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Solution for Nude paintings parodies

Nude paintings parodies is a funny quizz game. Click on the thumbnail above to play. Click on "read more" to get the answers of Nude paintings parodies by Munquia.

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Solution for Nude paintings parodies

Move your mouse over the glasses icon to see the original painting:

Naked Maja - Francisco de Goya
Olympia - Edouard Manet
Birth of venus - Sandro Botticelli (before you click on the answer, click on the cross, in the middle of goldorak at the left, see the screenshot below)

The three graces - Raphael Sanzio
A woman in the sun - Edward Hopper
The Tub - Edgar Degas
The Valpincon Bather - Jean Ingres
Nude with calla lilies - Diego Rivera
Rape - Rene Magritte
Rokeby Venus - Diego Velazquez

Bonus answer 1:

Venus of Urbino - Titian
Birth of Venus - Alexandre Cabanel
Manao Tupapau - Paul Gauguin
Sleeping Venus - Artemisia Gentileschi (before you click on the answer, click on the cross, cross at the upper right of the screen).

In the Tepidarium - Sir Lawrence Alma Tadem
Reclining nude - Amedeo Modigliani
Nude of a black woman - Marie Guillemine Benoist
Sleeping Venus - Giorgione Barbarelli
Fat sue - Lucian Freud
Blue nude - Pablo Picasso

Bonus answer 2:

(Don't miss the link to a vide. )

The sleepers - Gustav courbet
Red Headed nude Crouching - Toulouse Lautrec
Adam and Eve - Lucas Cranach
Danae - Gustav Klimt (before you click on the answer, click on the cross at the middle right of the screen).

The forbidden fruit - Michelangelo
Birth of Venus - William Adolphe Bouguereau
Guitar Lesson - Balthus
The Models - Georges Seurat
Beautiful Raphaela - Tamara de Lempicka
The origin of the world - Gustave Courbet

Bonus answer 3:

* End of the walkthrough *


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