker: you get a point if you win)

- (read below): Fuck it. Follow her into the bathroom and watch her take a shower.
(other option that you can get, if you lost at the poker: - Grab that chair, kick back, an enjoy the show!)

You get a perfect score if you are able to win all the time at the poker.
You can another final sexy scene if you lose at least once.

*** End of the walkthrough for Virtual Date Brooke Lima (full version) ***

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