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Walkthrough for Haunted Island: Episode 3

Haunted Island: Episode 3 is a HTML5 game for adults created by arniigames (link to his member/donation site, you need first to be a member of the forum). Click on the thumbnail above and find the game at the top of the forum page. Click on "read more" for a walkthrough for Haunted Island: Episode 3.

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Walkthrough for Haunted Island: Episode 3

I divided my solution according to the name of the parts as they are referenced in the final screen of the game (see below).

Click on the dialogs to progress in the story.
(an advice: don't click too fast on these dialogs)

1. Farewell Captain Xavier

Click on the screen: at some point the heart becomes bigger and you have then to release your mouse click.
At some point, you have to release your click otherwise it's written "go slower Xavier" (comment: your pace with the mouse is in fact too slow and not too fast as it's written)
If you are too fast to release your click, well then the heart can't grow...
You have then to repeat the sequence, until the heart reaches its full size.

I suggest to reduce the time while you don't click on the mouse:
Mouse click (wait that the heart grows), release your mouse click during a very short period of time and repeat.

If after 3 attemps you hurt her, you have to restart.

- Fucking Maria in another position:
Same instructions as before.

(Transition to a more recent period)

2. The storm Approches

(The spot where you have to click is on the bookshelf, at the left of the yellow vase at the top of the screen. It is on one of the book, not far from the blue dot on a pink book.)

3. Panties from heaven

(Click on where should be her hand under her dress and drag your mouse to the back of a knee. See on the screenshot below when the hand is green when you click).

- Fucking sequence with the brunette:
Do like at the sequence with Maria.

4. Dinner

(Click on the blue/grey and white dress, on the hands of the brunette, where you should be her panties)

5. Brad get whipped
- Whip scene

Click on "high hit" or "Low hit" in function the trajectory of the orange (the timing of the click is more important than the position of the orange when you click).
The score is function of the number of time that you click.
It better to be accurate and click as less as needed (the game gives the formula to get the score).
You need 400 points to see the bonus at the end of the game even if it's written "500 points", if you don't reach 400 points at the end of the game.

- Sex scene with the black woman (69 then anal sex).
Do like with Maria.

6. Dr.Corrine
(Click on the right nipple)

7. Ghosts in the cellar
- Sex scene with 3 women.
(click on the belly button of the ghost and drag to his head)

8. Driving
(game with the car)

See on the video below for a demo on youtube.

Instructions related to this video:

Use the left button of your mouse and the "SPACE" key of your keyboard to control your car.
This part starts with a geyser: once you figured out the pace of it, it is easy to dodge.
Here comes then the ravine: you have to wait not far from the tree and it is supposed to fall to let you continue: it's easy to handle.
You continue and there is a rock that is rolling: wait before the hill and the rock flies above you to let you continue. Note that you can block your car with the hill if you are not fast enough to pass it (that's why i go back on the video).
Continue then your route at a decent speed or you could be blocked by some rocks.
You continue your way and you see a rock a the top of a slope: you'll have to dodge it later.
So, once your are descending again: try to be fast: the rock is supposed to fall on a ravine later, but you have to pass this ravine at a good speed.
Now, the checkpoint: be careful with the 2 geysers and don't lose now !
Once you passed the 2 geysers, don't drive too fast and stop when you have to rise the slope: 2 stones are supposed to fall.
Now take some speed to pass the ravine.
When you get a "geyser warning", you will have to dodge your last obstacle: a series of geysers.
Don't drive to fast, to be able to stop to handle the geyser safely.
The locations of the geysers at the end are more or less random, so don't drive too fast to see when there is a geyser and be able to dodge it.

After these geysers, it's the end of this part.

Note on this part: if you replay several times, it becomes sometimes next to impossible to win without reloading the page, so i think there is still some bugs.
The main bug that i noticed is if you restart at the checkpoint with the 2 geysers: the hitbox of these geysers seem now different and it's next to impossible to pass.

Do you want to play again ? Test this link:

This link is given on the forum or Arnii games and it is a good source of other informations.

9. Three's Company
- Sex scene with 2 guys.

10. A vengeful Princess
- Sex scene with a guy and a ghost woman.
(Click on her pussy drag the cursor to her breasts)

11. epilogue
End of the game

After the epilogue, you reach a final screen:

Thanks to this screen and to the ESC key, you can go where you want for example to unlock the bonuses:

Here comes a description of the bonuses and their conditions:

Bonus 1: Score 500 in the whip mini game (in fact the bonus is unlocked at 400 as explained in the game). [Lucy has the whip-hand]
Bonus 2: Do the car game without skipping (i noticed that if you lose after the check point #1, the game is then impossible to do) [Chloe will drive you crazy]
Bonus 3: Complete at least 3 sex scenes with no "x" mark. [Fill her up!]

*** End of the walkthgough ***

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