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Archive from: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Generic tool to beat "math quizz" games
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 24 May 2014

This is a generic tool to beat these math quizz games by "free strip games".

Click on read more to get it.

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Generic tool to beat "math quizz" games

I published this tool in the past, but since i created a dedicated "tools" section, i have to make a dedicated page for this tool.

This is a screenshot of the software when you use it:

Basically, the blue area gives the answer.

- It monitors what is on a part of the screen.
- It filters the picture.
- It guesses what is the string to compute (here: 18+(7x1)=? )
- It computes the result and it displays it on screen.

How to use it:

- Before you download it: you need computer with a decent speed.
My computer is pretty old and it works on it, but it won't probably work on an old laptop computer or on notebooks.
You need also to have "Windows" on it.
- Download the software here and open it (don't click on the button "select screen area" now).
- Open the game in your browser. (see the thumbnails at the beginning of this message).

(Be sure that you know how to use your keyboard to take a screenshot of your screen, click here if needed).

- Go in the part of the game when you have to calculate the strings and take a screenshot of the screen using the "Print screen" key of your keyboard (you need a full copy of your screen).

- Click on "select screen area":


A new window appears, with a copy of an image of your screen.

- Select the area where is displayed the line that you have to compute (like on the screenshot, watch the dotted lines)


then click on "selection done".

- Go back to the game: you should be able to read the result in less time that the value of the refresh speed (default value: 1000 milliseconds)

These operations should take 20 seconds or less, but you can restart your game or reload it in your browser (as long as the positions of the scrollbars are the same) if you want to make a highscore.

Questions and answers:
- The software crashes or freezes (or you have to close the software with a CTRL+ALT+SUPPR): your computer is too slow to compute with your current refresh speed or the size of the picture that you selected is too big (basically there is too much things to do for the computer). Solution: decrease the refresh speed.
Above 3500, you won't be able to win.
Below 300, it's too fast for MY computer and the software freezes or crashes.

- I can't see shit captain: make you sure that you don't move the position of the game (with a scrollbar or its window position).

- Why do a need to take a screenshot ? The software needs to know the relative position of the part of the screen that it needs to monitor.

- Does this software work every time ? No, from time to time there is a bug (rare)

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Last Updated ( Saturday, 24 May 2014 )
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