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Walkthrough of High School Romance

"High School Romance" is a game for lessonofpassion. Click on the thumbnail above to play and click on "read more" for more games by lessonofpassion.

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Walkthrough of High School Romance

Summary of the adult game:

- If mood = 0 or less, it's the end of the game, with ending #1.
- It's useless to go the the toilets.
- You can take your time at the garage.
- It's possible to fuck the 2 women.
- There is 5 endings but there is a bug in the url of the solution (i can't fix it) that prevents you to see the ending on the external website (it reloads just the game on lessonofpassion, this is not the ending).


Solution for High School Romance (game map).

- I don't like her. I find her to sweet and I guess that she treats us like teenagers but...?: (no effect)
- Hmm, she's kinda cool. She knows how to talk with students and what is more...: (no effect)

- She has great legs and totally insane boobs - I have to admit that.: (no real effect)
- I heard she is here from recommendation of our principal - so we have to watch out for her.: (no real effect)

(mood +1 )

(comment: when you see the girl coming at the right of the screen, there is no option to click on her).

- Who the hell was that? She is hot!: mood -2
- Hmm, who was that? I don't recognize her.?: ok

- TAKE HER TO TOILET (one of the door at the right) --> A)
- SAY GOODBYE AND LEAVE (at the bottom) --> B)

- Maybe you will sucks my cock as a teaser for todays evening?: ok
- Yes, I want to take you to the toilet and put my dick between your hot lips baby.: (same answer but mood -1)

TAKE HER TO CABIN (one of the door at the right)

(Be careful: after the text: "go ahead sugar. My cock is under your command right know" (it is not my typo),
then there is a quick action:
There is a yellow text box that appears at the left of the screen:
"push here and release outside"
So be very fast to click in the yellow text box and drag and drop with your cursor, outside of the yellow area.
In case of success: C)
If you fail: D)

B) Items of the garage:
from the left to the right and the top to the bottom:
- blue bra
- banana
- ketchup bottle
- milk brick
- guitar
- bottle of vodka (laying on the table). (silver and red)
- porn picture
- cd reader (silver color)

At the gas station it is written:
"....It's a shame than i'm in a rush !?"
- If you click "Leave" --> B2)
- But you can also click on the girl "talk to capri": B1)


mood = 3.

- Hello sunshine, you look amazing in this leather outfit.: no effect
- Hi Capri, what's up?: no effect

- Haha, I like direct approach. Maybe - are you interested?: no real effect
- Hmm, not really - I've got a girlfriend right now and I don't look for anybody else right now.: no real effect

- Sorry babe, not interested - gotta go. --> B3) mood = 4.
- If it's serious sexual proposition of course I'm in. --> continue

- For a second I need to forget about Sam - I want to try it with Capri --> continue
- I can't do that to my girlfriend - leave Capri --> B3) mood = 4.

- It's really difficult to resist you Capri --> continue
- I don't feel comfortable as a toy in yours hand. I'll get going. --> B3) mood = 4.

(sex scene with Capri)

- Capri, this quick fuck was my life time experience. I love it! Thank you for that. --> continue
- It was outstanding. You really know how to fuck. --> b1b)

- Really? Do you think you can give me a second chance? --> end of the game. (ending #3)
- Thanks but - I never enter the same river twice. --> continue (b1b)

- Can you give me your phone number? Maybe we can do this again some time. --> continue
- Okay, thanks baby - you made my day. see you later. --> continue (no real difference)

mood = 1.

- Gimme a break baby. I had a really difficult day.: mood - 1
- Ehh, nothing is more important. But I had to help my father and it took me more time than I expected.: mood + 1

- Oh man. C'mon. Don't piss me with your silly behavior.: mood - 2
- Yes. And I'm sorry to. Please accept my apologise.: mood + 1
--> B3')

B2) mood = 4.

"Use massage oil" (click on the blue bottle of message oil).

- To fill the gauge at the right of the screen, click on these spots in this order:
- Shoulder, ankle, thigh. (there is also a spot on the calf at the bottom, but i don't use it).

- To fill the gauge at the right of the screen, click on these spots in this order:
- Left shoulder, top of her back, buttocks. (there is also a spot at the top and at the left of her buttock, but i don't use it).

mood + 1.

GIVE TOWEL TO SAM (in front of the bathtub)


- Take a close look (click on her breast to view in close up).
- Yes, you look like a true sex bomb in this. (dialog option)

- Hmm. Sex is amazing. I love your body and everything. But there something more, deeper between us.: ok
- Of course not. Sex is not everything but it's crucial aspect of our relationship.: mood -1.

- Sam, why? Can't we just go straight to business?: mood -1.
- Okay, if that is what you really want to.: ok

- C'mon. It's silly Sammy.: mood -1.
- Sure, go ahead with the first question.: ok

-LIE- Hmm, let me think - around 7 I guess.: ok.
-TRUE- Whow, as far as I remember it was something about 23 girls.: mood -1.

- How many boys did you had before me? But be honest please.: no effect
- How old were you when you lost your virginity.: no effect

- I see you have great sexperience. So it's true that you are number 1 slut in our high school.: mood -1.
- Sometimes, after this months of our relationship, you still know how to amaze me.: ok

-TRUE- Yes, once. But this bitch was also cheating me.: mood -1.
-LIE- No, never - I despise people who cheats their partners.: ok

- Sam, did you ever take a part in a threesome?: no effect
- I want to know if you ever had sexual experience with another girl.: no effect

- I'll try honey. For me, every moment I spend with you, is special.: mood +1. verfier
- Babe, you really can count on a high class fuck today.: no effect

- Baby, I want you to suck my lollipop.: blowjob --> E)
- Please sit on my face - I want to lick your juicy pussy with my tongue tornado.: pussy licking --> F)

- Okay, we should go now. It's not safe here.: ok
- Baby, why can't we continue it? Nobody is here right now? C'mon: (mood -1, even if mood=love)

then --> B)

- Take number.: end of the game. (ending #2)
- Laura, please - let it go! I don't want to continue this fight anymore. Leave us please. --> B)

E) Blowjob with a quick event:
Click on the button that appears near the breasts of the woman and drag the cursor of the mouse out of it to succeed.
If you fail: cumshot, mood = 1, end of the game. (ending 5)
If you win: G)

F) Pussy licking scene: mood +1. --> G)

- Turn around my beloved slut. I'll fuck you from behind.: sex scene as written then someones comes.
- Move your ass baby. For a deeper penetration I'll lift my hips and you will sit on me: different sex scene as written then someones comes.

- No, fuck it! I will not stop it right now! It's to fucking good to inside you.: --> H)
- Okay. But please, do it fast and... Put something on. You can't go there naked.: --> I)

- okay, go. --> I) tester
- Fuck it baby. What can be more important than this?: (more sex scenes)

Mouth: mood= 1, end of the game. (ending #5)
boobs: ok. end of the game. (ending #4)
legs: ok. end of the game. (ending #4)

"Hide under the bed" (click under the bed).

- Sex at the swimming pool? Perfect for me. --> continue
- No. Someone can see as there. Let's do it here.: reload this question

- Yeap. I can sense good fuck vibrations in the air. --> continue
- Yes. And what is more you and atmosphere of this place is just magical. --> continue (mood + 1)

- Yes. My dick need some chilling after our foreplay. --> continue
- Sure. I will be your personal rescuer in case of tsunami wave. --> continue (mood + 1)

Mouth: mood= 1, end of the game. (ending #5)
boobs: ok. end of the game. (ending #4)
legs: ok. end of the game. (ending #4)

*** End of the walkthrough ***

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