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Walkthrough for "Call me desperate"

"Call me desperate" is an adult game with cg porn. For some reasons, i don't want to list the game here and i have decided to link sexandglory instead, one of the website of the author (if you click on the thumbnail). So, use your favorite search engine to find the game. If you click on "read more", you'll find a walkthrough for "Call me desperate v0.92".

Feel also free to visit LopGold, another website of the author (paysite)

Walkthrough for "Call me desperate" v0.92

Show her your official catalogue: Anna + 1 (good)
Tell her the story of your first amateur drunken photo session: -

Assure her that she can stop at anytime if she feels uncomfortable, without paying for anything: Anna + 1 (good)
Ask her for a quick fuck after the photo session: Anna - 1

Tell her that the price is higher for a discreet naked session: Anna + 1 (good)
Quote her the standard price: Anna - 1

If you score with Anna<3 then it's the end of the part with Anna (+ Achievement #1: "Not a smooth talker").
This involves that you have to select the 3 good choices to continue. --> A)

Maybe I kiss you deeply to help you relax? Your nerves will settle and you'll feel emotions essential to
have a good session. --> end of the part with Anna
Let's think of something romantic. Not too much nudity, just enough to spark the imagination with a
delicate erotic flavor... -->

"Place your right arm on your chest and the left on your leg" (Click on the top of her back)
"Smile and pose with your arms over your head" (Click at the right of her neck)
"Lean forward and cup your breasts" (Click on her right breast)

We want to create something special for your husband, don't we? So, please forgot all about me now,
I'm only a tool. Instead imagine what you REALLY want to show your husband... -->
Well you want to show your husband these casual clothes, right?! Ignite some fire in this session,
babe! Show me your tits right now! --> end of the part with Anna

Continue conversation --> (no real effect)
Give her a glass of whiskey --> (no real effect)

"Expose your boobs" (click on her breasts)
"Slowly remove panties and show off your ass" (click on her pussy)

Give her another glass of whiskey --> ok
You look very sexy in this lingerie and... I envy your husband! --> end of the part with Anna

"Kneel and touch your boobs" (click on her breasts)
"Touch yourself under your panties" (click on her panties)

Tell her that things are going too far and the session is over. Give her the photos, take the money
(500 bucks) and let her go. --> Achievement #2 Staying professional + $500 (you need this money for ending #4 or #5 since it is needed to pay princess)
Start hidden camera to record, and begin touching her body..

"Push your cock deeper" (Click on where should be the dick of the guy)
"Say something dirty" (Click on the mouth of the guy)
"Fuck her as hard you can" (Click on where should be the dick of the guy)

Then there is 3 spots:
- Explode on her face (face) --> Achievement #3 "First time with you"
- Cum on her tits (tits) -->
- Finish in her pussy (pussy) --->

--> Achievement #4 "I smell blackmail" (You will get ending #2 instead of ending #1)

*** With Princess ***

OK , then let's go to my studio for your first photo session! --> To your studio: B)
You may be too young for adult session. -->

Okay, let's do this. --> your studio: B)
Sorry Princess but I don't work with minors. --> End of the game (ending #1, this ending consists of a single screen, the second screen is a screen of ads). If you fucked Anna, you get ending #2.


"Put your hands over head and smile brightly!" (Click on her shoulder at your right).
"Remove your top and cover your tits with your hands" (Click on her left breast [your left])
"Pull your skirt up a little and show your ass" (Click on her pussy)
"Turn your back, band over and put a finger in your pussy" (Click on her buttocks)
"Lift your legs high and do something dirty" (Click on her face)
"Put a finger in your ass, still keeping your legs high" (Click on her visible hand)

Pay her 200 bucks (available if you have $200) --> Achievement #5 "Solid business partner" --> E)
Say that you forgot your wallet in your apartment and Princess needs go there with you, if she wants her money. --> Achievement #6 taking advantage. --> C)

C) Sex scene with Princess

"Lick Aiden's cock slowly" (click on Aiden's dick)
"Take him as deep as you can" (click on the blonde's head)
"Tell her to stop before you cum!" (click on the guy's head)
"Remove her pants" (Click on the blonde buttocks)
"Remove top" (Click on her shoulder at the right)
"Move your ass in rhythm with me" (Click on the guy's face)
"Push your cock deeper in her ass" (click on the guy's dick [not really visible])
"Spread your ass and relax for me - it's too tight" (Click on the guy's face)

Or "Cum in her pussy" --> Achievement #7 "I'm not on the pill" --> Ending #3 (The final screen of the ending with 3 pictures is a page of ads)
Or "Cum on her face" ---> D)

Refuse to pay her --> Ending #3 (The final screen of the ending with 3 pictures is a page of ads)
Give her money (available with the money) --> E)

E) At the bar again with princess
Well, you'll get to show off your chiseled body!: Dylan + 1
You'll be a better porn star than bartender.: -

Most of them are not as ugly as you think...: Dylan - 1
You will fuck only the young and sexiest chicks, like Princess: Dylan + 1

This film will be a blockbuster, and we will both earn big money!: Dylan + 1
It's a shame to ask a friend for cash for such great work, especially since you will fuck girls for free!: Dylan - 1

Dylan >2 --> Achievement #8: Let's do it man!

He is an experienced lover and can teach you some useful tricks in bed.: Princess + 1;
I have limited resources and cannot hire professionals right now.: -

He is very gentle, experienced and knows how to treat a woman in bed.: Princess + 1;
I'm the boss here and will not change my casting decisions.: Princess - 1;

If princess < 2 then end with princess: End of the game (probably ending #1 since you can't probably reach ending #2 with this path)

"Ask her to undress a little" (click on her right buttock)

"Squeeze harder" (click on the mouth of the blonde)
"Put his hand on her head and push it down" (Click on the dick of the guy)
"Stop this before he cums!" (Click on the hand of the guy above the head of the blonde)

Princess = 0 again.

He needs too much time to get ready again: -
Dylan is too stressed for this next scene.: Princess + 1;

I'll treat you more gently and my cock is ready right now: Princess + 1;
I have no patience for such insults, you're acting like a total amateur: Princess - 1;

If Princess < 2 then end with princess: Achievement #9 "Creepy old farts": (probably ending #1 since you can't probably reach ending #2 with this path)

"Clench lips around cock" (Click on the blonde's head)
"Treat cock a little gentler, but suck it much faster" (click on her neck)
"Ask her to stop for a moment" (Click on his head)
"Ask her to suck faster" (Click on the head of the guy at the left)
"Use tongue to play with dick" (Click on the head of the blonde)
"Cum inside her mouth" (Click on the head of the blonde)

Achievement #10: "Gang of amateurs"

I've had enough for now and leave the apartment: Ending #5
I want to tell them about my troubles: Ending #4


Ending #1: default ending.
Ending #2: You can blackmail Anna (you fucked her).
Ending #3: You get in trouble with Princess (you don't pay her).
Ending #4: You had a 3some with Dylan and Princess and you told them about your problem (you need the money from Anna and convince them).
Ending #5: You had a 3some with Dylan and Princess and you don't tell them about your problem (you need the money from Anna and convince them).


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