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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Virtual Candy Girls: virtual Natasha + full solution
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 22 June 2007

virtual natasha 

This game is currently offline. feel free to go to Natasha's page on Candycrib.

Recently i reviewed another game of "Candy Crib" called "Virtual Natalie" (featuring the very sexy Natalie Oxley). This game is basically the same: give orders and if the order has a related video, you have a chance to see what you want. I don't know if such games has really a name, but i think these games (usually advert games or promo games) are called "virtual videos". So here you play with Natasha. There is some difference with Virtual Natalie. First there is more videos, then but it is more boring, these videos have not a great resolution (see the screenshots). Then in my opinion Natalie Oxley is sexier as Natasha, but it's here my choice.

So feel free to play at "virtual candy girls". If you need a solution you'll find it below (spoiler)

keywords: beer, lager, drink, pint, drunk, glass, larger, drik, drnk, druink
movie: nobeer
keywords: blow, blow kiss, goodbye, kiss hand, miss you, air kiss, flying kiss
movie: nblowkiss
keywords: tease me, bra tease, bra play, bra strap, temp me, remove bra, take bra off
movie: nbratease
keywords: cowgirl, shot, gun, shoot, cowboy, guns, pistol, western, indian, usa, cowboy
movie: ncowGirl
keywords: doggie, dog, animal, pet, cute, fluffy, d0g, cutsy, dog style, dog position
movie: ndog
keywords: eat banana, blow job, blow me, bite, eat, peel, seduce, dick, penis, suck, cock, banana
movie: neatbanana
keywords: lick face, face lick, tongue roll, face, lick friend, friend, missus, licking friends
movie: nfacelick
keywords: fake orgasm, shake hips, hips, wild, orgasm, come, passion, orgazm, faker, coming, cum, cumming
movie: nfakeorgasm
keywords: feet, shoe, leg, rub leg, rub feet, rub foot, foot, toe, toes, feat, shoes, f00t, foots
movie: nfeet
keywords: gymnastics, crab, aerobic, aerobics, position, sex position, on your back, flexible, flex, bend, bend over, acrobatics
movie: ngymnastics
keywords: hide behind sofa, sofa, climb, play with sofa, hide, seek, find, disappear, lost, l0st
movie: nhidebehindsofa
keywords: humping sofa, on top, sex, ride, shag, hump, make love, jiggy, sx, fuck
movie: nhumpingsofa
keywords: i love you, talk to camera, face close up, love, talk, point, chat up, chat, flirt, loves, love you, luv u, come on
movie: niloveyou
keywords: jumping on sofa, bounce, jump, play on sofa, high, trampoline, jump up
movie: njumping
keywords: karate, kick, chop, martial arts, fight, beat up, hit, punch, kill, kungfu, kung fu, judo, box, boxing
movie: nkarate
keywords: kiss, lips, pout, open mouth, bad eyes, k1ss, lips, lip
movie: nkiss
keywords: kiss girl, kiss girls, lesbian, snog, french kiss, girl on girl, slut, dirty, wear face off
movie: nkissgirls
keywords: laughing, laugh, hilarious, joke, funny, banter, roll around, lol, laugh out loud
movie: nlaughing
keywords: leg lick, lick, run up leg, leg, calf, stroke leg, female, l1ck, licks
movie: nleglick
keywords: nipple pinch, pinch nipple, pinch nipples, nipple, nipples, pinch, squeeze, twist nipples
movie: nnipplepinch
keywords: pat your head, pat head, rub tummy, rub, stomach, hand hit head, kid, fool around, play, mess
movie: npathead
keywords: poke out tongue, stick out tongue, tongue, nah
movie: npokeouttongue
keywords: read a book, book, read, magazine, lie on couch, stretch legs, b00k, raed, magasine, mag, study
movie: nreadabook
keywords: ride sofa, riding sofa, saddle, horse, wild west, redeo
movie: nridesofa
keywords: dance, riverdance, irish dance, fun, dence, danse, irish, ballet, jolly
movie: nriverdance
keywords: shake hair, shake head , hair, wiggle head
movie: nshakehair
keywords: show butt cheeks, show bum logo, thigh, pants, lift skirt, cheek, rear, pull up skirt, check, tease me more
movie: nshowbumlogo
keywords: show bum, bum, slap ass, ass, arse, backside, arse out, butt
movie: nshowbum
keywords: show tattoo, tat, horse, unicorn, front tattoo, tattoo, tatoo, tat00, tattoe
movie: nshowtattoo
keywords: skirt off, skirt down, remove skirt, walk in knickers, bambi, strip off skirt, strip, take it off
movie: nskirtoff
keywords: sleep, sleep on couch, lie down, kip, roll over, stretch out, slep, slept, bed, goodnight
movie: nsleep
keywords: spanking, spank, bad girl, slap, hit arse, punish, torture, repremand, teacher, naughty
movie: nspanking
keywords: spinning fast, turn around fast, spin, twist, rotate, twirl, sp1n, tw1st, tw1rl, twirlly, round
movie: nspinningfast
keywords: spinning medium, twist steady, go around, windmill, helicopter
movie: nspinningmedium
keywords: spinning slow, turn around slow
movie: nspinningslow
keywords: streaker, run, run topless, pitch invasion, sport, naked run, go mad, mad, nude, let go
movie: nstreaker
keywords: strip to underwear, show underwear, underwear, knickers, bra, frilly knickers, remove clothes, knicks, kacks, pants, pant
movie: nstriptounderwear
keywords: strip almost naked, strip all, naked, nip, raunchy, clothes off, remove clothes, pussy, vagina, flange
movie: nstrippingalmostnaked
keywords: bad girl, huff, argue, mickey fit, moan, i want, hit sofa, cry baby, cross
movie: ntantrum
keywords: topless knickers, remove shirt, get naked, tits, breast, breasts, jugs, kegs, bazookas, topless
movie: ntoplessknickers
keywords: topless on sofa, kit off sofa, kit off, roll, play on couch, flirt on couch
movie: ntoplessonsofa
keywords: top off, take jumper off, play with jumper
movie: ntopoff
keywords: top off good, take off bra, tits up close, sexual, porn
movie: ntopoffgood
keywords: top off walk off, show bra
movie: ntopoffwalkoff
keywords: wanker, abuse, curse, bad language, bitch, get lost, beastiality, slapper, slut, gay, tart, tramp, finger, masturbate, fuck you, cunt, shit
movie: nwanker
keywords: whatever
movie: nwhatever
keywords: bored, yoga, meditate, relax, cross legs, pray, worship, y0ga, fold, f0ld
movie: nyoga
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