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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above
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Full solution for playing with Whitney
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 25 February 2012

playing with whitney - screenshot

Playing with Whitney is a small adult visual novel created by Adult Game Reviews.
You have to select answers to go forward in the game.

Since there is several versions of the game, i want to point out that i created and tested this solution for the flash version of the game.
Click on the picture to play.

So, there is several ways to win and i can't give them all, but some are more interesting as the other. (you see more pictures)

How to score:

You sure did call her a slut gives -1
You want some attention gives -2
You failed at something gives -3
You thought her skimpy skirt was too revealing gives -4
You didn't get her favorite booze gives -4
You're too nice gives -5
You only have $5 left Can't get any drinks gives -5
You were a meany pants gives -6
You didn't get her favorite booze gives 0 or -7
You want the friendship to blossom Dude gives -7
You said 'fuck you whore' gives -7
You called her a whore gives -7
You didn't get her favorite booze gives -7
You apologized for something you said gives -10
You didn't get your dick sucked gives -10
You lost at the betting quiz game and lost all your cash You are broke man gives -12
You got some beers gives but she didn't like that Minus two points for each beer gives -12
Pity Achievement gives -15
You made it to Day 2 but it was all for naught gives -20
You didn't fuck her gives -25
You didn't find out a certain something that Whitney really likes gives -25
She totally blew you off man gives -30

You really want to help her make a website gives 0

You found out she can't cook gives 1
She grabbed her ass cheeks gives 1
She licked it gives 2
A little sarcastic turn saves the moment gives 2
You kissed her ass gives 2
You came on her face gives nice sperm design gives 3
You guessed her boob size gives 4 (answer = A)
You found out she loves anal sex gives 4
You did her butthole missionary style gives 4

She showed you her sweet asshole while masturbating on Day one gives 4
>> ask for it and take a closer look.

You got her to do some stripping gives 5

You got her the right alcohol gives 5

You made it to Day 2 gives 10
You proved your knowledge by passing the quiz gives 10
World History: 1. Dinosaurs, 2. Romans epic fail, 3. WWII, 4. Cubans go crazy, 5. Y2K
cup size: A
how many beats in a quarter note? One
How would you design my HTML website for me? Body on the bottom and the Head on top and put the Meta tags in the Head
the rest smartypants? 30

She stripped nude for you gives 8
You got her drunk gives 9
She came with the giant vibrator gives 11
You won at High Low Dice and got her to strip naked gives 12
She rubbed herself for you gives 12

You got her favorite alcohol gives 12

She put a toy up her butt gives 14
You fucked her pussy gives 14
She sucked it after it was in her own ass gives 14
You won at High Low Dice gives 15
You did it in her butt gives 20
You got your knob polished gives 22
You ALMOST won the game gives 23
You Won gives 35

How to win ? Walkthrough for playing with Whitney

Hey Whitney, nice skirt.
Your welcome.
I want you.
Start laughing and say, "I'm totally being sarcastic. Please try to pay attention.
I guess i did, honey.
I guess i'm just turned on by you.
Do you like it?
I'll take that as a yes.
I don't want to ruin it either. So let's do something.
Do you have anything to drink ?
Would you like a drink?
What do you like to drink?
Maybe I'll get you some.
I can help you with your homework. What do you have to do?

option A (ask her questions)

That is stupid. You should take a break.
No, take a break with me.
So which subjects are you good at?
And which classes do you have trouble in?
What's the worst of it?
Very interesting
Let's play a game.
You need help with your homework but let's make it interesting. Let's bet on what you know.
I do. Maybe you can win some from me. You will have to bet something else though.
Your fricking lollipop.
You get five dollars for each right answer, but you have to take something off for each wrong answer.

Ask away. You have $30 --> Ask a psychology question --> Ask a math question
--> Ask a psychology question -->
What is 450 divided by 17? --> Ask a chemistry question --> Ask a psychology question

option B: (guess her tits size, more points at the end)

I can help you with that, it's easy.
So let's go over it together
Yeah sure why not?
What are you going to do for me?
Strip for me.
I'll help you ace your classes so get to it.
Yeah i can do it, just keep going.
Test me.
Your tits.
Please do.


Move that pillow
I think you wanted to do it all along.
Take off your shoes so you're completely naked.
Don't let me stop you.
Spreads your legs, whitney.
Turn around and show me your sweet asshole.
Get a closer look.
Put your face right in her pussy.
Give her the vibrator.
It looked good too.
Sure thing.
Leave and come back tomorrow.
High quality vodka $29
Head over to Whitney's with your vodka.
I'm happy to see you too.
Let's talk
Tell me babe, what turns you on?
Care for a drink?
I have some vodka
Only the best high quality vodka.
Pour her a drink.
Now tell me what turns you on.
what's your favorite thing to do in bed?
That's not weird at all.
Take your clothes off Whitney.
I`m curious to see what your underwear looks like.
Grab your cheeks
Get on your knees on the bed
Yes I can. get on the bed now
Pull your panties down
Put a toy in your ass
Suck my hard cock, baby.
Lick it first
Put it in your mouth
Have sex with her
Put her against the wall and fuck her from behind.
Touch her asshole
I'm touching your asshole
Put your dick in her ass
Keep fucking her ass against the wall
Fuck her ass on the bed
See if she'll suck it now
Cum on her face
Continue to look at the cum all over her.

Last Updated ( Monday, 23 December 2013 )
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